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FULL Starfield Outpost Guide: How to Build an Outpost

Starfield provides its fans with a space exploration experience, with the possibility to explore vast universes and discover new technologies. The ability to construct Starfield outposts is one of the crucial abilities required for each player to set up an exploration. Everything you need to know about how to construct an outpost will be covered in this article.

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Choose a Planet for your Starfield Outpost

Choosing the correct planet is critical when creating an outpost in Starfield. When selecting a planet, the following important factors should be considered:

Preparing for Construction:

A thorough assessment of the terrain is necessary to select the ideal outpost location, preferring flat, safe areas while avoiding potential threats. Some other key factors that demand consideration are:

  1. Evaluation of Resources: The planet should have all the resources to meet all the outpost needs. This step will help you achieve your goals.
  2. Accessibility: To trade and transport crucial material in Starfield, choose a planet nearest to the other star systems.
  3. Security Concern: Analyze the planet’s vulnerability to outside threats like pirates. This action will keep you safe from looters.
  4. Environmental Factors: Always check how habitable a planet is. This step includes analysis of the atmosphere for breathable air and availability of water.
starfield outpost planet

Now, when it comes to designing the outpost blueprints holds significant importance. It is necessary to consider design factors like outpost size, primary function of the outpost, and crucial facilities.  The integration of essential elements, such as dependable power sources, life support systems, and strong security measures, forms the cornerstone of a painstakingly planned and highly functional outpost.Top of Form

Gathering Resources:

Mining and resource extraction are necessary for gathering supplies for the outpost. You receive different minerals and ores from various asteroids and planets. You can refine these minerals to build and maintain the outpost. Scanner star systems are utilized to find resource-rich celestial worlds. Mining techniques like laser mining and surface mining are used for resource collection.

starfield outpost resources

You may create trade routes with outposts and space stations by finding buyers and sellers, spending resources, and forming relationships with factions. Negotiating with foreign parties is challenging but advantageous; the key to good deals is respect, cultural sensitivity, and concessions. This methodology broadens resource-collecting methods, enhancing the sustainability and economic feasibility of your outpost.

Exploring and Expanding:

Once the outpost is created, we can explore the universe by going to different planets by sending ships or probes for detailed exploration. You can expand into space by creating satellite outposts on new systems. Space exploration brings you unseen challenges like asteroid belts and potential encounters with aliens. So, Starfield players need to be ready for all sorts of situations to ensure a successful exploration journey.

How to Set Up a Factory at a Starfield Outpost

Placement for Your Outpost Beacon

Once you have decided on the planet of your choice, it is time to pick the ideal location for your outpost. You will need to place the outpost beacon. Awaken the beacon placer by pressing R on the PC or X button on consoles. Look at the outpost button; if it looks to be grayed out, it means you have wandered into a restricted zone. So, you will have to wait on your beacon dreams.

starfield outpost beacon

Building Infrastructure

A sturdy infrastructure that includes fundamental buildings, power, and energy systems is essential to a successful outpost. It is a necessary step in the outpost development process by building habitations, storage facilities, living quarters, and shelters. To improve infrastructure, you need to learn the following:

How to set up power in your base

ou need two things to set up the power infrastructure in your outpost that include a power generator and a power grid. Different power generators that you can set up are solar panels, nuclear reactors, or fusion reactors. All structures and facilities inside your base receive electricity through the power grid, which acts as a distribution network.

To set up a power generator, place it on the ground and connect it to the power grid. Use power nodes and power lines to build the electrical grid. You can activate your base by connecting the required buildings and facilities to the power grid once the power generator connects to the power grid.

Picture6 FULL Starfield Outpost Guide: How to Build an Outpost

How to set up a helium-3 loop

Another type of power generation system is the helium-3 loop, which utilizes the isotope of helium. You can find this isotope in abundance on the Moon. You need three connections with the system to set up the helium-3 loop:

  1. helium-3 extractor
  2. helium-3 storage tank
  3. helium-3 power generator
starfield outpost power

After departing the Moon’s atmosphere, the extractor extracts helium-3 and stores it in the tank. Connect the extractor to the storage tank, which can be placed anywhere within its operating range, and then put it on the surface of the Moon. Install the helium-3 power generator on the Moon’s surface and connect it to the storage container within the allowed distance. Once everything is linked, start producing electricity by turning on both the helium-3 extractor and the helium-3 power generator.

Managing Crew and Personnel

After building a Starfield outpost, it is necessary to recruit a diverse crew to manage all operations effectively. You invest in essential training for skills like mining and engineering. Providing proper provisions and chances for the crew’s well-being is critical to the overall success and sustainability of your outpost.

starfield outpost crew

Some of the most crucial skills and specializations for an outpost crew include:

  • Mining resources.
  • Building and maintaining your outpost.
  • Protecting your outpost from threats.
  • Transporting resources and personnel.
  • Research and development of new technologies  


In conclusion, setting up an outpost in Starfield is not easy, but a learning experience. In conclusion, building an outpost in Starfield is a challenging yet rewarding experience. You pick the correct planet by examining the planet’s resources, habitability, and weather patterns.

By choosing a suitable planet and gathering the necessary resources, players can create a flourishing outpost that can support itself and grow over time. We hope this article has provided you with the knowledge you need to launch your own Starfield station.

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