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Best Rise Eterna Characters TIER LIST

This best Rise Eterna characters tier list will break down the strengths and weaknesses of all 14 Rise Eterna characters so you know who’s worth putting in your party.

If you’re playing Rise Eterna, you’re going to be recruiting a lot of different Rise Eterna characters into your party. There are 14 Rise Eterna characters total that you can recruit, including 3 hidden characters. Some are obviously better than others, so I put together this best Rise Eterna characters tier list to help you decide who you want to include in your party.

How to Recruit All 3 Rise Eterna Hidden Characters

best rise eterna characters tier list

As you already know, tier lists are somewhat subjective, so you may not necessarily agree with my rankings. All I can say is that I play almost every RPG, jRPG, sRPG and indie RPG that comes out and have been doing that since the early 90s, so while these are where at least one RPG genre veteran places these characters, I encourage you to try them all out for yourself and form your own opinions. I mostly write these lists as a fun format to break down the strengths and weaknesses of each character and give them an overall review.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the best Rise Eterna characters tier list.

S Tier – Best Rise Eterna Characters


best rise eterna characters sothy

When it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, Sothy is a beast with no rival. He’s the most mobile character in the game, has the largest attack range, and at a certain point, does so much damage that he kills everything he attacks in one hit, including most bosses. Sothy is nuts, there’s really no other way to put it.

First, as I mentioned, Sothy’s attack range is insane. He can attack from 7 squares away. Not only that, he can move again after attacking, which means he’ll never be in harm’s way. Also, his second movement is not a continuation of his first movement — it’s a whole new movement phase, which means his movement is double what’s listed.

Finally, his attack power is decently high, he’s guaranteed to attack twice per battle, and his second attack always crits. Load him up on attack and agility gems and he’ll do 160 damage per turn from 7 panels away, no problem.


best rise eterna characters lua

In my opinion, Lua is probably the 2nd most overpowered when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters. Her natural agility is insanely high and it’s not terribly difficult to get her to 100% crit chance with just her agility talent and one or two good agility gems.

Lua gets access to a talent called Vantage which gives her a 100% chance to attack first whenever she’s attacked in melee range, which effectively mean any melee unit that attacks her just dies before its attack goes off. Combine that with her high agility and naturally high dodge chance, and she’s incredibly survivable.

To top it all off, Lua eventually gains the ability to attack twice per battle. Her damage output is insane, she automatically kills melee units on defense, and she’s incredibly hard to hit. You can often just park her in the midst of several enemies and watch themselves suicide on her while she walks away completely unscathed.


best rise eterna characters sachel

What makes Sachel broken when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters is her extremely high damage output and her ability to hit in an area of effect. Sachel’s normal attack hits every enemy around its primary target, both adjacent panels and diagonally adjacent panels, which means Sachel can take out 9 enemies in one hit if those enemies are grouped up.

The only thing that puts Sachel behind Lua and Sothy is that she’s not as mobile as they are and doesn’t have as much defense. Unless you build her for it, Sachel can be killed if you end a turn or two with her sitting in a bad spot. Still, she’s absolutely insane in terms of what she’s capable of damage-wise. Only Lua and Sothy can dream of matching her kill count.


best rise eterna characters eana

When it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, Eana is your classic Fire Emblem dancer class, meaning she has the ability to give units another turn. The twist in Rise Eterna is that Eana can dance in an AoE, so up to 4 characters adjacent to her get to go again. That’s pretty much your entire team. So just by putting Eana in your party, you basically get two player phases for every enemy phase.

With Eana in your party, Lua, Sothy, Sachel and another character you invest in gets another chance to move. Even though her attack is weak, it’s hard to argue that she’s not deserving of one of the 6 spots in your character roster.

A Tier – Best Rise Eterna Characters


best rise eterna characters natheal

At the start of the game, Natheal is definitively the best when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, until Lua quickly surpasses him, and eventually Sothy and Sachel. It’s very easy to buff Natheal’s naturally high defense up to the point where he takes 0 damage from anything in the game, making him an invaluable wall.

However, Natheal’s attack power starts to fall behind. He never dies, but towards the middle half of the game, he usually stops being able to kill enemies in one hit. He’s still definitely A tier though, for a few reasons.

First, for the first half of the game, Natheal with the regeneration talent and a handful of defense gems is unkillable and can easily clear maps by himself. Second, once you’ve maxed out his talent tree, he gets an extra turn with double attack power every time he kills an enemy next to Lua.

This is a bit situational (the main reason he’s in A tier and not S tier), but I’ve had rounds where he was able to attack 4 times in a row just because of how the enemies ended up being positioned next to Lua, and it’s not super rare for him to be able to go at least twice.

You might point out that you can fix Natheal’s waning attack power by pumping strength elixirs into him, but for spoiler reasons I would suggest you not do that and save your elixirs for somebody else.


best rise eterna characters rose

Rose is sort of the poor-man’s Natheal when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters. She’s got very similar stats, just slightly lower, but she serves the same purpose in your party. She takes almost no damage, deals a fair amount of damage, and becomes practically unkillable. In addition to her easily maxed out defense, she gets lifesteal through her talent, giving her an incredible amount of sustain.

Unlike Natheal, you’re free to dump all the elixirs and gems you want onto her in order to get her to the point where she kills everything in one hit and takes no damage. The self sustain is great because it helps her keep her HP maxed out even after stepping on one of the numerous tile traps hidden throughout the game.

Unfortunately, she’s not capable of killing multiple enemies per turn like most of the S and A tier characters, but she’s a hearty unit that gets the job done.


best rise eterna characters jag

Jag deals a ton of damage if built and positioned right, and is really difficult to take down, since his defense rises as his HP gets lower. This makes him pretty viable when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters. However, Rise Eterna’s mechanics don’t work well in his favor.

The main reason Jag is at a disadvantage is when you get far enough in the game, you have to take the regeneration talent, which makes it very hard for Jag to ever keep his Rage state active for more than a turn. If they’d given Jag a guaranteed counterattack, he’d probably be at the top of A tier, but as it stands now, he’s alongside Natheal and Rose as two characters who take down one enemy per turn, except he doesn’t have the defense or self-sustain those other characters do.


best rise eterna characters jachim

Jachim is not particularly survivable, nor does he do a huge amount of damage, but he does have the ability to get you a ton of extra items. When it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, I value his ability to pluck a bunch of extra stuff, but that’s sort of a personal preference. If that’s not something you’re looking for in a character, Jachim is C Tier at best.

Jachim’s attack power is usually high enough to kill an enemy in one hit with his capstone talent, which makes him deliver a guaranteed critical hit every time he successfully steals. Outside of that, there’s nothing particularly special about him. I just like him around because having him means you’ll be swimming in items.

B Tier – Best Rise Eterna Characters


best rise eterna characters zephiriel

Zephiriel is an archer which inherently makes him one of the better options when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, thanks to his range. He’s also capable of healing party members, which is a role that can only otherwise be fulfilled by Elis. Since he deals more damage than Elis and has a healing aura talent, in my opinion he’s the better option when it comes to a healer.

However, healing is not usually necessary in Rise Eterna. The only real threat in the game is the various trap tiles that slowly bleed down any character that steps on them, and once you’ve maxed out the regeneration talent on anyone, those are no longer a threat.

Still, Zephiriel’s utility as a healer comes in handy from time to time and, unlike Elis, he’s not completely helpless in a fight or fully reliant on having a support party member adjacent to him at all times.


best rise eterna characters sarajed

When it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, Sarajed is just all around decent. She has decent stats, her two square attack range makes her versatile for positioning and easy to position for support bonuses. Other than that, she’s just a sturdy, solid unit.

The main problem with Sarajed is that her unique talents are focused around a sacrifice skill which heals allies at the expense of her own HP. While it’s a decent heal skill, as I mentioned above with Zephiriel, healing isn’t particularly necessary in Rise Eterna, and unlike the other healers, almost the entirety of Sarajed’s talent tree is dedicated to unlocking her heal and making it viable.

So, effectively, her talent tree doesn’t offer her much benefit at all. All of her value comes from her natural stats and 2 panel range.


best rise eterna characters elis

Elis is your typical healer when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters. Abysmal damage output, capable of healing allies. The thing that separates her from the other healers is she gets better quality items from gather points and can gather from the same point multiple times, which makes including her in your party a good source of gems.

Elis is essentially a utility/support character, and that can be kind of nice since Lua, Sothy, Sachel and any other character are more than enough to clear maps, so you might want to take her along just to hit up the various gathering points. Still, it’s not like you don’t get enough gems if you never use her, and unlike her competition as a healer (Zephiriel and Sarajed), or as a utility character (Jachim) she has no combat ability whatsoever.

C Tier – Best Rise Eterna Characters


best rise eterna characters cilphen

Cilphen is actually pretty good when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters. He’s a tank, he’s unkillable, he has high strength and can usually kill enemies in one hit if you give him a couple strength elixirs and attack gems. He even buffs the attack power of nearby party members.

The main problem with Cilphen is that he has the lowest movement range of any character in the game and all his abilities are reliant on being at the front of the party and being adjacent to other party members. You’d need to pump at least 4 or 5 movement elixirs into him in order for him to do his job, or else he’ll just be standing uselessly in the back of your formation contributing absolutely nothing.


best rise eterna characters thama

Thama is similar to Cilphen when it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters in that she’s a straight tank. She gets stronger when nearby allies. The problem with Thama is her natural stats are very low and activated all her talent bonuses makes her roughly as strong as Rose with no talent bonuses at best.

She has low movement range, deals low damage and is reliant on situational positioning. On the plus side, she almost always takes 0 damage thanks to her tanking talents. Still, her offense and mobility leave a lot to be desired and her direct competitors for a spot on your team are fierce.

D Tier – Best Rise Eterna Characters


best rise eterna characters joane

When it comes to the best Rise Eterna characters, Joane would be my personal pick for the worst character in the game. She has low range, low damage, little utility, and is completely reliant on wasting another spot in your roster on Elis to make her half decent.

Sure, she gets the ability to apply status effects to enemies, but in a game where Sothy, Lua and Sachel can murder whole enemy platoons just by looking at them, the idea of watching an enemy slowly succumb to poison ticks is pretty unattractive.

Personally I would avoid including Joane in your squad or investing too much time in her.

That about covers it when it comes to the Best Rise Eterna Characters TIER LIST. For more Rise Eterna guides be sure to click here. To see more RPG game guides available on this site, head to the main page. If you want to check out my full Rise Eterna review on YouTube, click here.


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