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BEST Stranger of Paradise Jobs TIER LIST

This Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List will give a breakdown and review of each of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs and rank them in a tier list.

If you’re playing Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, you’re going to be changing jobs a lot. This best Stranger of Paradise jobs tier list will give you a breakdown of all the Stranger of Paradise jobs so that you can know which ones to prioritize.

Each of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs features a job tree that grants passive bonuses, new weapon skills, standalone abilities and most notably, an active skill that’s unique to that particular job.

This tier list is mostly focused on the performance of each of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs while you’re in that job, not on the abilities the job can learn which become available to other Stranger of Paradise jobs.

The reason I’m focusing on the best Stranger of Paradise jobs themselves is because in this game, you’re going to level up every job and you’ll be constantly switching in between jobs. There’s a lot of incentive to change jobs once you’ve mastered the current job, and it’s not late into the post-game that you’ll pick any particular job and stick to it.

As with all tier lists, it’s subjective. I fully completed the game, mastered every job and put a fair amount of time into leveling up in the post-game, and obviously I’m a huge jRPG veteran given the sheer amount of RPGs and jRPGs I play.

However, you may still disagree, that’s just the nature of tier lists. I hope this not only gives you a ranking, but gives you an impression of each of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs to help you discover which jobs seem the most fun and interesting as you play through the game.

With the intros out of the way, let’s go ahead and jump right on into the Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List.

S Tier – Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List


best stranger of paradise jobs sage

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Sage is by far the best. It has no rival. Sage trivializes the entire game. It does a tremendous amount of damage, its kit is incredibly versatile, and its melee attacks aren’t noticeably worse than most other classes.

The only downside of Sage is the mana-intensive nature of its kit, but in Stranger of Paradise refilling mana easy, especially when fighting bosses (every block and physical attack generates mana). Not only that, every class burns through mana, and Sage gets a lot more bang for its buck in terms of mana usage.

There is not a single boss or enemy encounter in Stranger of Paradise that you can’t cheese by kiting it around, blocking its ranged attacks to generate mana, and chunking down with powerful spells.

Let’s also take a second to talk about Ultima, which is just an absolutely ridiculous spell. If you cast 3 white magic spells and 3 black magic spells, you can then cast Ultima, which will usually take off about half of a boss’s HP all by itself, even on Chaos difficulty at high levels.

Casting 6 spells may sound like a hurdle, but keep in mind for a boss fight, if you spend 2 mana bars to buff up before the fight, and then 1 mana bar for another buff right at the start, you just need to cast 3 black magic spells, which you’ll do anyway, in order to open up an Ultima cast.

Since bosses usually have 2 phases in this game, that means as Sage all you really need to do is take down the first phase and then when the second phase starts (usually the harder phase) you cast Ultima and you’re done.

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Sage is the best. Nothing else even comes close. It’s OP.

A Tier – Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List


best stranger of paradise jobs paladin

In terms of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, my vote for the second best class in the game goes to Paladin. It’s nowhere near as strong as Sage and it’s much more balanced alongside the other classes, but it’s tanky, it deals a lot of damage, and it provides a lot of self-sustain so you don’t need to rely on potions.

Paladin’s job ability is Holy Fang, which makes it deal Holy damage on-hit as well as healing you every time you attack. It slowly drains mana, but since you regenerate mana with each attack, you’ll be generating enough mana to not only maintain Holy Fang but also continue using weapon skills.

Paladin is just a solid, tanky class. As far as melee classes go, it’s got everything you’re looking for. High offense, high health, high defense. If you want to run up to enemies and whack them to death with a sword, Paladin is the best class for that.

For those reasons, I think Paladin ranks very highly among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

Dark Knight

best stranger of paradise jobs dark knight

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Dark Knight ranks close to Paladin in my opinion. It gives up some survivability for slightly higher damage, but the downside is easily mitigated by using the Blood Weapon ability (which gives your attacks lifesteal).

With Blood Weapon active, not only will you not lose health, you’ll actually gain health with every attack, because you’ll lifesteal off of the initial attack and also the Souleater followup.

The main thing that makes Dark Knight slightly worse than Paladin is that you have to continually cast Blood Weapon and pay attention to your buff status. If Blood Weapon wears off or an enemy dispels it (which happens more often than you’d expect), you’re going to kill yourself very quickly if you keep attacking.

Paladin’s Holy Fang powers you up almost as much as Souleater, and a lot more enemies are weak to Holy than Dark, so Dark Knight doesn’t really have much of an edge in terms of damage for all of the finicky buff management you have to deal with to use it effectively.

Just the fact that with Paladin you just have to turn on its buff and mash the attack button whereas Dark Knight requires some amount of attention and thought to end up being roughly equal in terms of effectiveness makes Paladin a better job in my opinion.

That said, it’s still solidly among the best Stranger in Paradise jobs.

B Tier – Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List


best stranger of paradise jobs dragoon

Dragoon is another great job when we’re talking about the best Stranger in Paradise jobs.

Lances are just alright, frankly. They have good range but unless you’re really great at reliably inputting directional inputs during your combos, they have no arc and therefore will mostly hit one enemy at a time.

However, Jump is probably the best physical damage ability in the game, and only Dragoon has access to it. It does massive damage in a large area of effect, can be equipped to any link slot, and grant invincibility when you use it.

Among other benefits of Jump, that means it basically turns your special attack button into a dodge button. At any point during your combo you can panic-mash the special attack button and you’ll dodge whatever attack is coming up next while also dealing huge damage to the enemy.

If Paladin could equip Jump, that would almost rival Sage in terms of OP cheesiness in Stranger of Paradise.

Unfortunately, Jump is exclusive to Dragoon, but it’s more than enough to place it among the very best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

Black Mage

best stranger of paradise jobs black mage

When it comes to the best Stranger in Paradise jobs, Black Mage pales in comparison to Sage because it doesn’t get access to Haste, Regen or Ultima, but you can still cheese every encounter in the same way you would as Sage.

As with Sage, every boss in the game can be trivialized by kiting it around, blocking their highly telegraphed ranged attacks to regenerate mana, and taking them down with high damage nukes that directly target enemy weaknesses.

Black Mage gets access to Flare and the full array of elemental magic, which makes its damage output significantly higher than Mage or Red Mage, so until you unlock Sage, Black Mage is the best you can get.

In fact, I might advise if you’re struggling with some midgame bosses, just switch to Black Mage and cheese them down, then switch back to the job you’re trying to level up before you activate the execution animation at the end.

Even though Black Mage is a mid-game job class, it still ranks among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs tyrant

Tyrant is one of the endgame jobs and as far as the endgame jobs go, it’s decent enough. It gets the ability to power up its weapon with an element, which increases attack damage by roughly 40%, generally speaking.

There are a couple of reasons Tyrant doesn’t rank higher when it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. First, Tyrant’s enchantments cost two mana bars, take a long time to cast, and don’t last very long. Compare that to Paladin’s Holy Fang skill, which activates with one mana bar, instantly casts, lasts until you toggle it off and also provides healing on every hit.

Second, a lot more enemies than you would expect can dispel buffs in Stranger of Paradise, meaning your weapon enchants get knocked off constantly.

Third, having a wide variety of elemental enchants isn’t particularly more useful than Paladin or Dark Knight only having a single elemental enchant.

I think the concept of this job is good, it’s just not balanced well against the other endgame jobs. If the spells cost 1 mana bar, had a much faster cast-time and lasted much longer, I think Tyrant could be an A-tier class.

Unfortunately, the way Tyrant is in the game, I have to rank it at B-tier when it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

Cyclic Warrior

best stranger of paradise jobs cyclic warrior

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Cyclic Warrior is kind of a gimmick class. It has some big elemental nukes that cost too much mana, and its skill tree is largely focused on enhancing your Lightbringer ability

It’s not a bad job, and that’s why I rank it at B-tier. In action, it’s actually fairly decent and Soul of Chaos does a good amount of damage. The main problem is that by the time you unlock it in the post-game, you’re probably about to quit playing Stranger of Paradise because the post-game is basically just a grindfest with no real additional content.

If you continue on into the post-game, you’re most likely to return to using the basic jobs that are first to get level cap increases until you can unlock level cap increases for jobs like Sage or Paladin, and then you’ll focus on those.

There’s no point in the game where Cyclic Warrior has a time to shine. Either it’s unavailable or it’s locked at level 30 in the post-game where other jobs can level up to 55 and higher.

As a job, it’s fine, it’s good enough to rank among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. In practice, you’ll never use this job except to level it up and play around with it.


best stranger of paradise jobs breaker

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Breaker is another endgame class like Paladin, Dark Knight and Tyrant. Breaker is the final form of the samurai-type katana wielding jobs. Its main claim to fame is it has access to Zantetsuken, the ability Odin casts in most Final Fantasy games.

Zantetsuken is, honestly, a pretty good skill. You charge up for a long time and then unleash a devastating sword slash in a huge arc. The main problem with it is that you’re stationary while you’re charging, you can be interrupted, and the charge takes forever.

Breaker is not a bad job at all, and Zantetsuken is really powerful. The reason it doesn’t rank higher among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs is that Zantetsuken leaves you very vulnerable. Also, you’ll find you often miss and waste your mana or have to dodge and interrupt yourself against bosses, which are always jumping and moving around in this game.

Sage can do similar damage, but at range and without making itself vulnerable. Paladin can just stick to most bosses and fight it out toe-to-toe. Dragoon can do comparable damage in the same amount of time by spamming Jump over and over again.

All that said, Breaker is still a very strong job and deserves a spot among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

Red Mage

best stranger of paradise jobs red mage

Red Mage is basically White Mage with better equipment options and stats, when it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

Red Mage gets access to most black magic spells, but it can only cast the level one versions of them until you unlock the ability to charge them up later down in the skill tree. Level one black mage spells are super weak, so Red Mage’s trademark Chainspell is really just a way to blow all your mana quickly.

After you unlock the spell charging upgrade, Red Mage’s offensive magic becomes a little more usable, but it’s still better to roll around as a physical attacker with Haste and other buffs active for the most part. It can cheese bosses like Black Mage and Sage, but its elemental variety isn’t quite as good.

What makes Red Mage good is the same thing that makes White Mage good: Haste, Regen and Protect. Or, even just Haste would be enough to get Red Mage to this spot. Haste is an incredibly good spell in this game.

The reason Red Mage is better than White Mage is that it’s simply more adept as a physical attacker to begin with due to its stats and equipment options. Other than that, Red Mage is basically White Mage with some black magic to fall back on.

Red Mage is a very good class and definitely ranks as one of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, especially around the mid-game.


best stranger of paradise jobs liberator

Liberator is one of the endgame Stranger of Paradise jobs but it’s not really the best. Mighty Guard is somewhat useful as a buff for your team, but, frankly, it’s better to get this buff by turning Ash into a Liberator than becoming one yourself.

Mighty Guard also drains your mana rapidly. It feels like it drains your mana a lot faster than Paladin’s Holy Fang or Dark Knight’s Souleater, both of which feel like you can leave on indefinitely during combat. Mighty Guard you will need to pay attention to and toggle on and off.

I’m also not sure to what degree Mighty Guard is more effective than casting Protectga, Shellga and Regenga as a White Mage or Red Mage.

I think Liberator is definitely better than White Mage in terms of its stats and equipment options and just how quickly Mighty Guard activates compared to having to cast 3 spells for the same effect, but it lacks access to Haste and the offensive options Red Mage gets, so I’m not sure it pulls its weight as an endgame job.

That said, I do think it’s a solid B-tier job in terms of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

White Mage

best stranger of paradise jobs white mage

White Mage is, shockingly, a better physical fighter than most jobs in the game. Without taking white magic into account at all, it’s not noticeably worse at melee damage than most melee-focused classes. Clubs definitely aren’t as good as daggers or broadswords, but we’re talking maybe 10-20% less effective in this game compared to other Final Fantasy games where White and Black Mage physical attacks are more like 90% less effective.

So White Mage is maybe 10-20% less effective as a fighter, until it casts Hastega, Protectga, Regenga and Shellga and becomes hands down the best physical attacker in the early game. Haste is huge in this game, it only costs one mana bar, and it affects your entire team.

Regenga is similarly useful since the sustain saves you from wasting your potions unless you really need them.

Overall White Mage is a surprisingly good class that punches above its weight. Red Mage and Sage are both direct upgrades, so you’ll never return to it, most likely, once you unlock those options, but in comparison to everything else, it’s a strong and reliable fighter that deserves a spot among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

C Tier – Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List



When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, I ranked Duelist fairly low, but I actually think it’s the best of the dagger wielding classes, even though it’s the first one you get and it’s clearly supposed to be the weakest.

The reason is not that Duelist is particularly great, but that in my experience the other dagger wielding jobs just didn’t perform well. Weak Spot, Duelist’s signature move, at the very least, is a great nuke that deals a tremendous amount of break damage, executes quickly and seems to have some decent invincibility frames.

Daggers are a fun weapon type to use, and I usually end up playing dagger-wielding classes in Final Fantasy games (my FF14 character was a Ninja), so I was disappointed with how they performed here. I expected more.

That said, daggers do attack quickly and the Weak Spot move is very potent, so Duelist is a decent class altogether. Other than that, it’s just another basic class and I don’t think it stands out among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs swordfighter

Swordfighter is another of Stranger of Paradise’s basic job classes. It’s one of the very first jobs that you have access to and it’s actually pretty good.

The Interception skill is fantastic. It makes you immune to the next source of damage and has your character automatically perform a counter-attack that puts you in a good position to continue attacking.

Interception acts as a buff with a fairly long duration, so no timing is required, you just throw on the buff and whatever hits you next will get blocked and counter-attacked.

This skill is among the most useful job skills in the game and even though outside of this skill Swordfighter is just another sword-wielding melee job, whenever you find yourself rocking this job you feel like the game difficulty is turned down a little.

Swordfighter is definitely among the middle of the pack when it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. But, I should note, as far as basic jobs go, it and Duelist are pretty good.


best stranger of paradise jobs ninja

Ninja tends to be one of my favorite classes in Final Fantasy games, but here is was a big disappointment and I couldn’t wait to be done leveling it up. There are a couple of problems with Ninja when it comes to ranking it among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

First, Ninja has a mechanic where it has access to a limited resource called scrolls that it uses to cast its spells. You start with 10 and can unlock a skill node that increases that number to 20. Ninja spells cost between 1 and 3 scrolls to cast, but the only one worth casting costs 3 scrolls.

So that means Ninja can cast its spells 3 times before the upgrade or 6 times after. That’s not a lot, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Mages can regenerate MP by blocking or attacking. Ninjas can’t regenerate scrolls except at a save point.

The next problem is the spells themselves. Ninja has access to a bunch of weaker versions of Mage spells, and then a handful of buffs. Of all the spells, the only one that’s good is a spell that enchants your weapon with a chance to paralyze on-hit.

The paralyze on-hit spell is decently good and is really the only reason Ninja is up here in C tier instead of down in D tier. Still, because of the scrolls mechanic, the Ninja might as well have only this skill because you’ll never want to waste scrolls casting anything but this skill.

Overall, I can’t recommend Ninja as one of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs thief

Thief is the mid-tier dagger wielding job in Stranger of Paradise and it’s alright. The main mechanic here is that the Thief can use its steal ability to immediately get whatever enemy skill you’d otherwise gain by blocking it.

The Steal ability is only situationally useful, since some enemies have great skills and some don’t, but situations where it’s useful come up often and it’s both fun and satisfying when you steal an enemy’s skill and turn it against them.

Some enemies, like bats and couerls have great skills to steal that make fighting them incredibly easy.

The issue with Thief, really, is that you can also just block with any other class and acquire exactly the same skills. It’s a bit more of a hassle, but the bottom line is Thief’s special ability is to do something every other class can already do, just more conveniently.

Altogether, I enjoyed my time leveling Thief and I think it deserves to be in C-tier among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. I still think Duelist is better.


best stranger of paradise jobs warrior

Warrior is good for one reason and one reason only: it gets its own regeneration ability. Other than that, it’s just yet another melee class in a game full of fairly indistinguishable melee classes.

War Cry, the regeneration ability, is great and everything, but you can also get regeneration as a White Mage, Red Mage or Sage — all better classes than Warrior, in my opinion — and you can even put those classes as a secondary class to buff your party with regeneration regardless of what your current class is.

So, taken independently, pretending you can’t just subclass a job with White Magic, Warrior is pretty good. It gets its own sustain, which is great.

Unfortunately, while being effective and straightforward enough to make it into C-tier, Warrior just isn’t special, unique or powerful enough to rank among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs assassin

Assassin is theoretically supposed to be the most powerful of the dagger wielding classes, but in practice it falls short of its potential.

The main mechanic for Assassin is the Assassinate skill, which deals damage for each ‘mark’ that’s been applied to the target. Marks are applied each time you deal a critical hit to an enemy.

There are a couple problems with the Assassinate skill. The first one is that it just doesn’t seem to deal much damage. Assassinate against a large monster with 7-10 marks on it seems to deal less damage than one cast of one of the Ninja’s elemental jutsus, let alone a powerful spell from a Sage like any of the -aga spells or Ultima.

The second problem is that in order for Assassinate to be effect at all, the enemy has to survive multiple critical hits to build up stacks, which means only the most high-health enemies you encounter will ever be a good target for Assassinate.

I have to give this one the benefit of the doubt because I feel like if you really tried to build for it, you could make Assassinate pretty strong, but I just think it’s too much work when Sage can blow up any boss in the game with Ultima, or Paladin can just man-fight bosses without having to do much strategizing at all.

To me, Assassin doesn’t rank among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. I’m skeptical about even putting it in C-tier.


best stranger of paradise jobs mage

Mage is your basic mage class, and while magic in Stranger of Paradise is overpowered, Mage has a few flaws that make it rank lower than the more advanced magic-using jobs you have access to.

It stands to reason that Mage should be weaker than Black Mage and Sage, because it’s a basic job, and it is weaker. It doesn’t have a full arsenal of elements, it doesn’t have a big special nuke like Flare or Ultima, and it doesn’t have access to any buffs or utility spells.

You’re still able to cheese through most encounters with Mage, because magic in this game is busted, but you’ll do it more slowly. Once you unlock Black Mage and, later, Sage, you’ll never look back.

Because magic itself is broken, Mage deserves a spot in the mid-tier despite being the weakest mage class, but it doesn’t rank among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

Void Knight

best stranger of paradise jobs void knight

Void Knight is sort of an homage to Celes from Final Fantasy 6. It has access to the ‘Runic’ ability, which absorbs magic. When you block a spell after casting Runic, your MP refills a little and you power up to unleash an attack.

If you’ve played Stranger of Paradise for any amount of time, I’m sure you already see the problem here: every single job in the game can block spells to refill MP and unleash an attack.

Void Knight may have access to an arguably better version of the basic blocking mechanic every class has access to, but it’s not amazing or even really noticeably better.

To me, this job seems like all concept and very little practical use, especially compared to what other classes have access to. Why would you want a mediocre slash attack that’s only usable after absorbing a spell when Dragoon can just repeatedly use Jump and end whole encounters in seconds?

Void Knight ranks among the C-tier mainly because it’s an advanced job class with high stats. Otherwise, I can’t recommend this class as one of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

D Tier – Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List


best stranger of paradise jobs marauder

In terms of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Marauder is an early game axe-wielding job and the main thing that separates it from the pack is its Upheaval skill which applies a series of stat-downs to every enemy it hits.

The tooltip says Upheaval ‘reduces enemy strength’, which implies that it just literally lowers their stranger, but the wording actually means it reduces their overall strength — it applies multiple stat downs. I believe that it lowers all of an enemy’s stats.

Upheaval itself is a pretty good skill and you should probably put it as the finisher on every combo chain while you’re playing as Marauder. That said, it doesn’t hold a candle to what stronger jobs like Dark Knight are capable of, and axes in general are a slow and risky weapon to use in this game.

Marauder isn’t awful but I can’t say it’s one of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs berserker

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Berserker ranks towards the bottom. Berserk is an interesting ability that increases your attack power while taking away the ability to use potions.

The problem with Berserk is that in Stranger of Paradise, very few things exist that slowly whittle away your health, especially later in the game and especially in higher difficulties. If you get hit once or twice, it’s potion time.

The nature of damage dealing in Stranger of Paradise means that, in practice, the gamble you’re taking by using Berserk is if you get hit, you need to run to the other side of the room and hide until Berserk wears off so you can use a potion.

It’s just a boring way to play, and the attack increase doesn’t make up for it. I found when I was using Berserker I mostly just avoided using the Berserk ability altogether.

For me, I would say Berserker ranks among the lower tiers when it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs samurai

When it comes to the best Stranger of Paradise jobs, Samurai isn’t great. It’s disappointing, just like Ninja and Assassin, because katanas are so cool, but the Samurai class skill is just a big nothing-burger.

Samurai has the ability to generate more MP from normal attacks than other classes. That is… not very exciting. This means you can get away with using more 2 mana combo finishers than usual, but other than that, there’s just nothing to get excited about here.

I would say Samurai struggles in terms of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

F Tier – Best Stranger of Paradise Jobs Tier List


best stranger of paradise jobs monk

Monk is a fist-wielding class that doesn’t perform very well in terms of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.

The problem with Monk is that, while fists are a great weapon type, lots of classes can equip fists, so the only thing that the Monk has which is unique is its class skill, Focus, and Focus is terrible.

When you use Focus, you immediately expend an MP segment to activate it, and then you lose up to 2 more MP segments to get its full effect. So, in effect, Focus costs 3 MP segments to use and takes forever to apply.

And what do you get for those 3 MP segments? A very weak heal and some barely noticeable buffs that wear off far too quickly.

Monk is not one of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. Not even close.


best stranger of paradise jobs knight

Knight is another of the worst Stranger of Paradise jobs. While you’re playing as a Knight, you can expend a bar of MP to power up your block skill. Now, keep in mind, there are two block mechanics in Stranger of Paradise.

Block mechanic #1 is your standard block. Block mechanic #2 requires some simple timing and it refills your MP, deflects enemy attacks and absorbs enemy spells. Block #2 is clearly superior. You will never use block #1.

Unless, of course, you’re the Knight class and you want to spend MP to power up block #1 to make it better, but still clearly inferior to block #2. Consider also that Swordfighter, a basic class, can spend the same amount of MP to fully negate an attack and unleash a more powerful counterattack than the Knight’s little shockwave.

Knight is not a good class and I think rightly deserves to be in F-tier among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs pugilist

Pugilist is the first fist-fighting class you get when it comes to Stranger of Paradise jobs and there’s just nothing special about it. It’s yet another melee class with a unique but not particularly special combo finisher.

There’s not really much to say about Pugilist and that’s the main problem with it. There’s nothing special about this class. When you only have basic jobs available, being able to use fists as a weapon type is somewhat special, but as you unlock more jobs, you realize how many jobs have access to fists as well as interesting class mechanics.

Pugilist is not one of the best Stranger of Paradise jobs. Clear F-tier. It’s not really Pugilist’s fault, though. It’s really more that it’s a basic class and it is, in fact, very basic and forgettable.


best stranger of paradise jobs ronin

Ronin is the first katana wielding class and it’s not too bad. It’s just yet another straightforward, basic melee class that has access to a certain weapon type and a mediocre combo finisher as its main class mechanic.

It’s not that Ronin is absolutely horrible, it’s just that, like Pugilist, there’s nothing particularly special about it. Once you unlock mid-game classes, equipping a katana (even in non-katana-wielding classes) is not that rare, and Iai is not really better than any other katana-finisher you can use.

Just another standard melee class. Not among the best Stranger of Paradise jobs.


best stranger of paradise jobs swordsman

Swordsman is the first job you get in Stranger of Paradise, so of course it deserves to be pretty low. Spinning Slash is a powerful physical attack, but it hogs MP and it’s not notably more power than any other greatsword combo finisher.

Swordsman is just a basic, standard soldier-type melee class that you get at the start of the game. It’s straightforward, it’s nothing special, and it’s clearly designed for you to move on into other classes without missing it too much.

I’d say Swordsman ranks among the worst Stranger of Paradise jobs, but I think it’s supposed to, so I won’t hold that against it.


best stranger of paradise jobs lancer

It’s funny that Dragoon is so good when Lancer is so, so bad. Lance Hurl is an awful skill. It does a tiny amount of damage. It has some utility because it’s ranged and it also knocks monsters down, but you’d be better off spending your MP on combo finishers.

Lances themselves are also not a great weapon type, as their horizontal arc, unless you really make use of directional commands during combos, is practically nonexistent.

If you’re running around with a greatsword, you have the same range and a much wider arc without putting in any effort. Lances require finesse and skill to achieve what other weapon types achieve with no effort.

I want to reiterate that Lance Hurl is a very bad skill. I’d say Lancer is definitely one of the worst Stranger of Paradise jobs.

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