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Why You SHOULD Kill the Wasteland 3 Synths

If you’re wondering what the consequences for killing the Wasteland 3 synths for Gary “NaCL” Wolfe are, this is the guide for you.

If you’re playing Wasteland 3, you may have been introduced to Gary “NaCL” Wolfe who appears at Ranger HQ around level 10, or around the time you finish up with the Bizarre storyline.

Gary asks you to track down a synth that’s hiding in Downtown Colorado. Once you find it, it uses a child’s voice and acts defenseless and innocent in order to convince you not to kill it.

While it’s natural to feel some compassion for these Wasteland 3 synths, here’s why you should hunt down and mercilessly slaughter each and every one of these characters you come across.

The Reward – Wasteland 3 Synths

The reward you get for killing all 4 Wasteland 3 synths is, frankly, incredible, and it can’t be gotten in any other way.

Once you kill all 4 of the Wasteland 3 synths, Gary “NaCL” Wolfe rewards you with a skill book called Dick Markowitz’s STEALTH SQUAD, which teaches a character a new skill called Combat Shooting.

Combat Shooting is only unlocked via this Skill Book, there is only one copy, and it’s an amazing skill for any DPS character.

What is Combat Shooting? Combat Shooting is a flat Crit Chance bonus, and at level 10 it gives a character +50% crit chance. With that skill plus the 25% crit chance from Intelligence, plus the 15% crit chance from the Commandant’s Helmet, plus the 10% chance for a Lucky Crit from Luck, you can approach 100% crit chance. You would be insane to let that reward go to waste.

wasteland 3 synths combat shooting

It’s a fantastic bonus, and the reward you get from letting the synths live is eventually learning that you were tricked and their killing spree continues.

Note: Do NOT get a cybernetic augmentation at the Machine Commune any time before receiving the book from Gary Wolfe, or else he won’t give it to you.

The Morality – Wasteland 3 Synths

The reason you might not want to kill the synths is that it, at first glance, seems like the “evil” route, especially when you encounter the first synth, who uses a child’s voice and acts completely innocent.

What you have to pay attention to is what that synth actually says: it’s designed to manipulate humans, and it intends to kill again.

It may also help to be aware of the events of Wasteland 2, which were centered around these synths. This whole quest is a nostalgic throwback to the events of Wasteland 2, including the presence of Gary Wolfe, who was a party member in that game.

The synths’ political goal is synthetic supremacy, and they intend to wipe out or enslave all non-synthetic life. Moreover, their leader, Cochise, is the only one with free will; while the other synths may have personalities and consciousness, Cochise can and will enslave and rewrite them if they deviate from the synthetic will.

So, if there was to be a good ending, it would somehow be freeing the synths from Cochise’s control. Alas, that’s not an option here. Your options are to let your empathy be manipulated and you let the murderous, extremist synths free to kill across Colorado, or you heartlessly murder them.

Once you’ve pulled the trigger on the first synth, the other synths aren’t so nice. In fact, they’re downright hostile and completely open about their extreme hatred of humans. Only the first one is the least bit sympathetic.

Plus, two of them you have to kill to complete various quests, so you might as well off the other two so that your other synth murders don’t go to waste.

Curiously, there’s a 5th synth in the Bizarre named Long John, who’s not on the list, but you can kill him if you like. The reward is not mindblowing. It’s a Tricky Dick Mask, which just gives 11 armor and +1 to Nerd Stuff. To kill him without antagonizing the rest of the Bizarre, you need to convince him to go outside, which requires Ironclad Cordite in your party.

Locations – Wasteland 3 Synths

If you’re trying to find the Wasteland 3 synths, here are their locations:

  • In Downtown Colorado in the museum. It’s among the automatons in the bottom left corner, assuming you’re using the default camera angle.
  • In the Machine Commune, right before the ramps that lead up to the Machine Intelligence Tower
  • In the Tellurium Mine, Northwest of Denver
  • In the Department of Energy Site. It’s the boss of the area.

That about covers it when it comes to Wasteland 3 Synths. Be sure to check out the Main Page or the Game Guides section for more gaming content, or click here for more content related to Wasteland 3.


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