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Best Breath of Fire 2 Shaman Fusions Explained

This Breath of Fire 2 Shaman Fusion Guide will teach you all about the best shaman fusions in BoF2.

If you’re looking for the best shaman combinations in Breath of Fire 2 (BoF2), look no further. Breath of Fire 2 (BoF2) has a cool mechanic where you can combine each character with two shamans to improve its stats or even turn it into a whole new character.

With proper use of the shaman mechanic, you can evolve multiple characters into their enhanced form at once, which is what I’m going to teach you how to do in this guide.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions katt

Katt’s Breath of Fire 2 shaman fusions all use the Devil Shaman (Shin). Therefore, it’s impossible to have both the Katt combination and the Bow combination at once, since both require Shin. Since Katt is generally considered to be the better character, you’re most likely going to want to go with Katt.

Her viable combinations are Fire/Devil, Water/Devil, Wind/Devil and just Devil. Unless you’re using the Fire/Devil combo, which is marginally stronger than the others, there is no benefit at all for not using Devil by itself. All the other combos grants 37.5% increased power, while Fire/Devil grants a 45% increase. Since Sten requires the Fire Shaman, this is a no brainer. Give Katt Devil (Shin) by itself.

Katt’s Breath of Fire 2 shaman fusion looks super cool. Probably the coolest looking character in the game.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions jean

Jean, along with Nina and Bow, competes for the Holy shaman (Seny). Fortunately or unfortunately for Jean, without the combination he is trash and with the combination he is pretty good, so if you’re thinking about using Jean, you’re going to want to use his Breath of Fire 2 shaman fusion, which means no Nina or Bow transformation in the same party.

His viable combinations are Water/Holy, Wind/Holy and Holy by itself. Like with Katt, there is barely any benefit to combining the required shaman with others. Just using Seny by itself is fine. Water gets slightly more AP/Wisdom (useless) and Wind gets marginally more defense.

His Breath of Fire 2 shaman fusion turns Jean, who is normally very dumpy looking, into a total badass Frog knight with a really cool design.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions rand

Rand is your go-to healer besides Bow, and tends to be the one that you use for most of the game. His viable combinations all require the Earth shaman (Solo).

Possible combos are: Fire/Earth, Water/Earth and Holy/Earth. Since a lot of characters want Fire and Holy, Water/Earth is probably what you want to use here especially if you want to use Sten, Katt or Jean in the same party as Rand. The Holy combo is the worst combo anyway.

Fire/Earth gives slightly more attack, Water/Earth gives better magic and defense. For Rand, that’s actually probably better overall.

Rand’s Breath of Fire 2 shaman transformation is a very gross looking pink armadillo.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions sten

Sten’s only viable combination is Fire/Wind and it is totally worth it. +50% AP, +45% attack, +55% defense, and it’s ridiculously cool looking.

Using this particular Breath of Fire 2 shaman fusion means you can’t transform Nina and you can’t use the optimal Fire/Devil fusion for Katt, but Sten and Katt in the same party wrecks, so that’s a decision you’re going to have to make.

Definitely one of the best Breath of Fire 2 shaman fusions.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions spar

Spar has a boatload of combinations and three different possible transformations. He can turn into a plant dragon (Fire/Devil), a pixie girl wearing a mushroom hat (Water, Water/Wind, Water/Holy, Water/Devil) or a… very plain-looking seedling (Earth, Earth/Holy, Earth/Water).

Statwise, all of these are basically the same and pretty weak. The dragon gets the biggest attack bonus (37.5%). Other than that, the seed and pixie combinations give roughly the same stat bonuses.

The mushroom pixie and the plant dragon ones both look cool. The seedling one looks… very stupid. Out of all the BoF2 shaman fusions, it is the most stupid looking.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions nina

Nina’s only viable combination is Wind/Holy and, while certainly being an improvement, is not really all that much better than standard Nina. She has more AP and more Wisdom (22.5%), but the improvement is not as vast as you notice with the other characters.

I mean, if you’re using Nina, you should certainly use her fusion, but be aware it bars Sten’s, Jean’s and Bow’s fusions, so if you’re using either of those characters with Nina, Nina would be the one to skip.

Nina’s fusion turns her into a pretty cool looking Angel, which basically looks like an alternate Nina design with darker hair.


breath of fire 2 shaman fusions bow

Unfortunately, Bow is kind of the odd man out if you’re trying to combine multiple characters. Because he hogs both the Holy and Devil shamans, you can’t transform Katt or Nina/Jean at the same time as Bow.

That’s not necessarily a huge issue; you can always use Deis/Bleu instead of Nina and Sten/Spar instead of Katt.

I feel obligated to point out that Bow’s transformation is a hideous abomination and you should probably avoid it because it’s so ugly.

Maximizing Breath of Fire 2 Shaman Fusions

If you want to make the most of Breath of Fire 2 Shaman Fusions and have as many characters as possible combined at once, you can combine four people at once if you’re using both Katt and Jean with single shamans.

Typically you can get a full party transformed (Ryu + 3 others), however, note that Nina shuts off the possibility to combine Sten, Jean and Bow, and Bow shuts off the ability to combine Katt, Nina and Jean.

Parties typically include a healer (Rand or Bow), so here are some good options:
Katt (Devil)/Sten (Fire/Wind)/Rand (Water/Earth)
Katt (Fire/Devil)/Jean (Wind/Holy)/Rand (Water/Earth)
Sten (Fire/Wind)/Bow(Holy/Devil)/Bleu
Katt (Fire/Devil)/Nina (Wind/Holy)/Rand (Water/Earth)

The list goes on and on. But never Spar. No, never Spar.

That about does it for the Breath of Fire 2 Shaman Fusions Guide. Be sure to check the Games Section for more content like this. It’s full of game guides and tips/tricks for all your favorite RPGs. Click here for more content related to Breath of Fire.


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