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Chrono Trigger Crono Best Equipment & Techs

This Chrono Trigger Crono Guide will teach you all about Crono’s best equipment and his available techs in Chrono Trigger.

If you’re playing Chrono Trigger, you’re going to be using Crono in your party for a large percentage of the game. Most likely the full game! So you’re going to want to know what equipment you’ll be needing to collect to fully optimize Crono’s potential.

Chrono Trigger Character Guides:

Overview – Crono Trigger Crono

chrono trigger crono

Crono is almost certainly the best character in the game. His physical attack power, speed and magic are all exceptional. He learns the devastating Luminaire spell, his final weapons have extremely high critical hit rates, and maxing his speed is very easy. He even bring utility to the party in the form of his Raise spell. Investing in Crono is well worth your time.

Best Equipment – Chrono Trigger Crono

If you’re using Crono in Chrono Trigger, you’ll want to pick up his best equipment. In terms of ultimate equipment in Chrono Trigger, we’re mainly looking for 4 things:

  • The most powerful weapon
  • Innate status immunity
  • Auto-Haste
  • Damage boosting equipment

With that in mind, the best equipment you can find for Crono will be this:

chrono trigger crono best equipment
  • Best Weapon: Dreamseeker/Rainbow
  • Best Helmet: Haste Helm
  • Best Armor: Nova Armor
  • Best Accessory: Prism Spectacles

Another option for the best helmet is the Master’s Crown, which provides status immunity and also grants a damage boost that stacks with the Prism Spectacles. Overall, Master’s Crown is not as good. The utility of Auto-Haste is just too hard to pass up. Having tried both, the additional damage of the Master’s Crown doesn’t make up for the loss of speed.

The reason I list both the Dreamseeker and the Rainbow is, although the Dreamseeker is a straight upgrade for the Rainbow and it’s definitively better, it’s not available until essentially every challenge in the game has already been beaten. You get a lot more mileage out of the Rainbow.

Best Equipment Locations – Chrono Trigger Crono

Dreamseeker – Chrono Trigger Crono Best Weapon

The Dreamseeker is granted as a reward after defeating the Dream Devourer, which is an upgraded form of Lavos that becomes available to fight after completing all 3 dimensional vortexes in Antiquity, 1000 A.D. and 2300 A.D.

Rainbow – Chrono Trigger Crono Best Weapon

Rainbow is obtained by completing both the Sun Stone side quest and the Rainbow side quest. I’m not going to give a full walkthrough for each side quest here, but the Sun Stone side quest involves picking up a depleted rock in the southwest part of 2300 A.D. once you have the Epoch and taking it back to the Prehistoric Era to charge in the Sun Palace in the Northeast corner of the map.

The Rainbow side quest involves going through a dinosaur themed dungeon in the Middle Ages and recovering the Rainbow Shell.

Haste Helm – Chrono Trigger Crono Best Helmet

Two Haste Helms can be acquired in the Black Omen. One from a chest and the other from Charming the Lavos Spawn towards the end.

In the DS version and all the later versions of the game, another can be acquired by Charming the Alabaster Shade in the Antiquity Vortex.

Nova Armor – Chrono Trigger Crono Best Armor

There are lots of places to find Nova Armors. The first time you encounter one is from the black chest in the Hero’s Tomb in the Middle Ages. There’s another one in a chest in the Black Omen. You can Charm Fangbeasts in the second room of the Black Omen for an infinite supply.

Prism Spectacles – Chrono Trigger Crono Best Accessory

There are normally two places to find Prism Specs. The first is obtained at the same time you get the Rainbow after completing both the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone quests.

The second is Charmed from the Steel Shade in the 1000 AD Vortex.

However, in the DS version of the game, you can get an infinite amount because it’s a random prize in the 6th Tier battles in the Arena of Ages.

Single Techs – Chrono Trigger Crono

NameMP TPDescription
Cyclone25Whirl about enemy, striking others nearby.
Wind Slash290Hit all enemies in a line with a wave of
Lightning2N/AAttack an enemy with lightning. (Light)
Cleave4200Deals double damage to an enemy.
Lightning II8500Attack all enemies with lightning. (Light)
Raise10400Revive KO’d ally.
Frenzy12800Strike enemy 4 times in succession.
Luminaire201,000Attack all enemies with holy light. (Light)

Double Techs – Chrono Trigger Crono

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Aura WhirlCrono/MarleCyclone (2), Aura (1)
Ice SwordCrono/MarleCleave (4), Ice (2)
Ice Sword IICrono/MarleFrenzy (12), Ice II (8)
Fire WhirlCrono/LuccaCyclone (2), Flamethrower (1)
Fire SwordCrono/LuccaCleave (4), Fire (2)
Fire Sword IICrono/LuccaFrenzy (12), Fire II (8)
Supersonic SpinCrono/RoboCyclone (2), Laser Spin (3)
Cyclone SweepCrono/RoboCleave (4), Laser Spin (3)
MegavoltCrono/RoboLightning II (8), Electrocute (17)
X-StrikeCrono/FrogCyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2)
Sword StreamCrono/FrogCleave (4), Water (2)
Lightning RodCrono/FrogLightning II (8), Aerial Strike (4)
Drill KickCrono/AylaCyclone (2), Roundillo Kick (2)
Thunder CompCrono/AylaLightning (2), Cat Attack (3)
Falcon StrikeCrono/AylaCleave (4), Boulder Toss (4)

Triple Techs – Chrono Trigger Crono

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Delta ForceCrono
Lightning II (8), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)
Cyclone (2), Arise (15), Laser Spin (3)
Frost ArcCrono
Cleave (4), Ice II (8), Aerial Strike (4)
Final KickCrono
Lightning II (8), Ice II (8), Triple Kick (20)
Ring of FireCrono
Cleave (4), Fire II (8), Laser Spin (3)
Delta StormCrono
Lightning II (8), Fire II (8), Water II (8)
Gatling KickCrono
Lightning II (8), Fire II (8), Triple Kick (20)
Triple AttackCrono
Cyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2), Robo Tackle (4)
Cyclone (2), Laser Spin (3), Tail Spin (10)
3-D AttackCrono
Cyclone (2), Slurp Slash (2), Triple Kick (20)

That about covers it when it comes to the Chrono Trigger Crono Best Equipment & Techs Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more game guides like this, and click here for more content related to Chrono Trigger.


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