DotA Underlords: How to Best Use Enno FAQ

DotA Underlords

DotA Underlords has released a new Underlord named Enno, who’s a sneaky ranged hero capable of applying a poison DoT to nearby enemies and manipulating battlefield positioning. If you ever wanted an Underlord version of units like Weaver or Storm Spirit, Enno is your guy.

dota underlords enno

DotA Underlords Enno FAQ

What are Enno’s Abilities?

Enno gets a passive ability that lets him disappear from the battlefield momentarily and reappear in a safer location when he gets damaged. He also gets the ability to spray poison all over all enemies, simultaneously healing or inflicting additional direct damage to affected enemies. Finally, he gets a choice of two ultimates: All Out Attack! and Yoink!

How does Enno’s All Out Attack! work?

All Out Attack! causes Enno to lift up all nearby enemies in a wide area and take them off the field for a few seconds before releasing them to land in random locations around the board. This is great for breaking up enemies formations that rely on positioning such as those with a meaty frontline protecting a weak backline.

How does Enno’s Yoink! work?

This is almost certainly going to be considered the weaker of the two ultimates. Yoink! allows Enno to steal the weakest (lowest level) enemy item on the board and equip it. If an enemy holding a stronger item dies around Enno, he equips the stronger item.

Which of Enno’s Ultimates is better?

All Out Attack! is almost certainly the better ultimate, and it’s quite useful. Yoink! doesn’t have much application and its effect is barely noticeable. Unlike other Underlords whose ultimate choices are more competitive, Enno has a clear winner.

What Alliances synergize well with Enno’s skills?

Enno does particularly well in two kinds of setups. First, an all assassin alliance, where splitting the enemies up with All Out Attack! creates a massive advantage. Second, an alliance focused on survivability where Enno can be protected and his poison has time to tick. In that sense, Scrappy, Warlocks, Knights and Defenders go well with Enno.

That about covers it when it comes to the best uses of the new Underlord, Enno, in DotA Underlords. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for DotA Underlords.

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