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Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon Class Guide & Review

Dragoon is one of the classes in Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT). There are a ton of classes in FFT and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which is the right one. Which skills and abilities are good? Which classes are good? This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon Class.

Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT)

final fantasy tactics dragoon class guide

Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon Quick FAQ

How do you unlock the Dragoon class in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Dragoon requires Thief level 4 to unlock.

How much total JP does it take to master the Dragoon class in Final Fantasy Tactics?

It takes 9,150 total JP to master the Dragoon class.

What kind of stat growths does the Dragoon class offer in Final Fantasy Tactics?

Dragoon gains great HP growth and fantastic physical attack power stat growth.

What kind of skills does the Dragoon class learn in Final Fantasy Tactics?

The Dragoon is capable of jumping across the battlefield and striking enemies with a powerful melee attack. It also learns a skill to ignore terrain height completely.

Stat Growths

(Lower is better)
HP: 10 MP: 15 SPD: 100 PA: 40 MA: 50

In Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon’s growths are identical to the Knight’s. Knight is probably better for leveling simply because it’s the more accessible of the two classes, but Dragoon is no slouch either. They’re roughly tied in terms of delivering good stat outcomes for physical characters.

Moveset: Jump

Ability NameJP Cost
Horizontal Jump 2150
Horizontal Jump 3350
Horizontal Jump 4550
Horizontal Jump 5800
Horizontal Jump 61100
Vertical Jump 2100
Vertical Jump 3250
Vertical Jump 4400
Vertical Jump 5550
Vertical Jump 6700
Vertical Jump 71000
Vertical Jump 81500

Jump is actually pretty decent. It does good damage, has immense range, and is based on speed, so a fast character equipped with a spear can do quite well by using Jump as their long-ranged attack option. I like to use it on Balthier.

As you can see, the skills are ridiculously expensive. Good news and bad news. The good news is you only actually need Horizontal Jump 8 and Vertical Jump 8, as unlocking those automatically unlocks all the lower level skills (not on the menu, but in terms of how the skill actually functions).

Bad news is that’s still 2600 JP and your Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon’s going to be completely useless while you’re farming that JP.

Reaction Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost

Dragonheart grants the Reraise status on reaction, which isn’t incredibly useful. For one thing, it’s totally outclassed by an item (Chantage Perfume), and for another, if you die and get Reraised, you’ll have so little health that you’ll likely die the next time you get hit.

Thus, it’s only really useful once per fight. Also, you shouldn’t be dying (and probably wouldn’t be, if you used a better Reaction Ability).

Support Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost
Equip Polearms400

Like most of the Equip skills, Equip Polearms is not particularly useful. It’s good when combined with Jump, as Jump deals more damage when equipped with a spear but you’d get roughly the same damage increase by using Attack Boost, which would also affect any other skills.

Moreover, if you’re using Jump, you’re probably using it on a character who can already naturally equip spears.

Movement Abilities

Ability NameJP Cost
Ignore Elevation700

Well, this skill invalidates all of the Jump +X skills, because it’s Jump +Infinity. Which is pretty nice except it, itself, is invalidated by Teleport, which grants all the benefits of this skill on top of the ability to gamble on moving beyond your natural movement range. So, ultimately, if you like this skill (or any of the Jump +X skills), get Teleport instead.

Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon Overall Assessment

In Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoons are an alright physical class with good growths. Jump is a decent long-range damage option which, unfortunately, takes wayyyyy too much JP and grinding to acquire.

If you’re going to sit in a single class for a long time, the Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon is not a bad pick, especially for physical characters, but its growths are not as good as Ninja’s, and its skillset/accessibility is not on par with Knight’s. The most useful thing about Dragoons, ultimately, is unlocking the Samurai class.

That about covers it for the Final Fantasy Tactics Dragoon Class. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this and click here for more game guides related to FFT.

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