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Why YOU Should Watch MxR Plays

MxR Plays is a YouTube channel where a charismatic couple reviews memes. Or, I don’t know. They browse reddit in front of a camera. But I’ve just spent the last two weeks of quarantine binging MxR Plays videos and it was better than the last three TV shows I binged so let’s talk about that.

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MxR Plays is the brainchild and/or aneurysm induced fever dream of Henry and Jeannie who are famous for… I’m not sure exactly. Henry had another channel where he reviews Skyrim mods? Anyhow, I actually didn’t even know Henry’s name until yesterday despite watching about 100 of these videos. Meanwhile, Jeannie’s name is ingrained into my brain in a way that can never be undone because Henry saying “Jeannie” and then trying to explain a meme is basically this channel’s catchphrase.

What makes MxR Plays worth watching is foremost the compelling chemistry between its two hosts.

Jeannie supplies a mix of cuteness, exasperation and serious judgment. Its easy to tell which aspect of her hosting personality she’s engaging by the pitch of her voice which swings from high frequencies inaudible to the male human eardrum, to bass-level tones that rattle glass through my subwoofer. It’s really quite a range. Accompanying her vocal range is a range of facial expressions that really sell her various meme reactions.

Henry, on the other hand, fulfills the main hosting role and brings a fun, teasing and playful personality to the memes, typically curating the meme selection that both of them are set to react to.

The whole setup has a sort of tonight show formula, modified for Gen Y and Gen Z audiences, pulled from the same sort of Santa Monica/UCLA Westside LA cultural niche that’s also occupied by Offline TV. Except, unlike the Tonight Show formula, it’s relevant and not a rotting corpse 30 years past its prime that deserves to be mercy killed for the sake of itself and the good of society at large.

MxR Plays dives into the hellscape of various meme-centric reddits from cute to cringe to sexual to downright disturbing. I don’t have the time, patience or myriad self-destructive mental disorders necessary to plumb the depths of reddit on my own so MxR Plays does a great service to society by unearthing these dank memes and bringing them to the greater masses of the internet.

Meme farming may not be glamorous, but it’s honest work. Every second you’re on the internet downloading dank memes is a second you’re not on the internet interacting with a blue checkmark on twitter which is a win in my book. For that, we thank MxR Plays.

Why should you watch MxR Plays?

Because it’s pretty consistently around a 7-8 level of funny and honestly what the fuck else are you doing with your life. #doomer

That about does it when it comes to my review of MxR Plays. Click here or check out the main page for more reviews.


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