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FULL Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster Job Guide

This Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster job guide will give a rundown of the Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster job as well as a complete list of abilities and specialties.

If you’re playing Bravely Default 2, you’re going to want to know as much as you can about the jobs you’ve acquired, the jobs you have coming up to acquire, and the locked abilities that are available late game from job level 12-15. This series of Bravely Default 2 Jobs Guides will teach you everything you need to know about all of the jobs that are available in Bravely Default 2. You can find the information on a single page or visit pages dedicated to specific jobs individually.

This is the Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster job guide.

bravely default 2 beastmaster

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Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster

bravely default 2 jobs beastmaster

Rating – Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster

Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster Job Overview
In Bravely Default 2 Beastmaster is unexpectedly extremely powerful. Even if you never invest time into its capture skills, it gains a variety of great passive abilities. Beastmaster skills are varied and thanks to its Beast Whisperer ability, they’re not much of a hassle to collect. However, getting enough monsters to really bulk up Beastmaster’s stats to Freelancer levels is quite a grind and not an endeavor to be taken lightly.

Thanks to its Creature Comforts specialty that increases its stats based on how many monsters you capture, it’s one of just a few Bravely Default 2 jobs that can act as an alternative sub-job to Freelancer in the endgame. The capture skills themselves are also surprisingly powerful and give the Beastmaster amazing versatility… if you invest the time. It gets skills of all elements, heals, buffs, powerful physical attacks — pretty much anything you could ever want.

Chapter Unlocked: 1

Upgrade Location: Halls of Tribulation II


Animal Rescue
When an attack on the user reduces their HP to 20% or lower, a random captured monster will be let loose on the enemy.

Creature Comforts
All stats are increased by an amount based on the number of monsters you’ve captured.


Job LevelNameDescription
1CaptureCapture a weakened monster. Chance of success is based on the target’s remaining HP — the lower the better. Will not work on humans or more powerful enemies.
2Off the LeashLet a captured monster loose on a target.
3Staggering SwipePerform a physical attack on a target and significantly delay their next turn.
4MuzzleAttempt to silence multiple targets.
5Mow DownPerform a physical attack on all targets.
6Mercy StrikePerform a physical attack on a target. This attack cannot reduced HP below one.
7Raw Power(Passive) Every use of the Brave command increases physical attack by 10% until the end of the turn.
8SpearheadThe user will act first in battle when a spear is equipped, unless the enemy has the advantage.
9Mercy SmashPerform a powerful physical attack on a target. This attack cannot reduce HP below one.
10MP Saver(Passive) Reduces MP consumption by 20%.
11Beast Whisperer(Passive) Roughly 30% chance of capturing defeated monsters.
12Off the ChainSend a captured monster to brutally savage a target.
13Muzzling MaelstromUse equipped spear to perform four powerful physical attacks at random. These attacks may also silence their targets.
14Brute Force(Passive) Increases physical attack by 50% when three BP are spent performing the Brave command in the same turn.
15Nature’s BlessingReduce the user’s MP costs to zero for two turns.

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Bravely Default 2 Best Jobs TIER LIST
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