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Top 10 BEST Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

This Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds Guide will teach you 10 of the best, most destructive, most OP Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds you can put together.

If you’re playing Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of classes and skills you can choose from and have trouble figuring out which skills to aim for. With this guide, you’ll be able to aim straight for the vest best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds that make your units a true force to be reckoned with. Since difficulty in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark tends to be relatively high, it’s important to plan ahead and have great units.

best fell seal arbiter's mark builds

10. Peddler / Gadgeteer – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

Item PotencyMana Expert
Quick FingersMana Font
Evade Magic

Once you have the materials to make all the gadgets, specifically the Speed Generator and the Energizer, Engineering becomes the best support ability set hands down. With Mana Expert, you can start off a battle by hasting your entire party or giving 40 mana to your entire party with Patented Usage.

Engineering is capable of providing any buff you’d ever want. Peddle is a somewhat useless moveset aside from Patented Usage, but for the majority of the game, using items at double power in an AoE is intensely powerful.

Even if you choose not to go with Peddler, Engineering makes a fantastic secondary ability for any character you want to use in a support capacity.

9. Werewolf / Assassin – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

Know Weakness IIAttack Expert
Focused RageLeech Mana

If you’re looking to cause all sorts of status effects and still be able to dish out extreme damage, Werewolf / Assassin is a great option for you. It’s not as gamebreakingly powerful as some of the combinations later on in the list, but it’s capable of great damage via Assassinate and Blood Trophy.

I suggest foregoing Dual Wield since you’ll be focused entirely on using abilities, which get no benefit from Dual Wield. Instead, Leech Mana will give you a lot of mileage by ensuring that any turn where you don’t have enough mana for Blood Trophy or Assassinate, you’ll get it next turn by performing a quick physical attack.

8. Princess / Vessel – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

RegalityChannel Soul
Dualcast IIMind Expert
Equip AllEconomy

When it comes to elemental damage without abusing the Sorcerer with Blood Magic, Princess / Vestal is about as good as it gets. Princess has exceptional Holy Magic and support skills that outclass the Mender, and Vessel has extreme elemental damage spells that outclass the Wizard. This is essentially an upgrade on the useful early game Wizard/Mender combo.

With this unit on your side, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble keeping allies alive or deleting enemies with magic.

7. Reaver / Templar – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

BrutalityHoly Justice
BloodlustAttack Expert
Into the FrayCleave
Critical: Rebirth

Reaver and Templar provide a ton of synergy for one another. What the Reaver lacks is support and, surprisingly, a powerful melee nuke, both of which the Templar is able to provide. What the Templar lacks is AoE and ranged attacks, and Reaver has that covered.

Critical: Rebirth is great for this build because Bloodlust increases your attack power at low HP, and Critical: Rebirth can help ensure you enter critical HP without fear. It can also proc multiple times, since Rebirth revives you at just above critical levels, so if they don’t kill you in one hit after it goes off, you get another Rebirth buff from any non-lethal damage.

6. Scoundrel / Ranger – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

Attack ExpertKnow Weakness
Exploit WeaknessVersatile

Scoundrel may not seem like the first pick for an OP character, since it’s essentially a starting class, but what Scoundrel lacks in great abilities and stat growths, it makes up for with its passive skills, Attack Expert and Exploit Weakness. Because Scoundrel gets these passive abilities automatically by being in the class, that frees up space for more desirable abilities to be equipped in the two optional slots.

You’re not going to want to level this character extensively as a scoundrel. Scoundrel doesn’t get great attack growth, so you’d be leaving points on the table by doing that. You’ll want to take the character down the Scoundrel path and master at the very least Scoundrel, Ranger, Assassin and Fellblade.

This is essentially a crit build, and you want to rely on Sneak Attack and Sniper Shot when it’s available. Make sure you equip a Sapphire Earring in one of your equipment slots for the immunity to Root.

5. Lich / Sorcerer – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

MalevolenceLay Waste
Chilling TouchMind Expert
Blood MagicDualcast II
Mystic Shield

Lich gets the highest MND growth of any class, making this a great class to level in. With Blood Magic, you’re able to dualcast 2x Fire/Water/Earth/Electric spells on the first turn and keep it up every other turn as long as you have someone around to heal you.

Lich/Sorcerer isn’t quite as good as Princess/Sorcerer due to the fact that it lacks the self-sustain and team support spells that Princess gets in its Regality moveset, but this is still one of the very best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds you can make on any character. You will devastate enemies with this build and, thanks to Lich’s passive Chilling Touch, you’ll be inflicting slow on enemies every round, giving your whole team a speed advantage.

4. Lord / Duelist – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

CleaveAttack Expert
Equip AllLeech Life

Duelist has the best close range damage skills of any melee class. They do a hefty amount of damage, apply great debuffs, and cost 0 MP. What Duelist lacks are buffs and ranged skills outside of one moderately damaging single target attack. This is where Lord comes into play, with its massive variety of AoE and ranged attacks. Duelist/Lord ensures that the Duelist will always be able to take an action, even if it’s not able to get into melee range.

Because the Duelist’s attacks don’t use up any MP, that means all your MP can be saved up to use on Lord skills. On your second turn, you’ll be able to cast Rally to significantly buff up your squad. From there, blowing enemies out of the water with Duelist flourishes and Lord spells is easy.

It’s up to you whether you want to stick with Duelist or Lord as the base class. They’re both endgame classes that get similar stat growths. The key difference is Lord has passive Cleave and Equip All, and Duelist has passive Leech Life. Cleave is probably a little bit better overall. I like to use Leech Life and Counterattack because whenever you’re hit by a melee strike, you’ll return damage and most likely heal yourself back to full.

3. Princess / Sorcerer – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

RegalityLay Waste
Double Cast IIMind Expert
Equip AllBlood Magic
Mystic Shield

This is one of the premiere gamebreaking Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds. It requires a little bit of support, but once it gets going, it’s can wipe out endgame maps on its own in a turn or two.

What makes this build better than the Lich build is access to Regality, which gives the Princess the ability to self-sustain. You don’t need Chilling Touch since you’re just killing everything, so you get to have Mind Expert for a nice power increase.

This princess is capable of casting 2x Water/Fire/Earth/Lightning Sorcerer spells on its first turn. This takes 98% of your HP, so if you notice multiple enemies react with Thorns or Counter Magic, on your second cast you can just refill your HP with Heal II.

If enemies don’t have counterattacks, go ahead and have the Princess doublecast her spells and just have an ally use a full potion on her before her turn comes up. You want Mystic Shield because it gives her a buffer to keep her from dying and you’re not using MP for anything else anyway.

2. Gunner / Knight – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

Bullet InfusionChivalry
ConcentrationAttack Expert
Height AdvantageDual Wield

Dual wielding guns is generally the best thing you can do in Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark when it comes to physical attacks. The maps are relatively large and contain a lot of obstacles, so having ranged attacks means you can attack most turns, whereas if you’re relying on melee attacks you’re going to have to do a lot of waiting around.

What makes this build insane is the combination of dual wielding guns and Chivalry’s One for All skill. One for All makes a character automatically perform a followup attack after any single target attack. This procs off of things you wouldn’t expect. If you doublecast a single target spell, like bleed, both casts will proc One for All. Some counterattacks also proc it.

With the extreme range of guns, this means your Gunner can perform 4-5 followup attacks per round. The amount of damage that amounts to is substantial.

1. Vampire / Warmage – Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark Builds

VampirismBattle Magic
Bat FormAttack Expert
ExecuteDual Wield

This is indisputably the strongest of all the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds that you can put together. Battle Magic, the Warmage skillset, is the only skillset that works with Dual Wield. When you perform Battle Magic with Dual Wield, you attack twice, and then cast the spell. So for your Vampire/Warmage, you get hit three times. To top it off, Vampire skills also work with Battle Magic so you can cast them from a distance.

This build will consistently do 500-600 damage every turn from 10 panels away, without fail. In addition to that, Bat Form + Hover Boots makes a Vampire the ideal character for collecting any treasure you missed from any map. I like Haste as the counter skill, but you can also use Countershot.

Because this is the highest DPS options out of all the potential Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds, you’re going to want to give it the Cap of Ages so it can really maximize its damage potential.

That about does it when it comes to the Top 10 Best Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark builds. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more guides like this, and visit the Fell Seal Arbiter’s Mark page for more guides related to this game specifically.


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