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DotA Underlords Important New Player Tips

If you’re just getting started with DotA Underlords, these tips for new players are going to help you blast through the rankings a lot faster.

Tip #1: Don’t Try to Brute Force a Build

You may have read online (for instance, on sites like mine) something like “Defenders/Hunters” is a great build. However, if you go into your matches thinking you’re going to aim for a specific build, you’re going to lose a lot. Why? DotA Underlords uses are shared pool of units. In other words, even though you’re getting five random heroes to buy every time you refresh, you’re actually competing with the other players for a limited amount of each unit.

In other words, you’re drawing 5 units out of a hat, but the hat only has so many of each unit in it. So if you’re trying to rank up an Axe, and 3 other players are also trying to rank up Axe, it’s going to be exceedingly difficult. You want to be open to making the most out of the units that are coming your way. Which brings me to the second of the DotA Underlords newbie tips:

Tip #2: Know a Lot of Different Good Builds

You want to be flexible about which build you’re going to go, but you still want to have a good build. Your pool may be filling up with Heartless, but you still want to know ahead of time that Heartless/Hunters and Heartless/Brutes are generally successful builds, but Heartless/Warlocks, for instance, is terrible. You should be able to intuitively understand which units are going to fit well into your lineup and which ones aren’t.

This requires that you know a lot of good synergies and builds ahead of time so you’re not trying to figure all this stuff out on the fly. Here are some good, easy to remember builds for new players, and here are some that are a little more intermediate.

Tip #3: Maximize Your Gold Income as Much as Possible

The first thing you’ll notice is you get 1 gold interest for every gold you have in the bank. Currently, this interest is capped at 3, so you want to get 30 gold in the bank as quickly as possible and stay above that amount for the entire game. However, you also get extra gold for winning and losing streaks. Losing streaks are not that advantageous, they cap out at 2 gold a round and a standard win is +1, but you also get a free reroll (2 gold values).

So if you’re losing you’re getting +4 gold a round. Therefore, if you’re losing maybe don’t try that hard to win, maybe aim for losing by less, so you’re not losing tons of health and risking the game. Winning several times in a row or losing several times in a row are both helpful, but what you want to avoid is alternating between winning and losing. That’s a road to poverty. Ideally, you want to start winning early and keep winning. Which brings me to the next of the DotA Underlords new player tips:

Tip #4: Good Early Builds are Different Than Good Late Builds

Early game, Dryad and Shadow Shaman dominate because the sages bonus ranks one of them up and Shadow Shaman’s single target disable is devastating when only 3 units are on the board. Late game, both of these characters are mostly terrible and the sage bonus is largely irrelevant.

Another good early game combo is Bloodseeker and Warlock, for the Bloodborn bonus. You stick Warlock in front to basically be sacrificed and watch Bloodseeker kill the whole enemy team by himself.

Finally, another good early game combo is Weaver and Bounty Hunter (or any other scrappy unit). That defense/regen bonus is insane early game, even on just one character.

The does it for the DotA Underlords new player tips. If you want some build suggestions click here (beginner), here (intermediate), or here (advanced). Be sure to check the Games Section for more game guides and content like this.