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Fae Tactics Payachin Character Guide

This Fae Tactics Payachin Character Guide will teach you everything you need to know about using Payachin in Fae Tactics.

If you’re playing Fae Tactics, you’re probably wondering which party members to use, what bonuses each character gets as they level up, and what each character’s weapons do. This Fae Tactics Payachin guide will teach you all that you need to know about Payachin.

There are 10 available characters in Fae Tactics, called ‘leaders’. In Fae Tactics Payachin is one of your available characters. Payachin is one of the earliest companions you acquire and is your team’s go-to healer and debuffer.

fae tactics payachin

Recruitment – Fae Tactics Payachin

Payachin is available from the start of the game.

Payachin begins the game as a baby bird. He evolves into his adult water dragon form after completing a side quest that takes place about 30% of the way through the game.

After seeing a scene where a similar creature evolves, if you’re using Payachin regularly, you should be able to access to the side quest chain in Doro.

Afterwards, Payachin will leave the party for a while (~7 in-game days) and return in his grown up form following another short side quest in Doro.

Abilities – Fae Tactics Payachin

Ultra Skills

Like every other leader character in Fae Tactics Payachin gets both an Ultra Attack Skill and an Ultra Assist Skill. For Payachin, these are:

  • Ultra Attack: Geyser/Thunder
    Call down a powerful bolt of lightning on a target. -30 Def on Hit.
  • Ultra Assist: Life Force
    Heal target, enchant with Regen and increase its Atk/Def

EX Skill

Like other leaders in Fae Tactics Payachin can use a portion of his ultra orbs to perform an EX skill. For Payachin, the skill is:

  • Thunder Lizard: Changes attack to Electric Element (Costs 1 Ultra)

Passive Bonuses

Like most characters in Fae Tactics Payachin has a variety of character-specific bonuses that he gets regardless of which weapon he’s using. For Payachin, these are:

  • (Adult) Leap: Jumps to target location. Atk is increased by distance x7 for next attack.
  • Increased item drop chance if target is killed
  • Aquatic: Can swim through water. +100% Atk, +25 Def and 20% Hp Regen while in water.

Weapons – Fae Tactics Payachin

Payachin’s available Fae Tactics weapons are the Rain Charm, the River Charm, and Ahtri’s Crown.

Rain Charm

fae tactics weapons guide rain charm
  • Arc Attack
  • +5 Evd
  • Wait Skill: Blessed
  • How to Unlock: Default Weapon

Review: There’s not a huge difference between Payachin’s weapons. The Rain Charm gets an Arc Attack that deals extra damage to flying enemies and have increased vertical range, which allows him to reach more enemies from water. It seems to do slightly higher damage than the River Charm on average.

River Charm

fae tactics weapons guide river charm
  • Beam Attack
  • +1 Range
  • Wait Skill: Blessed
  • How to Unlock: Unlocks during a story mission early in the game

Review: The River Charm is a beam weapon, which means it’s able to hit multiple targets in a line. The +1 Range makes up for the lost vertical range from losing the Arc Attack property.

Since it doesn’t deal bonus damage against flying enemies, its single-target damage is slightly lower, but Payachin doesn’t have exceptional single-target damage output anyway. The AoE on this weapon allows him to apply defense down to multiple enemies at once. I’d say it’s his best weapon, overall.

Ahtri’s Crown

fae tactics weapons guide ahtri's crown
  • Melee Attack
  • Cascade
  • Wait Skill: Reflex
  • How to Unlock: Save Ruby during the prison break early in the game. Much later, towards the end of the game, if you have an evolved Payachin, Ruby will unlock a story mission for this weapon after beating the Fire boss.

Review: This weapon increases Payachin’s defense since it’s a melee weapon, but other than that, there’s no real reason to use this. Even though it has a Cascade effect, which sends a shockwave behind the target, you lose out on too much. It’s very hard to activate Payachin’s aquatic (+100% damage) bonus with a melee weapon.

Traits – Fae Tactics Payachin

fae tactics payachin traits

In Fae Tactics Payachin, like every other character, has 3 options when allocating Trait Points: Offense, Defense, and Special.

The bonuses he gets from each line are:

  • Offense: Geyser +Radius/Thunder+
  • Defense: Life Force +Hp, Atk/Def
  • Special: +Move

Both Payachin’s Offense and Defense paths add new passive abilities that are extremely useful. Payachin will never be a powerful attacker (though if he’s in water, he’ll be decent thanks to his Aquatic trait), but the -20 defense on hit that he gets from his Offense line is extremely useful as a support tool. Likewise, the +30 Mb Aura he gets from his Defense line is quite useful.

Ultimately I’d say you should split your points between the two lines, because the perks of increasing Payachin’s ultra are not that great. Once you’re maybe halfway down both lines, focus on Attack for the increased AoE on his ultra (for Geyser it increases the radius while for Thunder it makes it chain to nearby enemies).

The Assist power from the Special line is nice as well, so after maxing out the Offense line, you may want to invest in the Special line until it’s maxed out as well.

There’s not really a wrong way to go with Payachin’s traits. It depends what you want to use him for. -20 def, which really helps against bosses and tanks; passive AoE Mb regeneration; or his healing assist. They’re all useful and the end-of-line perks aren’t exceptional so my advice would be to split your points up between two of them.

Scroll Options – Fae Tactics Payachin

Payachin is a support character and it’s best to equip scrolls on him that increase his natural strengths. With that in mind, here are some great scroll options for Payachin:

  • friendshipscroll Fae Tactics Payachin Character Guide Friendship Scroll: +X Teamwork
    The Friendship Scroll increases the radius of Payachin’s assist skill, which turns his single-target heal into a heal that affects a huge AoE up to 5 panels (with a max level scroll). Since Payachin’s heal is so strong, this is beastly. The Friendship scroll is almost completely useless on any other character and it’s fantastic for Payachin, so it really seems tailor-made for him.
  • ruinousscroll Fae Tactics Payachin Character Guide Ruinous Scroll: -X Def on Hit
    Augments Payachin’s natural defense-lowering ability. It’s not as good of an option as the Friendship scroll, but if you find that you don’t want to have a gigantic AoE heal on Payachin for whatever reason, the Ruinous Scroll is another good option.

Conclusion – Fae Tactics Payachin

Payachin is your standard healer. It’s almost required to equip a Friendship scroll on him so that his assist skill (a powerful heal) can have an effect on your whole team.

Outside of that healing utility, which pales in comparison to Claudia’s heals even with a Friendship scroll, Payachin pretty much exists to deal low damage with his standard attacks and to reduce enemy defense.

The defense-reduction is fairly useful, but you could always just equip Claudia with a Ruinous scroll and that eliminates Payachin’s entire utility as a character.

Payachin’s elemental coverage is horrible. He’s only Water elemental, which has the most weaknesses of any element, and his final weapon, which makes him a melee attacker is straight up bad. He does get the aquatic bonus, which drastically increases his stats in water, which is nice. Water is available on almost every map. He can use his EX skill to change his element to Electric, which is nice, although I question how often you would really make use of that skill.

The reason Payachin is in C Tier and not lower is because even though Claudia outperforms him in every way, he’s still the second best healer/support option when it comes to Fae Tactics characters. He’s not terrible. If you use him, he’ll feel useful. He’s just way worse than Claudia and deals low damage, even after his evolution.

That about covers it when it comes to the Fae Tactics Payachin Character Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more guides like this. Click here for more content related to Fae Tactics.


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