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BEST Setup for Rune Factory 5 RARE DROPS

This Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops guide will teach players how to get the best equipment to optimize their chances of getting Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops.

If you’re playing Rune Factory 5, you’re going to want to craft the best equipment, and that means you’ll need to collect a lot of Rune Factory 5 rare drops.

Sometimes, the best equipment you can make is simple and only requires a few common materials. However, as you get further in the game, you’re going to need more and more rare materials to upgrade your equipment and increase your skill levels.

Finding Rune Factory 5 Tree Seeds EASY
BEST Rune Factory 5 Material Farming Locations

In the post game, you’ll be reliant on collecting large amounts of rare drops from bosses that only appear once a day, and extremely low chance drops from enemies. We’re talking drops with less than a 1% chance of dropping.

Good news, though. You can get those sub-1% drop chances up to a much more tolerable 10-15% by putting in the effort to craft specialized equipment that helps increase the odds of getting Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops.

The Basic Setup – Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops

Just like if we were cooking, let’s talk about the ingredients you’re going to need to make all this item finding equipment.

You’ll need to equip yourself with 3 things:
A Rare Can Upgraded Weapon
A 4-Leaf Clover Upgraded Armor (any armor type works, but only one stacks)
A Happy Ring

Party member equipment stacks with yours when it comes to increasing the odds of finding Rune Factory 5 rare drops. So to give yourself the best chances possible, you need each of these items for each party member.

rune factory 5 rare drops rare can

In total, you’ll need 4x Rare Cans and 8x 4-Leaf Clovers.

You’ll use each of the Rare Cans to upgrade weapons. Each one will increase drop chances by roughly 3%. The idea is to equip one on yourself and one on each of your party members. You can equip party members with new equipment by simply gifting them the equipment you want them to use.

You’ll use 4 of the 4-Leaf Clovers to upgrade armor pieces. It doesn’t matter whether it’s armor, shield, headgear or boots, but each party member can only use one.

The remaining 4-Leaf Clovers will be used to craft Happy Rings, which you’ll equip and then give to each of your party members.

rune factory 5 rare drops happy ring

Once you complete this best equipment setup, you’ll notice a dramatic increase in the amount of drops and Rune Factory 5 rare drops you get from enemies.

Let’s talk about how to get Rare Cans, 4-Leaf Clovers and Happy Rings.

Finding Rare Cans – Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops

Rare Cans are found in fishing spots throughout the world of Rune Factory 5.

Here’s a list of locations where Rare Cans appear:
– Whispering Woods (1.5%)
– Meline Crystal Caverns (0.2%)
– Bandit King’s Old Base (0.2%)
– Forest of No Return (0.8%)
– Basara’s Hideaway 3F (0.2%)

As you can see, by far the best place to fish for Rare Cans is the Whispering Woods. The location is the area where the Ribbitees spawn, in the Southeast corner of the map.

rune factory 5 rare drops rare can fishing spot

You’ll want to look for the smallest fish, which will either be Sardines, Mackerels, Cans, Boots or Rare Cans. However, since you’ll be spending a lot of time there, you may want to stock up on Blowfish, as that’s a high level fish that will come in handy in increasing your Cooking skill level past level 60 or so.

It may take you several in-game days to get 4 Rare Cans, and you’ll want to come back here every once in a while when you need to upgrade to a new item finding weapon.

That sounds tedious, but it’s not nearly as tedious as killing the same boss once a day for an entire in-game year. To upgrade to any of the equipment that’s on the level of the post-game dungeon, you’ll need tons of Rune Factory 5 rare drops. This upfront effort will pay off in the long term.

Getting 4-Leaf Clovers – Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops

rune factory 5 rare drops 4-leaf clover

Luckily, 4-Leaf Clovers are much easier to acquire than Rare Cans. However, you need to grow them from Clover Seeds, which will take several in-game days.

Ludmilla will sell Clover Seeds after you complete a series of flower related quests. She’ll ask you to grow a Toyherb Flower, then the next kind of flower, and so on. When you complete the quest to grow 5 different types of flowers, you’ll unlock Clover Seeds.

If you don’t have the flower shop yet, it unlocks after a certain point in the plot, roughly around the middle of the game.

Getting Happy Rings – Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops

Happy Rings and 4-Leaf Clovers are related. Happy Rings are a level 30 Crafting Recipe that requires 1x Silver and 1x 4-Leaf Clover.

rune factory 5 rare drops happy ring recipe

Once you have your hands on Clover Seeds, crafting Happy Rings should be trivial, as Silver is a common material. If you’re doing this as early as you can, the earliest place to reliably find Silver is in the Gradeus Grasslands.

If you’re doing this in the post-game, I find the best place to get Silver is Cloudheim 1F, where several deposits are right next to the entrance.

Putting It All Together – Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops

Now that you’ve gotten you hands on all the ingredients, you need to put them together.

For the Rare Cans, use them to upgrade a weapon for yourself and each of your party members.

For the 4-Leaf Clovers, use them to upgrade a piece of armor for yourself and each of your party members. Just one piece is enough, whether that’s a shield, armor, headgear or boots.

For the Happy Rings, craft them using your remaining 4-Leaf Clovers, equip one yourself and distribute the rest to your party members.

Once you’ve done all that, you’ll start seeing those sub-1% Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops start appearing 10-15% of the time. I highly recommend that you do this. It will save you so much time in the long run.

That about covers it when it comes to getting the best equipment for Rune Factory 5 Rare Drops. I hope this information helps you. For more Rune Factory 5 guides, click here. For more RPG game guides, visit the main page for a full list of the 50+ RPGs I’ve written guides for. I’ve been writing guides for RPGs since 2005, when I started writing guides on in my free time.

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