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Getting an Elden Ring Early Katana (Uchigatana)

If you want to pick up an early katana in Elden Ring, this is the guide for you. Here’s how you get an Elden Ring early katana right at the start of the game.

If you’re playing Elden Ring and you want to look totally slick with a cool katana, you should know you can pick up an Elden Ring early katana called the Uchigatana pretty much right after you leave the tutorial dungeon. This Elden Ring early katana guide will teach you how to get an early Uchigatana.

If you started as a Samurai and you want to dual wield katanas, or if you chose a Dexterity-based fighter like Bandit or Warrior, or if you just plain want a katana for a weapon option, you’ll be able to pick up the Uchigatana fairly quickly. You will have to fight (or run through) two low level enemy camps to get there.

Getting to Gatefront – Elden Ring Early Katana

The first thing you’ll want to do after leaving the tutorial dungeon is make your way to the Gatefront waypoint, which will be our landmark to begin the directions on how to get to the Deathtouched Catacombs, which is where the Elden Ring early katana (Uchigatana) is.

From the starter dungeon, just follow the beams of light coming out of each waypoint until you get to Gatefront, which is located here:

elden ring early katana uchigatana

From there, head through the gate and follow the road North. You can fight the enemies if you want. If you’re just rushing to the katana, I’d say you might as well just run past them and come back later to do this all normally.

Follow the road North and you’ll see the Stormhill Shack waypoint. Stormhill Shack is located here:

elden ring early katana uchigatana

Activate it and take the road headed East. You’ll encounter the Warmaster’s Waypoint along the way. Snag that one too and keep going East along the road.

You’ll encounter a camp with several knights and dogs. Feel free to take them out or run past them.

Keep going and eventually you’ll reach a waypoint that is right in front of a bridge. Grab this waypoint. That will be out point of reference. It’s called the Saintsbridge site of grace, and it’s located here:

elden ring early katana uchigatana

From the Saintsbridge site of grace, head West back up the hill a little bit and turn right before you hit the camp and go up to the higher level. There, you’ll find a ghost sitting next to the door beside the cliff on the lefthand side of the trail you took to get here.

This is the door to the Deathtouched Catacombs. It’s located here:

elden ring early katana uchigatana

Open the door, go inside, and activate the site of grace. You’ll see that you’re now inside the Deathtouched Catacombs.

elden ring early katana uchigatana

This dungeon is full of undead. Don’t worry about killing them, it’s unlikely you’re capable of dealing the holy damage necessary to deal with skeletons, so just ignore them.

Run as fast as you can down the hall. As soon as you go down one flight of stairs, turn around and go under the balcony you were just on and enter a doorway on the left side. Follow the trail and eventually you’ll come across a corpse holding an item.

elden ring early katana uchigatana

Pick it up, and you’ll have your Elden Ring early katana, the Uchigatana.

elden ring early katana uchigatana

Finishing the Deathtouched Catacombs – Elden Ring Early Katana

Since you’re here, if you want to go ahead and finish off the Deathtouched Catacombs, fall from where the Elden Ring early katana (Uchigatana) was found and go into the next room to pull a switch. This unlocks the door that you passed by at the start of the dungeon.

There you’ll fight the Black Knife Assassin, who I didn’t have much trouble with on any of the characters I went through the game with. It’s a relatively weak early game boss. He dodges arrows. He attacks in melee but doesn’t do a huge amount of damage.

When you beat him, you’ll get a pretty solid dagger called the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger.

elden ring assassin's crimson dagger

That about covers it for the Elden Ring Early Katana (Uchigatana) Guide. Be sure to check the main page for more RPG guides, and check out the Elden Ring section for more guides for Elden Ring.


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