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Battle Chasers Nightwar Best Weapons Guide

If you’re playing Battle Chasers: Nightwar, you’re going to want to find all the best weapons, especially in this game where the ultimate weapons represent a huge increase in each character’s overall power and effectiveness.

This Battle Chasers Nightwar Best Weapons Guide will teach you where and how to acquire every ultimate weapon for every character in Battle Chasers Nightwar.

Best Weapon Recipes

Each of the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons is crafted out of rare ingredients found throughout the game. So, in order to craft any of them, you need the recipes first.

To find the recipes, all you need to do is head over the Pale Cathedral in the northern part of Wintervein on the way to the Crimson Gardens dungeon. It’s directly in your path and you can’t miss it.

Once inside, simply inspect all the bookcases and you’ll acquire the necessary recipes to begin crafting all the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons.

Best Weapon Locations

Gully’s Best Weapon – Dragonkind

battle chasers nightwar best weapons gully

To craft Gully’s best weapon, you need to collect 4 ingredients: Aramus’s Legacy, Dragon Scales, Dragon Heart Phylactery, and 40x Epic Parts.

Aramus’s Legacy – This is Gully’s starting weapon, which cannot be bought or sold. Don’t worry about collecting this: you already have it.

Dragon Scales – Unfortunately you can’t get these until you’ve at least begun the Mana Rifts, which is the final dungeon in Battle Chasers. You need 5x Infused Mana Essences from the Mana Rifts, and then you need to bring them to the locked chest on the world map to the Northeast of the dungeon. Inside will be the Dragon Scales.

Dragon Heart Phylactery – This is kind of an annoying item to collect because it relies on random events in two dungeons that may take multiple resets of the dungeon to find. First, you need to find a sarcophagus in The Iron Outpost and let the lich out.

Once you’ve done that, you need to confront the Lich, Bevelros, in the Deadwatch dungeon. Both of these events are totally random. Good luck.

Epic Parts – These are a common drop in late game dungeons. By the time you have the other items required for the ultimate weapons you should be swimming in these.

Because Gully is such an indispensable asset to the party as a tank, you’ll want to make sure to collect her ultimate weapon. As one of the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, it has a significant impact on her power level.

Calibretto’s Best Weapon – Calamity

battle chasers nightwar best weapons calibretto

Like Gully, (and the rest of the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons), Calibretto requires you to find 4 ingredients to craft his ultimate weapon, Calamity: Salvaged Behemoth Cannon, Twin Power Core, 1x Fate Stone, 40x Epic Parts.

Salvaged Behemoth Cannon – You have to defeat a random world map encounter with the Behemoth, which is a huge robot that flies around on one of the many airship encounters available on the world map after completing the Junktown dungeon. These airship encounters are pretty difficult if you encounter them when they’re first available, so make sure you’re up to the challenge.

Twin Power Core – In order to get the Twin Power Core, you need to defeat the Destructive Duo hunt, which requires multiple steps. First, you need to head to the Cantina outside Junktown and read the note in the back of the room for the OEM Energy Cell recipe.

In order to craft the OEM Energy cell, you need to go to Welt’s Cabin south of The Dig and talk to him about ore until he gives you a Mana Infused Deep Iron Ingot. Then, craft the OEM Energy Cell using those items and common drops from enemies around the Moors.

Then you need to obtain a S.U.Z.I.E. Core by repairing a robot in a random dungeon encounter in Junktown. Take the OEM Energy Cell back to the Cantina with the S.U.Z.I.E. Core and activate the robots. Defeat them and the Twin Power Core is yours.

1x Fate Stone – This is a drop from the boss of the Crimson Garden dungeon. It can also be found by defeating the beholder type enemies in and around the Mana Rifts or purchased randomly from Raha once you’re toward the end of the game.

40x Epic Parts – An extremely common drop from enemies and chests in the last two dungeons.

In terms of the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, Calibretto’s is somewhat difficult to obtain on account of the random nature of the airship battles. Still, it’s a worthwhile acquisition.

Garrison’s Best Weapon – The Cursed Blade

battle chasers nightwar best weapons garrison

Garrison’s ultimate weapon is pretty straightforward to locate, but very difficult to obtain. Compared to the other Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, it may require some extra effort.

You’ll probably want to obtain it after you’ve gotten the ultimate weapons for 1-2 other characters, because it requires you to fully complete the last stage of the arena in record time.

Like all the other Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, it requires four components: Artifact Blade, Forlorn Shard of the Brave, Desecrated Soul Shard of the Powerful, and 40x Epic Parts.

Artifact Blade – This is Garrison’s starting weapon which cannot be sold or traded. You already have this.

Forlorn Shard of the Brave – You get this from “The Voice from Below”, which is one of the midgame hunts where you fight a Slime King in a well. Requires you to get a ladder from Junktown and to bring it, along with Pauper’s Slop (Purchased at the Harm’s Way Inn), Junker’s Stew (Cantina) and Scummy Grog (also from the Cantina) to the well in the gate area where you first need to use the Dead Heart, then defeat the Slime King within.

Desecrated Soul Shard of the Powerful – This one is the hangup for Garrison. It’s the second-highest reward at the Arena in the western part of the world map. In order to get it, you’re going to have to fully complete the most difficult arena battle, which can be quite difficult. I recommend you get Gully’s ultimate weapon first and have her tank while Garrison destroys everything with Rage Waves and Warblades using the best weapon available.

40x Epic Parts – Super common drop at the end of the game. I had 200+ of these by the time I had the ingredients for a single ultimate weapon.

Out of all the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, Garrison’s is bound to make the biggest impact on your playthrough since he’s such a powerful character.

Knolan’s Best Weapon – Ragnarok

battle chasers nightwar best weapons knolan

Knolan’s ultimate weapon is mostly made from common drops, except for one drop that comes from the final hunt in the game. Aside from that drop, Ragnarok is one of the easiest Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons to acquire.

The necessary items are: Killington’s Restored Cane, 2x Phylactery, 2x Elemental Core, and 40x Epic Parts.

Killington’s Restored Cane – This requires you to beat the final hunt, “The Gentleman”, which requires a scavenger hunt of its own.

First, you need the Fairly Dignified Top Hat from the Collector, which you trade to a guy sitting toward the back of the Cantina for a regular Top Hat.

Then you need a Dignified Cane, which you get from beating the “A Watcher of Graves” hunt and taking it out of Edrick’s Tomb. Finally, you need to grab a Winking Ring from Pale Cathedral in Wintervein and take it to the Abandoned Waystation exploration area north of Harm’s Way and use it to unlock a door and acquire the Distinguished Monocle.

Once you’ve done all that, go to the Red Graves area and interact with the grave in the middle of the graveyard. The goofy skeleton you fight will drop the cane.

2x Phylactery – These are a pain because they’re a semi-rare drop from the liches in and around the Mana Rifts which are, themselves, a semi-rare enemy. You need two of them. They also show up in Raha’s inventory from time to time toward the end of the game.

2x Elemental Core – These drop from any of the elements around the Mana Rifts area and you’re almost certain to have at least 2 of them long before you get 2 phylacteries.

40x Epic Parts – These drop from pretty much every enemy and treasure chest in the last two dungeons.

Although the Killington subquest is a little involved, Knolan’s Ragnarok weapon is fairly easy to obtain when it comes to collecting all the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons.

Red Monika’s Best Weapon – Destiny and Destruction

battle chasers nightwar best weapons red monika

Among the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, Red Monika’s best weapon is a bit involved because it makes use of both the treasure map and fishing mechanics that most people largely ignore throughout the game.

As with the other Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, you need to collect 4 ingredients: Resplendent Pistol Handles, Artificer’s Revolver Components, 1x Living Stone Slab, 40x Epic Parts.

Resplendent Pistol Handles – This is basically its own little sidequest. First you need to beat The Winding maze with 3 plates pressed in order to get a treasure map. The Winding Maze is in an alcove south of the Crimson Gardens.

Once you have the map, go to the island northwest of the Mana Rifts to find another map. Take that to the westernmost part of the southern section of Wintervein to find the Resplendent Pistol Handles and a crumpled note.

Artificer’s Revolver Components – First you need to get the Resplendent Pistol Handles by following the steps described above. Then, you need to make sure you have a good lure and fishing rod equipped and head to the Pointe Break Cantina.

Within the Cantina area, there’s a fishing spot outside the Cantina, toward the back of the map. Catch the fish there for the Artificer’s Revolver Components.

1x Living Stone Slab – These, like phylacteries, are a pretty big pain to farm because they’re a rare drop from Gargoyles in the Crimson Gardens and the Mana Rifts. Gargoyles themselves are pretty rare enemies and these are a rare drop. You should keep checking in at Raha’s outpost as well, as she stocks them from time to time.

40x Epic Parts – These are incredibly common drops from late game enemies and chests. You’ll definitely have 40 of them by the time you have the other ingredients.

Once you’ve obtained Red Monika’s Destiny and Destruction, you’ll be that much closer to completing a full collection of all the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons.

Alumon’s Best Weapon – Argeas’ Hallowed Bulwark

battle chasers nightwar best weapons alumon

The last of the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, Argeas’ Hallowed Bulwark, also requires 4 ingredients to craft: Argeas’ Ruined Bulwark, Malefic Blood Essence, 1x Fate Stone, 40x Epic Parts. Overall, it’s probably the easiest ultimate weapon to collect.

Argeas’ Ruined Bulwark – You can get this any time after acquiring the Dead Heart. All you have to do is walk a few steps west of Harm’s Way and then go north into the cave. Inside, use the Dead Heart to reveal a chest containing the ruined bulwark.

Malefic Blood Essence – To get this you need to defeat The Hunger for Raha’s second to last hunt. In order to fight The Hunger, go to the back of Pale Cathedral near the Crimson Gardens and get an empty vessel. Take that to a blood fountain you find randomly in the Crimson Gardens and fill it.

Return to the Pale Cathedral with 3x Ancient Vampire Fangs (which drop from the vampire enemies in the Mana Rifts and the Crimson Garden). Kill The Hunger and he’ll drop the Malefic Blood Essence.

1x Fate Stone – This drops from the boss of the Crimson Gardens as well as the beholder-type enemies in the Mana Rifts. You can also purchase them rarely from Raha’s shop.

40x Epic Parts – A very common drop from enemies and treasure chests at the end of the game. You should have no problem acquiring these.

Out of all the Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons, Alumon’s Argeas’ Hallowed Bulwark is the easiest to obtain.

Battle Chasers Nightwar Best Weapons Conclusion

All Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons are intensely powerful upgrades over any other possible equipment in the game, so you should strive to collect as many of them as possible as early as possible.

In some games, best weapons are modest or moderate upgrades at best. That’s not the case in Battle Chasers Nightwar. In Battle Chasers Nightwar best weapons are exceptionally powerful and you should make every effort to obtain them as early as possible.

Luckily, with the aid of this Battle Chasers Nightwar Best Weapons Guide, you should have no trouble getting your hands on all the best weapons available in Battle Chasers Nightwar.

That about does it for the Battle Chasers Nightwar Best Weapons Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more content related to Battle Chasers.


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