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Top 5 BEST Star Renegades Weapons

Wondering what the best Star Renegades weapons are? Then this Top 5 Star Renegades Weapons guide is the article for you.

If you’re playing Star Renegades, you’ve probably discovered that one of the major mechanics of the game is the ability to unlock new weapons and gear in between each run-through of the game.

While you definitely want to unlock at least one weapon in every tier in order to advance to the next tier, it’s better to leave the vast majority of the Star Renegades equipment options locked, because the more equipment you unlock, the lower the chance the Star Renegades weapons you actually want will spawn during your runs.

Now, which Star Renegades weapons are the best really depends on which characters you plan to use in your party, because you want the weapons to enhance the strengths of that particular character.

In general, though, stagger, damage, speed and certain status afflictions are the best traits to roll on a weapon. However, like I said, it depends on the character. For example, most sword users don’t have great stagger abilities. So a sword that adds stagger tends to not be as good as a rifle that adds a lot of stagger. Just an example.

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Best Star Renegades weapons.

5. Maelstrom

best star renegades weapons maelstrom

Maelstrom is mainly good on 3 characters: Aegis, Juggernaut and Archon. Aegis benefits the most because it massively amplifies the utility of her Shield Throw ability, which deals medium stagger at medium speed and can hit the back row. With the Maelstrom equipped, it deals significant stagger (sometimes enough to break an enemy for 2 turns) and executes extremely quickly.

Juggernaut also benefits with her Punch skill, though not quite as much, and it turns Archon from a character who wastes enemy stagger resistance into a character who can significantly stagger the entire enemy team in an AoE quickly at the start of every round.

You’re definitely going to want to unlock the Maelstrom when it becomes available among the Star Renegades weapons.

4. Decimator

best star renegades weapons decimator

Decimator is a straightforward weapon that increases damage and speed, which is perfect for most of the sword users, all of whom are focused primarily on damage. Wynn Syphex (Valkyrie), Spectre, Varangian… all of them benefit from this simple weapon which can be acquired early on, probably even after your very first run.

The Decimator isn’t the flashiest of the Star Renegades weapons, but it gets the job done.

3. Requiem

best star renegades weapons requiem

Requiem stacks damage on top of damage, making it a great weapon for any ranged damage dealer. Like the Decimator, it’s available fairly early, and it can be the difference between killing enemies in one or two rounds, or spending multiple rounds whittling them down with weak attacks.

A high level variation of this weapon can easily boost attack power by over 50%, which is nothing to scoff at, especially if that character is rocking other damage boosting gear.

2. Debilitator Rifle

best star renegades weapons debilitator rifle

The Debilitator Rifle is one of the last weapons you’ll be able to unlock and the passive benefits it offers are very powerful. Its main utility is as a boss-killer, since removing buffs shuts down a lot of scary boss mechanics, and marking does a great job of increasing single-target damage.

Because of its unique mechanics, the Debilitator Rifle is definitely one of the Star Renegades weapons that you’re going to want to unlock.

1. Desecrator

best star renegades weapons desecrator

The Desecrator has my vote for the best weapon in the game. It’s not one of the rarest weapons. I think it can be unlocked around one of the middle tiers. Still, it gives you the most mileage of any weapon. If you’re using Bentley (Commando), which you should be, if you get your hands on a high level version of this weapon, his Salvo can deal 80s or more of stagger every hit.

With this weapon equipped, Bentley’s Salvo can become a quick action, and it can take almost any regular enemy out of the picture for 2-3 rounds. It can also break almost every boss in one hit. Desecrator is definitely one of the best Star Renegades weapons, and if you equip it on Bentley it’s like you’re playing on easy mode.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Star Renegades weapons. Be sure to check out the Main Page for more content, click here for more game guides related to Star Renegades, and check out the Bright Rock Media YouTube Channel for game, movie, TV and music reviews and recommendations.


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