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How to Beat Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave

If you’re having trouble with the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, this guide will help you finish the Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave easily.

If you’re playing Elden Ring, you’ve probably been collecting Stonesward Keys. If you have a couple of Stonesward Keys on hand, you can gain access to the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, an area hidden below the tutorial dungeon.

In the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, you’ll be chased around by a spinning bladed death machine that kills you in one hit, so it becomes almost like a puzzle of timing and avoiding enemy attacks.

First off, let’s talk about how to get to the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave.

Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave Location

Once you have two Stonesward Keys, head to the Stranded Graveyard waypoint, which is the waypoint from the very start of the game, right after finishing the tutorial dungeon.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave location

There, you’ll see one of the walls is blocked off by mystical energy and there is an imp statue nearby. Interact with the imp statue, give it your Stonesward Keys, and the barrier will disappear, enabling you to have access to the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Gave.

Beating the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

Go down the ladder. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll begin to develop poison buildup. Run as quickly as you can to the end of the hall and turn right. There, you’ll reach safety from the poison.

In this next area, watch and wait to see a machine with bladed wheels come up the ramp, turn around, and go back down. This is the main obstacle of this entire area. If you touch this thing, you will die.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

The basic mechanic of this area is to follow behind the death car and hide in one of the alcoves along the side of the wall before the death car reaches the end of its route, turns around and runs you over. Enemies are hidden in some of the alcoves to throw you off balance.

That’s what the challenge is in the most simple ways, but it’s easier said than done and there are a few tricks to help you finish this area more easily.

The first one is that on the righthand side as you go down, in the last alcove on the right before the bottom of the first ramp, you can jump down to the next ramp to save yourself some time and give yourself a head start.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

When the death car passes you going up, jump down and beeline down the ramp. When you get to the end, turn left and you’ll immediately hit a fork. The boss is left, a miniboss is right. You should go right first.

Normally, that entire section on the way to this fork will be you hopping from alcove to alcove, avoiding the death car, but if you jump and run you can make it all the way to the first alcove on either side of the fork if you run and don’t stop.

The right path is fairly straightforward. At the end you’ll find a knight that’s stronger than average, and killing him will reward you with the Dragon Communion Seal, which is great if you’re a Prophet using dragon magic or if you just want a Seal for a few Incantations like Cure Poison. It has no weight, unlike most Seals, so you can equip it without any penalty.

Now make your way back to the first alcove before the fork. You’re going to be going further down the ramp, which is the same direction as if you had turned left at the fork before.

When it’s time, run to the alcove on the left as you head down the ramp. There’s a trick here. Dispatch the enemies without dying to the death car, and then jump up on the little ledge here.

Standing on this ledge will trick the death car into thinking you’re on that second ramp, the one you skipped by jumping out the window if you followed this guide. Wait here and it will pass over your head.

elden ring fringe folk hero's grave

As soon as the death car passes overhead, leave this alcove and run all the way down the ramp, avoiding the enemies that appear.

As you reach the bottom, there’s an opening on your righthand side with a door leading into the boss area. There’s a Stake of Marika here, so if you die, you thankfully won’t have to do a corpse run to get back here.

Ulcerated Tree Spirit – Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave

If you make it to the bottom of the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave, you’ll be treated to an encounter with the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.

This is a very difficult boss fight, and I’d frankly recommend not attempting this boss until after the first dungeon or so (Stormveil Castle), even though you can access the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave immediately if you start off your character with the optional Stonesward Keys.

The Ulcerated Tree Spirit moves very, very quickly, and it deals a lot of damage. It is a classic rushdown boss, and if you’ve played this game for a while, you should have your own strategy for dealing with fast bosses that get up in your face and tend to stay there.

Once you beat it, you’ll get a Golden Seed and the Banished Knight Oleg Ashes.

That about covers it for the Elden Ring Fringe Folk Hero’s Grave Guide. Be sure to check the main page for more RPG guides, and check out the Elden Ring section for more guides for Elden Ring.


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