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Top 10 BEST Persona 5 Royal Personas

This Persona 5 Royal Best Personas guide covers the top 10 best Persona 5 Royal Personas.

If you’re playing Persona 5 Royal, you’re going to want to know what the best Personas are, so you can know which Personas are really worth investing your time in. Even if you’re a veteran of Persona 5, new developments in Persona 5 Royal, such as the incense system and brand new Personas, change the game in terms of which Personas make it into the top 10. These are the top 10 Persona 5 Royal Personas.

Note that I am including the DLC Personas from original game, because the Legacy DLC pack is completely free, but I’m not including the new DLC Personas.

10. Shiki-Ouji

shiki ouji

Kicking off the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list at #10 is Shiki-Ouji.

Shiki-Ouji is the most powerful Persona throughout much of the base game and remains competitive at the end, due to his four null attributes.

He’s immune to physical, gun, bless and curse. He’s available super early on (you can get him as early as the second palace), and if you manage to get a good trait on him, like Mighty Gaze or another damage boosting trait, you can just keep upgrading his skills via Strengthen Persona and use him for pretty much the entire game.

He may not be the best endgame Persona, but he’s the best Persona throughout most of the game.

9. Rangda


#9 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is the mid-game persona, Rangda.

Rangda, like Shiki-Ouji, is a mid-level Persona whose natural immunities make her viable even as an endgame option. With 6 skills slots you can make her immune to all damage, freeing up two skill slots for support skills.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of her innate immunity to Gun Damage and power her up with Riot Gun, Gun Boost and Gun Amp and decimate every battle you enter in one move. If you’re looking for an option for either a Gun-focused Persona, or a support Persona, Rangda is a top-tier pick.

8. Maria


If you’re looking for a healing Persona, #8 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list, Maria, is the persona for you.

Maria is a new Persona added for Persona 5 Royal, and she’s easily the best healer in the game. She gets Salvation as well as a unique skill called Holy Benevolence that revives and fully heals any knocked out party members.

Those are all fine, but more importantly she gets two unique passives: Holy Whisper, which is like Regenerate on steroids; and Holy Embrace, which makes allies recover from status effects more quickly.

Maria is also a super easy Persona to build, since she learns the majority of the moves you’d want to have on her naturally. All you really need to do is slap Drain Fire, easily learned by itemizing Chimera into a skill card during an alarm, on her and she’s good to go.

7. Shiva


#7 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is Shiva.

Shiva has 5 natural immunities, meaning you only need 4 skill slots to make it immune to everything but gun damage.

Aside from lacking immunity to gun damage and not being a terribly attractive persona, this guy is an incredible option for a support, healing, gun damage, or elemental variety Persona. If you can stand his appearance, he’s definitely worthwhile to invest in.

6. Alilat


Securing the #6 spot on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is the defensive support Persona, Alilat.

Speaking of resistances, this thing is absolutely bonkers. It’s tied with Rangda for having the best resistances, but it’s also incredibly easy to give it the Vitality of the Tree trait by fusing Attis with Rangda.

That makes this thing the best support Persona in the game because Vitality of the Tree allows you to use the Thermopylae skill even when you’re not ambushed.

Thermopylae is a party-wide Heat Riser that’s relatively cheap on SP cost. With this skill and 6 immunity skills, you have a free slot open for whatever else you want: Salvation, Concentrate, Debilitate, Charge, whatever.

You’re completely immune to damage, except Almighty, on any turn where you want to use a support skill if you’re using Alilat.

Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Alilat

5. Fafnir

persona 5 royal best personas fafnir

#5 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is the newcomer nuclear robot dragon, Fafnir. This new persona is one of the best Persona 5 Royal Personas.

Fafnir is both the best possible Gun Persona and the most natural Persona to specialize in Nuclear magic. It gets 4 immunities and has no weaknesses, meaning you can easily turn this thing into a gun Persona with Riot Gun, Gun Boost and Gun Amp and still have enough slots left over to make it immune to all possible damage except for Almighty.

It’s also considerably easier to accomplish this immunity on Fafnir than it is on Yoshitsune because unlike Yoshitsune, Fafnir doesn’t have to have Drain skills fused into him, he can acquire them through Strengthen Persona.

Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Fafnir

4. Lucifer

persona 5 royal best personas lucifer

Coming in at #4 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is Lucifer.

With the exception of Satanael, Lucifer is the ultimate Almighty Persona now. He gets access to Morning Star, which is the best Almighty spell in the game, and due to the new Incense mechanics in Royal, he’s finally able to max out his magic stat to make use of it. He used to be terrible, but now he’s among the best Persona 5 Royal personas.

Between this and his natural trait, which significantly reduces SP consumption, he’s the ultimate trash-killing Persona for your first playthrough. Every fight ends with a single Morning Star that costs around 6 SP if you have Spell Master.

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3. Satanael

persona 5 royal best personas satanael

At #3 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list is none other than Satanael.

Satanael gets a new skill called Tyrant’s Mind, which is a 50% damage increase to everything. Additionally, he gets an awesome trait called Pagan Allure, which gives an additional 50% increase to magic. Between these two abilities, that means Satanael is the best at absolutely everything except support. Definitely one of the best Persona 5 Royal Personas.

He’s the best Almighty Persona. He’s the best Gun Persona. He’s the best Persona for any magic spell. Personally, I think the ideal role for him is as an elemental variety Persona.

Satanael can be given all the highest level elemental spells (Ice Age, Blazing Hell, Wild Thunder, etc), and between Magic Ability, Tyrant’s Mind and his trait, he’s capable of out damaging specialized elemental Personas like Odin without elemental specific boosts and amps.

Without an elemental variety Satanael, you need a different Persona for each element for max damage elemental spells. Satanael can cover all your elemental bases all by himself.

Click here for a more in-depth look at how to build Satanael

2. Yoshitsune

persona 5 royal best personas yoshitsune

Yoshitsune retains his dominance at #2 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list.

Yoshitsune was ridiculous in vanilla Persona 5 and he remains ridiculous. Hassou Tobi does such a silly amount of damage that it almost feels like a mistake. Easily among the very best Persona 5 Royal Personas.

Additionally, Yoshitsune has excellent resistances. A lot of people like to fill him with damage immunity skills since the only skills he really needs are Arms Master and Hassou Tobi, but that’s somewhat difficult to do.

The build I used above is much easier to achieve while being just as strong. You could replace Apt Pupil with Ali Dance if you like.

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1. Kaguya

persona 5 royal best personas kaguya

Kaguya is #1 on the Persona 5 Royal Best Personas list, especially since she’s free now.

Kaguya’s Shining Arrows skill is essentially the magic version of Hassou Tobi. Up to 8 hits of light elemental damage. In a vaccum, these two personas are roughly equal, with Yoshitsune probably having the edge due to Hassou Tobi always hitting for its full amount.

However, enemies in Persona 5 Royal are weak to Bless much more often than they’re weak to physical, and there are a lot more enemies resistant to physical damage than there are enemies resistant to bless.

Additionally, Shining Arrows costs a fairly low amount of SP whereas Hassou Tobi costs a significant amount of health. All of that together, combined with the fact that you have access to Kaguya much, much earlier is what ultimately gives Kaguya the edge.

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Conclusion – Best Persona 5 Royal Personas

We hope this list of the top 10 best Persona 5 Royal Personas helps players select and obtain all the Personas they need to conquer the challenges that Persona 5 Royal has to offer.

Generally, Kaguya and Yoshitsune are considered far and away the best Persona 5 Royal personas, but each of the Personas on this list has a place in an endgame Persona 5 Royal loadout.

Anyway, that about does it for the top 10 best Persona 5 Royal Persona options, Persona 5 Royal best personas. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Persona 5 Royal.


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