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Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters TIER LIST

This Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters Tier List will teach you everything you need to know about each character so you can make the ultimate party.

If you have great taste in games, you’re going to play Final Fantasy 6, and if you’re playing Final Fantasy 6 you’ll want to know who all the best characters are. There are a lot of Final Fantasy 6 characters so it can be daunting to decide who’s worthwhile to put in your party. With this fantastic tier list, though, you should have no trouble knowing who the best Final Fantasy 6 characters are.

A lot of people use pure endgame max damage potential as the only metric when making these kinds of lists. I think that’s a little flawed for a single-played jRPG. For example, Sabin may not have the highest endgame damage potential, but for most of the game he’s miles ahead of other characters in terms of usefulness so I’ll be taking things like that into account when talking about the best Final Fantasy 6 characters.

S Tier – Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters


final fantasy 6 characters terra

Terra is generally considered to be the best character in the game basically because of equip options and morph.

Equipping Genji Gloves and a Master’s Scroll gives any character 8x attacks, and Terra is able to equip Ultima Weapon and Lightbringer, as well as use Morph, which gives her easy access to 8x 9999 damage.

Since she’s a mage for most of the game, she also makes a good candidate for another broken damage strategy, which is the Celestriad (Economizer) + Soul of Thamasa (Gem Box), allowing her to doublecast Ultima.


final fantasy 6 characters edgar

Like Terra, Edgar has great equipment options which give him access to the Genji Gloves + Master’s Scroll damage combo.

However, Edgar also has access to a different broken strategy, which is Dragoon Boots + Dragon Horn, allowing him to Jump when equipped with a spear (particularly the Holy Spear), hitting multiple times for 9999 damage with an additional chance to cast Holy.

This isn’t quite as damaging as the Genji Gloves + Master’s Scroll combo, but nothing is, and it provides some variety. Additionally, Edgar’s Tools ability makes him a powerhouse throughout most of the early and mid-game with Auto-Crossbow and Chainsaw/Drill.


final fantasy 6 characters tier list locke

Again, Locke is in S Tier because of his access to Genji Gloves + Master’s Scroll, and his equipment options.

He’s lower than Edgar and Terra because his ability (Steal) isn’t as impactful throughout the earlier parts of the game as Tools and early access to Magic is. Additionally, his defensive equipment options aren’t as good.

However, he does have access to the Valiant Knife, which ignores defense.

In later versions of the game where you can obtain unlimited Ultima Weapons and Lightbringers, Valiant Knife doesn’t set him apart in quite the same way that it used to, but it’s still a great weapon that ignores defense.

A Tier – Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters


final fantasy 6 characters tier list celes

Celes is a great character, on par with Terra in almost every way except for the fact that Runic Blade isn’t nearly as good of an ability as Morph is.

Aside from that, these two characters are essentially identical. Both are capable of pumping out massive amounts of damage via the OP physical damage setup, or being good candidates for the OP magic damage setup.

Even though she’s not quite as good as Terra, Celes is still one of the best Final Fantasy 6 characters.


final fantasy 6 characters relm

Lots of people put Relm at the bottom of tier lists like this, but the thing is, despite her relatively useless special ability, she has the highest natural magic stat in the game.

Additionally, she has access to the second-highest defense equipment in the game (Cat Ear Hood + Behemoth Suit), making her the ideal candidate to make use of the Celestriad + Soul of Thamasa setup.

Blasting out Quakes, Quicks and Ultimas is one of the most broken things you can do in this game regardless of who’s doing it, and Relm has an advantage over all the other characters when it comes to magic.

Anyone can equip the ultimate magic setup, but Relm is the best at it and, as a result, is one of the best Final Fantasy 6 characters.

B Tier – Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters



Mog is basically useful for two reasons: first, he can equip the Moogle Charm, which eliminates random encounters; secound, he’s the other character besides Edgar who’s able to make use of the Dragoon Boots + Dragon Horn combo which, while not as strong as Master’s Scroll + Genji Glove, is still incredibly powerful.

Moogle Charm alone makes Mog invaluable, but because he’s also capable of great damage, he has the honor of being among the best Final Fantasy 6 characters.


final fantasy 6 characters tier list gau

Lots of people swear by Gau, but he’s generally not that powerful. Throughout most of the game, you can acquire a Rage ability which does more damage than other characters are capable of, but Gau will only use it 50% of the time, thus making it only 50% as effective.

By the end of the game, Gau simply isn’t capable of outputting the damage other characters are capable of with 8x physical attacks or doublecasted 1 MP top tier spells.

He does have two things going for him: the Rafflesia Rage allows him to charm any enemy (including bosses), thus trivializing ever encounter; and he has the best defensive equipment in the game, hands down.

Unfortunately, neither of those things come close to making up for his drawbacks, and the Rafflesia thing does feel somewhat like an exploit.

In the original game, Gau was capable of dealing insane damage by abusing the Merit Badge, but he can no longer equip it in later versions of the game, drastically diminishing his usefulness. When it comes to the best Final Fantasy 6 characters, Gau is just ok.


final fantasy 6 characters tier list sabin

Sabin’s placement on this list is mostly because of how much better he is than everyone else through the early and middle parts of the game.

His damage starts to taper off at the end due to his limited equipment options which make him a poor candidate for the Genji Gloves + Master’s Scroll Combo.

However, if you raise Sabin correctly, which means focusing on raising his magic power from the moment you gain access to espers, his Blitzes will be the first thing you have access to that can deal 9999 damage, and he’ll be a fantastic candidate for the Celestriad + Soul of Thamasa combo.

Sabin may not be what you would first expect him to be (a strong physical attacker) but if you train him right as a mage, he can become one of the better Final Fantasy 6 characters.

C Tier – Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters


final fantasy 6 characters tier list setzer

Setzer, despite being super cool looking, is relatively mediocre throughout most of the game.

However, in the World of Ruin, once you obtain the Falcon, you can take a quick detour to Kefka’s Tower to pick up the Fixed Dice weapon, which make Setzer fairly overpowered for most of the World of Ruin.

You can pair the Fixed Dice with the Master’s Scroll in order to put out very respectable damage.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t come close to matching what other people are able to output with a Master’s Scroll, but for a short window of the game, Setzer has some time to shine.


final fantasy 6 characters tier list shadow

Like Setzer, Shadow is generally mediocre. His equipment options don’t include swords, so he doesn’t have access to any of the late game broken equipment options that any of the other physical attackers do. He doesn’t have access to the Valiant Knife either.

In fact, equipping Shadow with the Master’s Scroll actually hurts him because Throw is affected by the Master’s Scroll damage penalty, but gains no benefit.

Aside from that, Throw is actually a very powerful ability and can be likened to Sabin’s Phantom Rush.

Like Phantom Rush, throw with Fuma Shurikens will be one of the first things you have access to that deals 9999 damage consistently. That gives Shadow a bit of a niche among the Final Fantasy 6 characters. He may not be excellent, but he’s not terrible either.

D Tier – Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters


final fantasy 6 characters tier list strago

Strago doesn’t have very much going for him. He has poor equipment options, his magic power doesn’t stand out, and blue magic is not very useful given that it adds little beyond what regular magic can accomplish.

Just overall a forgettable character. Definitely not one of the best Final Fantasy 6 characters.



Cyan is a shame because his design and story are cool, and the idea behind his ability is an interesting one.

Unfortunately, charging his ability takes way too long for it to be useful, his unique weapons are all weaker than the standard swords available at any given point in the game, and he has a terrible magic stat.

Cyan was designed to be a physical attacker but in that role he’s inferior to every single other physical attacker in the game.

F Tier – Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters


gogo Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters TIER LIST

Gogo is nice because it can be customized. However, Gogo is not good at anything. It’s inferior to any character it tries to emulate.

To top it off, its emulated abilities are not terribly useful in the endgame when the most useful commands are Fight, Jump and Magic — all things that Gogo either does poorly or can’t do at all.


umaro Best Final Fantasy 6 Characters TIER LIST

Umaro is simply a useless character. He’s only capable of outputting uncontrollable, mediocre attack damage by a time in the game that other characters are capable of utilizing extremely overpowered equipment setups.

Sure, you can strengthen him with a unique accessory that makes him sometimes do mediocre AoE damage, but keep in mind that at least 6 other characters on this list can deal upwards 20k-40k damage to the entire enemy party without having any drawbacks.

That about covers it when it comes to the best characters in Final Fantasy 6. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this.


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