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Final Fantasy 7 Remake BEST Weapons for Everyone

If you’re playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’re going to want to know what the best weapons are for every character. Each of the 4 playable characters in the game get a selection of 6 weapons to choose from, and some are definitely better than others. In this guide I’ll break down which weapons are the best for every playable character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Best Weapons for Cloud – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Cloud’s 6 weapons are as follows:

Buster Sword, which is balanced across all stats
Iron Blade, which focuses on defense and magic attack
Hardedge, which specializes in physical damage
Nail Bat, which focuses on health and critical hits
Mythril Saber, which is heavily specialized for magic damage
Twin Stinger, which is balanced with a slight focus on elemental damage

Cloud’s BEST Weapon

final fantasy 7 remake buster sword

Cloud’s best weapon is almost assuredly the Buster Sword. It gets very balanced stats. Its attack and magic attack are both reasonably high, and it gets a ton of defensive bonuses, both in terms of the standard defense and magic defense, as well as HP. It also gets a sizable amount of extra MP. If you’re using the Buster Sword, there’s no role that Cloud can’t perform well. His physical attack will be strong, his survivability will be strong, his magic will be strong. With any other weapon you choose for Cloud, you’re going to be making tradeoffs.



The runner-up for Cloud would be Hardedge. It doesn’t have the versatility of the Buster Sword, but what it does have is ridiculously high physical attack. If you’re going to be using Cloud as a physical attacker, which is his main role, and you don’t feel the need for defensive stats or being able to act as a suitable backup mage or support caster, you can’t go wrong with the Hardedge. This thing pumps out high damage numbers and melts enemies fast. The reason it’s not the best is that in the later stages of the game, the more difficult VR challenges, and especially in Hard Mode, the survivability and especially the MP bonuses that you get from the Buster Sword become really important.

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Best Weapons for Barret – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Barret’s 6 weapons are the following:

Gatling Gun, which is Barret’s most balanced weapon
Light Machine Gun, which focuses on defense and magic
Big Bertha, which focuses on attack damage and health
Steel Pincers, which is a melee weapon specializing in magic
Wrecking Ball, which is a melee weapon focusing on physical damage
EKG Cannon, which focuses on crit damage and magic

Barret’s BEST Weapon

final fantasy 7 remake big bertha

Big Bertha is almost certainly Barret’s best weapon overall. It gives up a little bit of magic power compared to the Gatling Gun, but it gains a large amount of attack power and a significant amount of additional health. This weapon provides 1250 health overall, more than any other weapon in the game, and it makes hitting the HP cap with Barret relatively easy to accomplish. It’s not only Barret’s best weapon offensively, thanks to its high attack power, it’s also his best weapon defensively, thanks to its huge HP bonus and its elemental damage reduction.


gatling gun

The runner-up for Barret’s best weapon would be Gatling Gun. While it doesn’t pack the same punch that Big Bertha has, it’s still the second strongest of Barret’s ranged weapons, and it boasts higher magic, as well as raw defense bonuses and even some extra MP. This weapon is great for a well-rounded Barret. The main problem with this weapon that makes it hard to pick over Big Bertha is that it has so many desirable nodes. You’re not going to get this weapon to its full potential into well into the post-game when you’ve picked up a ton of skill books for Barret by killing hard mode bosses, and even when it is fully upgraded, it’s still probably not quite as good as Big Bertha in most circumstances.

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Best Weapons for Tifa – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

These are Tifa’s 6 weapon options:

Leather Gloves, which balance attack, defense and magic ability
Metal Knuckles, which fully specialize in attack power
Sonic Strikers, which focus on elemental materia damage
Feathered Gloves, which are balanced and have high stats in every area
Mythril Claws, which focus on magic
Purple Pain, which focuses on crit damage and health

Tifa’s BEST Weapon

final fantasy 7 remake purple pain

Purple Pain does have lower attack damage than a few of Tifa’s other options, but the crit bonus really helps bridge the gap, especially for Tifa who has incredibly high attack speed. What sets these apart from the other weapons Tifa has access to is the incredibly high health bonus that they offer (+1150), which is important because Tifa does not have the health to survive as a frontline fighter. At level 50, she ends up with just 4300 health, which is about the same amount that Aerith gets. The only other weapon Tifa has that adds to her survivability is the Leather Gloves, which are a fair contender and actually give higher attack, additional defense and some MP, but my experience is that the crit damage from Purple Pain ends up making them a stronger offensive options despite the lower attack, and you won’t have the SP to unlock the MP bonuses on the Leather Gloves until you’ve collected all of Tifa’s skill books, at which point you’d have basically done everything in the game anyway.


feathered gloves

If you’re in a part of the game where you don’t have to be concerned about Tifa dying, Feathered Gloves are the way to go. They get the most speed, the second most attack, and the second most magic power. The Metal Knuckles do get significantly more attack power, but its magic stat is abysmal and they don’t have any bonuses at all besides attack power, and they don’t give nearly the speed bonus that the Feathered Gloves do. With the Feathered Gloves, Tifa fills her ATB bar up… so fast. Just so fast. So I’d argue that if you make good use of your ATB bar, you can actually output more damage with the Feathered Gloves. They also don’t make her useless as a mage.

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Best Weapons for Aerith – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Aerith’s 6 weapons options are:

Guard Stick, which is is focused on defensive stats while still having decent magic
Silver Staff, which is focused on MP regeneration and magic
Arcane Scepter, which focuses on elemental damage
Mythril Rod, which specialized in magic attack
Bladed Staff, which gives defensive stats and crit
Reinforced Staff, which focuses on magic defense

Aerith’s BEST Weapon

final fantasy 7 remake silver staff

Silver Staff is definitely Aerith’s best weapon. It may not seem that way when you first get it, but this weapon gives tons of MP regeneration and MP conservation abilities, which is hugely beneficial throughout the game especially in Hard Mode, where you don’t get any method of restoring your MP besides the Shinra boxes scattered throughout the levels. It has the 3rd highest magic attack power, just slightly behind the Reinforced Staff, but it makes up for it by having 5% bonus elemental damage. I can’t stress enough how useful the MP bonuses on this weapon are for Aerith. Even with Aerith’s huge MP pool, she’ll still run out of MP after casting a handful of 3rd level attack spells. With this, those spells cost ~16 MP instead of ~22 and she regenerates her MP relatively quickly. Use any other weapon with heavy magic usage and you’ll be spending ATB meter just chugging Ethers, and no amount of raw magic attack power will make up the gap.


final fantasy 7 remake mythril rod

That said, Mythril Rod is probably Aerith’s second best weapon precisely because of its insane magic attack power. None of the other weapons give the MP skills that the Silver Staff does, so if you’re not counting that, Mythril Rod helps Aerith do what Aerith does best: hit huge damage numbers with her magic-based nukes. If you do run out of MP, you can always use Ray of Judgment to put out some impressive damage (which you can do with any weapon, but it works best with the Mythril Rod). Mythril Rod also gives a pretty decent health bonus (for Aerith, at least).

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That about does it for the best weapons for every character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more articles and game guides related to Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


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