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Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner Guide & Review

Summoner is one of the classes in Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). There are a ton of classes in FFT and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the right one. Which skills and abilities are good? Which classes are good? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner Class.

Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT)

final fantasy tactics summoner class guide

Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner Quick FAQ

How do you unlock the Summoner class in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Summoner requires Time Mage level 3 to unlock.

How much total JP does it take to master the Summoner class in Final Fantasy Tactics?

It takes 9,800 total JP to master the Summoner class.

What kind of stat growths does the Summoner class offer in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Summoner gains exceptional MP growth and below average growth in all other stats.

What kind of skills does the Summoner class learn in Final Fantasy Tactics?

The Summoner class learns a variety of high damage magic spells that cover a vast area and ignore allied units.

Stat Growths

(Lower is better)
HP: 13 MP: 8 SPD: 100 PA: 70 MA: 50

In Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner has the best MP growth in the game, which is the only thing that’s really notable about it. It’s only slightly better than Black Mage’s MP growth, but it is something. Its PA growth is very bad, so you’re exchanging that additional MP for really poor physical attack.

Moveset: Summon

Ability NameJP Cost

Summoner has a wide variety of spells. They all hit in an enormous AoE and ignore friendly fire. As a damaging skillset, it’s better than Black Magick for the most part.

The faster summons devastate enemies in a wide area and have pretty short charge times. The later summons take so long to activate that they’re typically not that useful.

Swiftness is practically required by the entire Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner skillset.

Reaction Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost
Critical: Recover MP400

Critical: Recover MP is not a useful skill. It’s nice to have a way to recover MP, but having to take critical damage in order to regain MP is not ideal.

Support Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost
Halve MP1000

Cuts the cost of MP spells in half, which is decently useful, but this skill competes with Swiftness and Arcane Strength and tends to not win that competition.

If you’re really worried about MP, you can throw yourself an ether or, like most people who play FFT end up doing, eventually avoid magical classes that are reliant on MP, charge times and faith altogether.

Movement Abilities


Summoner doesn’t offer any unique Movement Abilities so there’s nothing to discuss.

Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner Overall Assessment

If you’re playing through the game casually, Summoner is a devastating mage. Its abilities hit in a huge AoE and deal a lot of damage.

If you’re trying to optimize any builds or create characters that can compete with the special characters who join during the story, Summoner is not very useful at all.

Its MA is not as high as Black Mage’s, its skillset can’t keep up with Holy Sword or any similar skillsets, and its damaging spells take forever to activate.

That about covers it for the Final Fantasy Tactics Summoner Class Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and click here for more game guides related to FFT.

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