Persona 5: Best Skills for Alice

If you’re playing Persona 5, you’ll want to know which skills to use on Alice, who’s among the most powerful Personas in the game. If you don’t count Kaguya, who’s a DLC Persona, Alice is generally considered to be the best Persona in the base game for magic damage. Even if you do use Kaguya, Alice most likely still has a place on your team.

Most teams need a Persona that specializes in just basically one-shotting all random encounters and refilling the party’s HP and SP with Victory Cry. Alice is perfect for that. While Yoshitsune and Kaguya both have unique skills that devastate bosses, they will get resisted by a fair amount of enemies as you run through dungeons, requiring you to pay attention to encounters and choose the right Persona for the job.

However, if you build Alice for Almighty damage, you won’t have that problem. You’ll be able to just blast through every encounter with Black Viper or Megidolaon and move onto the next.

Here are the skills you need to collect to put together the perfect Alice build:

Black Viper, which does severe almighty damage to one foe.
Megidolaon, which does severe almighty damage to all foes.
Almighty Boost, which increases almighty damage by 25%.
Almighty Amp, which increases almighty damage by 50%.
Magic Ability, which increases all spell damage by 25%.
Drain Bless, which covers Alice’s weakness to Bless.
Victory Cry, which refills HP and SP after every battle.
Spell Master, which halves the SP cost of magic spells.

Honestly, Spell Master is somewhat unnecessary. You could put any number of high level passive skills there, like Ali Dance or Angelic Grace, or any of the automatical stat boosting skills. You could even fill that slot with Concentrate, but you’ll never use it. Just use Megidolaon every fight and everything will die in one hit, and then your HP and SP will be recovered. Rinse and repeat.

That about does it for the best skills for Alice in Persona 5. Be sure to check the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides related to Persona 5.