fell seal arbiter's mark

Top 10 BEST Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

This Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds Guide will teach you 10 of the best, most destructive, most OP Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds you can put together. If you’re playing Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark, you […]

draconis cover

Draconis: Log Entry 3

From Andromeda Prime, I set off for Oneiros, the moon of Djevika 9 deemed uninhabitable by every publicly available star chart. Since Djevika was and continues to be an underdeveloped system, there was no transwarp […]

draconis cover

Draconis: Log Entry 2

They told me to track down River Crowley, and I did. Finding him wasn’t difficult. He was a prominent man on Andromeda Prime until his highly public exile. His group, what the media there calls […]

EXdY0g9UcAAts3  1 Symbols of Spiritual Nihilism
Philosophy & Spirituality

Symbols of Spiritual Nihilism

When we’re talking about Spiritual Nihilism, one of the things we discuss with regards to religion in the nihilistic framework is how every religion or major philosophy humans have adopted or popularized contains a series […]

draconis cover

Draconis: Log Entry 1

I could smell it. The smell was worse than the sight. The blood, sweat and fear hung in the air like humidity and it suck to my nose. It smelled like death. There’s no other […]


Westworld Season 3 Review: Full On Cyberpunk Dystopia

This is the official Bright Rock Media Westworld Season 3 Review. Westworld season 3 completes the transformation of Westworld from an enigmatic, thought-provoking, philosophical thriller to the cyberpunk action movie it was always destined to […]