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All Special Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms EXPLAINED

This Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms guide will teach you all about the special dragon forms you can put together using the dragon gene system in BoF3.

In Breath of Fire 3 (BoF3), not only can you combine up to 3 dragon genes to create dragon forms, if you put together the right combo, you’ll end up with an extra special variation of the base dragon form. Some of these are flat-out more powerful versions of what you can normally create, usually with a gold color variant, some are totally unique, and some have a special twist on the dragon form that makes it unique.

Here are all the special Breath of Fire 3 dragon forms you can make through dragon gene combos in BoF3:

Whelp/Wildfire – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms whelp

If you use a single elemental gene or create an invalid combination, usually you end up in the whelp dragon form, which is the same little baby dragon form you start off as at the very beginning of the game. However, if you combine the Miracle, Reverse and Thorn genes, you’ll become a golden whelp form called Wildfire. Wildfire has horrifically low HP, but massive gains to all other stats. It can put out some impressive physical hits. However, you’ll never ever use this form except for the novelty factor.

Dragon/Trygon – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms dragon

If you combine an elemental gene with one of the augmentation genes (like Defender or Eldritch), you’ll end up with the grown up daddy dragon form. If you combine all 3 elemental genes, you’ll end up with a golden dragon form called Trygon. The Trygon form has access to all the different elemental breath skills. However, if you’re at the stage of the game where you’re still using the basic Dragon form, it’s usually best to just do Thunder + Eldritch for a Dragon that can cast Mjollnir.

Warrior/Myrmidon – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms warrior

Almost any combination with the Force gene will make a Warrior dragon, which is where Ryu’s dragon forms start to get really good. Warrior dragons don’t require much AP to keep up and boost Ryu’s attack power by a lot.

If you combine the Force and Trance genes, you’ll end up with the golden Warrior form, Myrmidon, which is arguably the best dragon form in the game and, at the very least, Ryu’s bread and butter form. Myrmidon boosts attack by a huge amount, and comes with the skill Focus, which drastically increases the damage of the next attack and stacks, as well as Aura which is a physical attack that deals incredible damage. Focus x3 and then cast Aura and almost anything in the game goes down in one or two hits.

Behemoth – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms behemoth

The first form that combines the whole party, Behemoth is a dragon with tons of HP, decent attack and relatively low everything else. Basically the strategy with Behemoth is to take advantage of its high HP and use its breath skill (Meteor Strike – which obviously has nothing to do with breath, but in terms of game mechanics it’s a ‘breath skill’) to deal large amounts of damage to all enemies. What’s nice about this form is it’ll probably get killed long before you run out of AP, at which point you can just cast it again.

Tiamat – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms tiamat

In my (and most people’s) opinion, the much better full party combination form. You create this coiled dark serpent form by combining the Shadow and Trance genes. It has cheap AP upkeep costs, is immune to status effects, and deals very good damage with both its breath skill and its attacks. Like the Behemoth form, if it dies, you just cast it again.

Pygmy – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms pygmy

A very bad joke dragon, but cute. You get this plump little slug dragon by combining the Mutant and ??? genes. It learns Magma Breath, which is not great, and its stats are very bad. An Easter Egg of sorts more than anything else.

Kaiser/True Kaiser – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

breath of fire 3 dragon forms kaiser

You can use the Infinity gene by itself to get a Kaiser form (which is a golden form of regular Ryu), but Ryu will be berserk and will probably slaughter your party. You can combine Infinity + Failure to get a controllable Kaiser, but the stat increases aren’t that great.

No, no, what you really want is the True Kaiser form, which you get by combining the Infinity, Radiance and Trance genes. This form increases all your stats by about 250%. It has access to all your regular spell and skills, meaning you can (and should) use acquired skills like Triple Blow and Shadowwalk in this form. If you’re going with a high AP build, and/or you have a Spirit Ring equipped, you should be able to maintain this form long enough to dismantle any boss.

That about does it for the special Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Breath of Fire 3.


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