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Best Valkyrie Profile Characters TIER LIST

This best Valkyrie Profile characters tier list will teach players which Valkyrie Profile characters are generally considered the best and worth using.

If you’re playing Valkyrie Profile, you’re going to want to know who the best characters are, especially since you need to decide who you’re going to keep and who you’re going to send to Valhalla.

Valkyrie Profile has pretty stark tier lists. Some characters are objectively great and others are just plain terrible. Here’s a breakdown on all the best characters in Valkyrie Profile:

S Tier – Best Valkyrie Profile Characters Tier List


valkyrie profile best characters freya

You get to use Freya very briefly at the start of the game and then she leaves your party until the post-game. When she rejoins, you’re lucky, because Freya hits hard. She’s arguably the strongest character in the game and is capable of filling your combo meter quickly. Her PWS does nasty damage, but only hits once, so it makes a great combo finisher.


best valkyrie profile characters lenneth

Good thing Lenneth is top tier, because you have to use her throughout the game. She can equip both swords and bows but, contrary to most people’s first instinct, equipping her with a bow tends to be the better choice for the vast majority of the game. Her bow skills are excellent. Easily among the best Valkyrie Profile characters, and you get her for free.


lezard Best Valkyrie Profile Characters TIER LIST

Mages in general are very powerful, but they’re interchangeable for the most part. Pick whoever you think looks cool. The only difference between mages is their initial spell list, slight variations intelligence and how they look. A lot of people claim Gandar and Lezard are the best, but the difference is minor.

A Tier – Best Valkyrie Profile Characters Tier List


Screenshot 2023 10 19 082944 Best Valkyrie Profile Characters TIER LIST

It’s possible to briefly encounter Brahms during the course of a normal game but he’s not available as a party member until the Seraphic Gate. He hits extremely hard and does multiple hits per turn, which is great for stacking the combo meter. You can only use him in one dungeon, but he’s one of the best Valkyrie Profile characters regardless.


Screenshot 2023 10 19 083018 Best Valkyrie Profile Characters TIER LIST

You can use Lucian during the regular game, but you can’t get the good ending if you do, so he’s pretty much a post-game character. Lucian is mostly lackluster except for the fact that one of his regular attacks, Shining Bolt, hits 12 times, makes the enemy pour out gems and treasure chest and fills the combo meter a third of the way up by itself. It’s pretty wacky.


valkyrie profile best characters arngrim

You can’t send Arngrim to Valhalla, which should be just fine with you because you shouldn’t want to. Arngrim, even though he’s the very first character you get, is among the best Valkyrie Profile characters. He’s very strong, his moves are easy to hit with and his PWS is a powerful multihitter.


best valkyrie profile characters lawfer

Lawfer is one of two great spear users who are made better by the fact that you get a fantastic spear called the Great Spear Dinosaur (3000 attack) roughly around mid-game. Lawfer hits multiple times and his PWS is a decently powerful multihitter as well.


best valkyrie profile characters aelia

Aelia is your other option for someone to stick Great Spear Dinosaur on. It’s debatable who is the better spear user between Lawfer and Aelia. Lawfer hits more times, but Aelia hits harder. Does your team need a PWS that adds to the combo meter or a powerful 1 hit finisher? I personally like Aelia better, but mostly because she has a better looking sprite.

B Tier – Best Valkyrie Profile Characters Tier List


best valkyrie profile characters belenus

Belenus is one of the earliest characters you get and unfortunately you’re heavily pressured to send him to Valhalla because he’s an extremely solid sword user. You should try to avoid transferring him if at all possible. He makes an excellent addition to the party.


best valkyrie profile characters janus

Janus is probably the best option for an archer after Lenneth herself. He’s capable of poisoning enemies and does a decent job of filling the combo meter. His PWS adds a ton to the combo meter. Not top tier but definitely not terrible either.

C Tier – Best Valkyrie Profile Characters Tier List



Despite looking cool and having a cool fighting style, Jun just isn’t that great. He doesn’t hit that hard, he doesn’t build the combo meter much. He’s just kind of underwhelming.



Jayle is a decent attacker. The main problem with her is just that so many better characters exist. Belenus, Lucian, Lawfer, Aelia, Arngrim — you have to pass up on a lot of people who perform better in order to justify putting Jayle in your party.

D Tier – Best Valkyrie Profile Characters Tier List



Kashell is like a poor man’s Arngrim. He’s another great sword user but, compared to Arngrim, who you get immediately and have all game, he’s far worse. There’s no way you’d want to swap out Arngrim for Kashell. Just no way.



You get Suo super late and he’s just not very good. By the time you get him, your party’s most likely set in stone so it’s not like you can even justify slotting him in for a bit temporarily like you often can for Jun.



Same situation as Kashell, but worse. Unfortunately for all the great sword users, you get the best one for free right at the start (Arngrim) and he’s miles ahead of the other ones. Swap out Arngrim for Gray if you want the game to be harder.

F Tier – Best Valkyrie Profile Characters Tier List



Badrach has a move that makes enemies drop a lot of gems but unfortunately his moves fire in a scattershot pattern that can’t hit anything except the largest enemies. Badrach is a really difficult character to make useful, especially when so many characters exceed his highest potential with zero effort.


llewelyn Best Valkyrie Profile Characters TIER LIST

Llewelyn is just weak. You should send him to Valhalla whenever it’s convenient to do so, because he’s never going to contribute very much to your party. Definitely not among the best Valkyrie Profile characters.


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