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The BEST Valdis Story Wyatt Build

This Valdis Story Wyatt build guide will teach players the best build for Wyatt in Valdis Story, an amazing Metroidvania available on Steam.

If you’re playing Valdis Story as Wyatt, you’re going to want to know the best Valdis Story Wyatt build. Lucky for you, I’ve played Valdis Story a bunch of times at the very highest difficulty levels, have unlocked all the characters’ Golden Weapons, S Ranked every boss and yes, discovered the most broken builds in the game for each character.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about the most powerful, most potent, most insane Wyatt build possible in Valdis Story.

Stat Allocation

The game suggest to use Strength or Agility with Wyatt, and as a sword-wielding character, he seems like a surefire character for a hardcore, no holds barred physical attacker, right? Wrong.

You may be surprised to find that Wyatt is best used as a full-Int mage specializing in pure magic damage. Why? Two reasons. First, to make up for the assumption that players will use him as a physical attacker, the devs gave him versions of all the spells that stupidly overpowered. Second, he has access to a set of weapons that use his magic stat instead of his physical attack stat.

valdis story best wyatt build


You’re going to want to use the Seraphic Ascent swords for this Valdis Story Wyatt build.

Don’t worry about the fact that those weapons say they have -35% damage. It absolutely does not matter. If you jump and attack you ‘float’ as the description states, meaning you can just stay in one place in the air repeatedly attacking.

These weapons ignore defense, as far as I can tell, and they hit twice, meaning “-35% attack damage” really means “+30% attack damage” (2x 65% attack damage = 130% attack damage).

With the rest of the equipment, you also get a straight magic damage multiplier of +18% from the Magister’s Vestments and +25% from the Sorcerer’s Regalia, giving you a staggering 248 magic attack, which is even more than Gilda can get with a full int build. If you’re wondering how I’m level 23, I used the Goibniu Warrior Markings.


Weapons aside, this build doesn’t even need to attack. The Air Spell for the Saint Lord magic school is called Holy Wisps which, at level 3, surrounds you with 4 wisps that nuke any enemy you come in contact with. Combine this with level 3 Volt Aura and basically any enemy that touches you instantly dies. And those aren’t even Wyatt’s craziest spells.

Wyatt’s best spell is the sideways fire spell “Dragon Fist” which, for Wyatt (and only Wyatt), can be cast 3 times in succession for an increasingly powerful spell combo that I kid you not, kills almost every boss in the game with this build in seconds. And if they don’t die from the nuke, it leaves them with a ridiculous burn DoT.


As far as skills, you’re going to want to max out the Savior tree, which does a lot of different things, but one of the things it does is it makes little magic swords come out during your spell combo, which is pretty keen.

Beyond that, you want to take the middle and right sides of the Guardian tree, not because it’s particularly great but because the Warrior tree is mostly useless with this build. but you still want that early combo extender from the Warrior tree so go ahead and snag that.

valdis story wyatt build

Other Valdis Story Wyatt builds aren’t bad, but this build is so ridiculous I played through the game twice with it and used it for my God Slayer difficulty playthrough. Try it out. It’s mostly about punching bosses in the face with that over the top Dragon Fist combo. You’ll wreck.

Conclusion – Best Valdis Story Wyatt Build

There are a lot of viable Valdis Story Wyatt builds. You can make him a physical attacker, you can focus on poison damage. You can do this gimmicky sort of sword and shield oriented thing.

However, having tried all of these builds, my personal opinion is that this Valdis Story Wyatt build where you build him as a mage is far and away the most powerful.

That about covers it for the best possible, most OP Wyatt build in Valdis Story. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Valdis Story.


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