Review: Jennelle Eliana – Mysterious Van Hippie

jenelle eliana

Continuing my series of YouTuber Reviews, this is my review of Jennelle Eliana, whose van life YouTube channel sprouted over a million subscribers in like 2 months off of just a handful of videos and now boats 1.5MM subscribers and garners ~1MM+ views per video.

First, let’s talk about the content of the videos themselves. They’re pretty entertaining. Jennelle has a strong grasp of editing for comedic timing, much like Jeremy Jahns and Pewdiepie. Pretty suspicious how she developed this skill with no practice when these other examples have years of buildup where their editing skills evolved to develop a signature style.

And that brings me to the overall most notable thing about Jennelle’s channel. It’s very suspicious. The whole thing doesn’t quite add up. All these struggling YouTubers and Jennelle’s first video just “catches the algorithm” as she put it, and snags millions of views and pulls in over a million subscribers.

jennelle eliana review

Then, on top of that, the quality of her videos are at the same level as veteran YouTubers who have professional editing squads, YouTube-side managers and a boutique team of agents to help with PR, social media, booking etc. And Jennelle seems to be matching up to all of that from interviews in Vanity Fair to expert editing, to flawless production quality & scripting without any kind of learning curve whatsoever and doesn’t even seem to be… surprised at the overnight success. I’m not here to put out conspiracy theories, but do you know how many bot armies and social media co-promotion gangs are out there?

To be clear, I’m not saying anything. I’m just asking questions.

Do I think Jennelle Eliana lives in a van? Yes. Do I think Jennelle makes her own videos? Yes. Do I think the YouTube algorithm just randomly picks someone up and delivers them a million subscribers in under a month? Haven’t… heard of that ever happening for anyone else, ever. Do I think people go from 0 skills to expert YouTube veteran level content on their first video because of beginner’s luck? Seems unlikely. The whole production just seems suspiciously well-made and successful for a single person, let alone a single person’s first whack at it without any kind of insider help, production help, or the black hat promotional help all of which is absolutely prevalent among major YouTube channels it just seems extremely unlikely to me.

Anyway, her content is perfectly fine. I don’t typically watch any van life content, but I like it. The snake is an interesting companion. Jennelle herself is pretty hot, is funny and has an upbeat, cheery personality. I think bailing out of the corporate world to travel the Earth on passive income is not only the dream, but something we as a species should be striving to make available as a lifestyle for as many people as possible, so I applaud what she’s doing not only as an example but for her success at it. But deep down something tells me there’s a production infrastructure behind this and it’s “anti-corporate” in the same way Sony-owned Rage Against the Machine is an “anti-corporate” band and xtreme gushers are an “anti-corporate” fruit-flavored fruit-free candy.

Anyway, that’s my review of Jennelle Eliana. I like the videos, but they’re deeply eyebrow-raising.

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