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Ultimate Guide to Starfield Weapons: Top 5 BEST Weapons

Starfield is one of the most thrilling games of 2023. It allows you to explore the galaxy and unearth different mysteries. While playing Starfield, you can customize your character, upgrade your spaceship and weapons, and choose how to deal with various factions and groups.

However, you will encounter many dangers while exploring the galaxy. In Starfield, hostile aliens, ruthless pirates, and mysterious anomalies will try to stop you from completing your journey. They will test your skill set and survival instinct to check if you are worthy of the ultimate prize. To survive the menacing alien attacks, you need the best Starfield weapons in your inventory.

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In this Starfield guide, you will learn where to find and how to use the most sturdy weapons. We will help you get your hands on unique Starfield weapons that will aid you in dominating the battles. Moreover, we will explain the features, pros, and cons of the weapons that can make a difference when you are in a risky situation. Finally, you will familiarize yourself with the mods you can use for optimal performance of the Starfield weapons.

Following are the top-tier weapons in Starfield:

1. Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

While roaming around different planets, you will come across a planet named New Atlantis. During your stay on the New Atlantis planet, you will get a chance to grab one of the most threatening Starfield weapons, Sir Livingstone’s Pistol. You can easily knock out your opponents using Sir Livingstone’s pistol. It can be a destructive weapon if you have good aim. With this weapon, you can knock out your enemy with a single headshot.

best starfield weapons sir livingstone's pistol

The players who prefer to attack the enemies in stealth mode can benefit from Sir Livingstone’s Pistol. It has a high critical multiplier and a low noise level. During your space adventure, you will get a side quest called “The Lost Explorer.” In this side quest, your main objective is to search for clues about the fate of a lost adventurer in New Atlantis. The clues will lead you to a hidden cave, where you will find the pistol and other items.

Following are the best mods to use for Sir Livingstone’s Pistol:

  • Extended Barrel: Equip the extended barrel with Sir Livingstone’s Pistol to increase the range and accuracy of the weapon.
  • Suppressor: Although the pistol already has a low noise level, you can use a suppressor to make it more silent for a stealth mission.
  • Laser Sight: Laser sight aids in improving the aim and overall stability of the pistol.

2. Magshot

best starfield weapons magshot

Magshot is another one of the most dangerous Starfield weapons. You can find it hidden in a secret laboratory on Cydonia planet. During your stay in Cydonia, you will get multiple side quests. To get Magshot in your weapon collection, you have to complete “The Magician” side quest. In this mission, you have to look for a rogue scientist experimenting with magnetic weapons.

Your search will take you to a secret bunker, where you will find the scientist working in a secret laboratory. Once you defeat the scientist, you can take the Magshot rifle from his collection of magnetic weapons. The Magshot rifle is a medium to long-range combat weapon. It uses magnetic propulsion to fire high-damaging ballistic shots.

Following are the best mods for Magshot:

  • Extended Magazine: Extended Magazine attachment upgrades the performance of Magshot by increasing the magazine capacity and reload speed.
  • Scope: Scope aids in a long-range fight. It helps in increasing the zoom and accuracy of the weapon.
  • Stabilizer: The Stabilizer helps you control the recoil and spread of the rifle.

3. Experiment A-7

Experiment A-7 is known as one of the best Starfield weapons. You will get the first look at Experiment A-7 on Neon Planet. You will have to finish the side quest, named “The Experiment,” to get the gun. In the side quest, you have to infiltrate a hidden research facility. Once you find your way into the research facility, you will find many guards blocking your way. After defeating the guards, you will find the Experiment A-7 shotgun.

best starfield weapons experiment a7

Experiment A-7 shotgun uses plasma technology to fire plasma rounds that decimate anyone coming in their way. It is the most suitable weapon for a close-range fight as it offers high damage and blast radius.

Following are the best mods for Experiment A-7:

  • Extended Barrel: Although it is a close-range weapon, you can increase its range and accuracy by attaching an extended barrel.
  • Plasma Booster: With the Plasma Booster, you can deal more damage to your enemies.
  • Cooling System: It helps the shotgun cool down and reduces the reload time.

4. Gallow’s Reach

Gallow’s Reach is the finest sniper rifle available in Starfield. You can find Gallow’s Reach on the Akila City planet. On the Akila City planet, you have to complete “The Sniper” side quest to get your hands on the Gallow’s Reach weapon. In the side quest, you have to find a dangerous sniper who has been terrorizing the city. If you follow the sniper’s footprints, you will reach his hideout. You have to kill the sniper to get the Gallow’s Reach rifle.

best starfield weapons gallow's reach

Gallow’s Reach rifle is a menacing weapon as it fires laser beams that can penetrate enemies and obstacles. It is a long-range weapon that deals high damage to opponents. When you hit your enemies with the Gallow’s Reach rifle, it can cause Radiation damage that makes them weak over time.

Following are the best mods for Gallow’s Reach:

  • Laser Amplifier: The Laser Amplifier increases the rifle’s damage and penetration.
  • Silencer: The Silencer on a sniper rifle reduces its noise level and boosts its critical multiplier.

5. The Last Priest

best starfield weapons the last priest

The Last Priest is the best of all the stealth Starfield weapons. You can get this melee weapon by completing the side quest “The Cult” on the Eos planet. You have to find a way to get inside the temple, defeat the leader, and secure The Last Priest’s sword. It deals Corrosive damage, which can melt enemies and armor.

Following are the best mods for The Last Priest:

  • Hilt Guard: It boosts the defense and durability of the sword.
  • Corrosive Coating: With Corrosive Coating, the sword will deal more corrosive damage to your enemies.

Conclusion – Best Starfield Weapons

That marks the end of our Best Starfield Weapons Guide. We have listed the best weapons available in Starfield. You can use these guns to improve your gaming experience and enjoy destroying your enemies with ease.

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