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The BEST Valdis Story Gilda Build

If you’re playing Valdis Story as Gilda, you’re going to want to know the best build. Lucky for you, I’ve played Valdis Story a bunch of times at the very highest difficulty levels, have unlocked all the characters’ Golden Weapons, S Ranked every boss and yes, discovered the most broken builds in the game for each character. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the most powerful, most potent, most insane Gilda build possible in Valdis Story.

Basically, this build centers around one key thing: Gilda’s air attack with the ice spell is bonkers overpowered and kills almost everything in the game in one hit (including bosses). For each level you put into Soul of the Frozen One, Gilda shoots an additional ice shard in her air attack. Each of these ice shards, individually, is a heavy, heavy nuke, and they don’t fan out that much, so it’s not terribly difficult to hit even small enemies with all three of them.

For your stats, you’re going to want to dump everything into Int. For most characters, this would be a little dangerous, but luckily for Gilda, she gets a talent where all of her stats are increased by 1/5th of her Int, so points in Int actually go a long way.

valdis story gilda build

For your equipment, you want everything to boost Magic Power. So for your Armor, you want Magister’s Vestments at level 3, which increases magic power by 18%, and the Sorcerer’s Regalia, which increases magic power by 25%.

valdis story gilda build

As you can see on my stat screen above, this build boasts surprisingly high stats all around, a 92% crit rate, 192 (!) magic power, 61 spell ruin and a 51% affliction chance. Thanks to the talents, every time you charge your mana, you get a little skeleton helper and +60% increased magic damage.

All you have to do is fly around shotgunning things to death with your ice spell. In the rare event that an enemy is immune to ice, you always have level 3 plague bearer to fall back on, which is also extremely powerful. Also, because Gilda gets level 3 plague bearer for free, you get to max out 3 additional spell trees. Obviously, Ice, but I also recommend fire and lightning, which are useful in certain situations.

That about covers it for the best possible, most OP Gilda build in Valdis Story. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Valdis Story.