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Trials of Mana Hawkeye Best Class TIER LIST

This Trials of Mana Hawkeye Best Class Tier List will give you a rundown on all 4 of Hawkeye’s 3rd tier classes so you can decide which Trials of Mana Hawkeye class is right for your party.

If you’re playing the Trials of Mana Remake and you’re thinking about using Hawkeye in your party, you’re going to want to know the general consensus on which class is his best, which classes are just OK, and which are the worst. Hawkeye’s not as good as he was in the original game, but he still performs pretty decently. This is the Trials of Mana Remake Hawkeye Best Class Tier List.

Trials of Mana Remake Best Class Tier Lists
Duran Angela Riesz Hawkeye Kevin Charlotte

Keep in mind we’re talking about the four 3rd tier endgame class options, not the 2nd class or the 4th class. 2nd class you choose because you’re headed toward the 3rd class and 4th class is what you get based on what you chose for the 3rd class – it’s sort of just a bonus power upgrade.

S Tier

Hmm, no. Hawkeye is not S Tier material. He’s just not. (Except Lucky Find. Lucky Find is S Tier).

A Tier


trials of mana hawkeye best class rogue

Rogue is in A Tier when it comes to the Trials of Mana Hawkeye best class for pretty much one reason and one reason only: Grumpkin. With Grumpkin, Hawkeye throws a pumpkin grenade that does a just downright silly amount of damage in a fairly decent AoE.

This thing hits for 2500-3000 damage in endgame and OHKOs almost every monster in the game that doesn’t have armor. It’s kind of an MP hog, but Rogue gets a 30% mana reduction skill and there are plenty of chain skills that give mana regen.

If something is immune to Wood damage (which is decently rare), Silver Dart and Axe Bomber are decent enough backup spells.

Also, Rogue’s physical attack isn’t terrible. It’s probably slightly better than Riesz. Overall, in this version of the game, Hawkeye is much more of a caster with alright physical attack than he is a physical attacker with some utility spells like he was in the original game.

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B Tier

Ninja Master

trials of mana hawkeye best class ninja master

If you’re going Dark Side with Hawkeye, Ninja Master is probably the way to go, especially if you’re on a team with Angela. He’s capable of casting moderately powerful multi-target elemental spells that also cause stat downs. So he softens enemies up for Angela or your other party members to take out.

He also gets all 3 levels of Weak Point, which makes hitting weaknesses more effective, which ramps up the damage of his spells from medium to medium-high which… doesn’t sound that great but in practice it’s actually pretty good.

He’s also good to pair with Edelfrei Duran, who gives an additional party-wide damage buff when hitting elemental weaknesses and the saber skills, which Ninja Master can take advantage of to great effect.

In the original, Ninja Master was sort of a joke, but here, where magic doesn’t stop everything in the battle to force you to watch a cast animation, it’s actually pretty good. You can just spam these things (in fact, Ninja Master gets a skill that makes them more powerful as you spam them more) while Duran and Angela (or whoever) cleans up.

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C Tier


trials of mana hawkeye best class nightblade

Nightblade has some things going for him and some things… not… so going for him. He gets two forms of instant death, and they proc very often. He gets a 10% chance to instantly kill anything he hits that also has a status effect, and in the fourth class he gets a 10% chance of instantly killing enemies with a power attack.

Of course, Ninja Master also gets the second one, but in practice you’re most likely going to be meleeing a lot more with Nightblade, so Nightblade gets more out of it. The idea here is you give him the Thief passive Toxic which gives a 30% chance on hit to poison, and you just go to town.

Since Hawkeye’s physical combos hit a bajillion times, you often insta-kill enemies in one or two combos. Plus, he gets 3 levels of status effect, which increases damage against status-inflicted enemies by a staggering amount.

Now for the bad news. Bosses are immune to all these status effects. So Nightblade is pretty decent at slaughtering trash monsters and, in fact, it’s a pretty fun playstyle. But on bosses, woof. He’s a dog. He can cast some decent stat downs, but that’s it. He can’t even get his damage bonus for attacking afflicted monsters.

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D Tier

Luckily for Hawkeye, he doesn’t have any D Tier classes. Unfortunately for Hawkeye, he does have an F Tier class.

F Tier


trials of mana hawkeye best class nomad

Nomad gets a ton of really interesting spells. Unfortunately for Nomad, even though these spells are super interesting, they’re not very effective. In fact, I’d argue that every single one of them is either completely useless, or outclassed by a chain skill or ability from another class.

Increase Max HP temporarily? Who cares? Why would you waste time casting that? Halve enemy HP? Why not pick another class that just kills them? Cancel out damage once? Once… is very few times. The only damaging spell it gets is Poison Bubble, which is a poor man’s version of Rogue’s insane Grumpkin, and if the enemy is immune to Wood, you have no other damaging spells to fall back on.

Nomad is a support class, much like Starlancer. But it’s not good like Starlancer. It doesn’t have any skills that really increase the effectiveness of your party. The problem is not necessarily what the skills are, it’s that they’re not good.

Crowd control could be great on a character, but sleep is just about the worst crowd control spell you could get since it breaks on damage. Defensive spells might be nice, but canceling out one instance of damage on one character is just absolutely not worth the time it takes to cast.

This class is interesting. Very interesting. I want to like it because it’s so interesting. But it’s also bad. Very bad.

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Conclusion – Trials of Mana Hawkeye Best Class

Different from the original game, if you’re looking for the Trials of Mana Hawkeye best class in the remake, your best options are Rogue and Ninja Master, as they have the most effective array of spells.

Welp, that about does it for the Trials of Mana Hawkeye Best Class Tier List. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more Trials of Mana Remake content.


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