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Internet Comment Etiquette is the Show We Deserve

Internet Comment Etiquette is a YouTube channel. YouTube is the place that was created in the mid-2000s where we finally were punched in the face by the fact that like a solid 99% of people are illiterate, belligerent sociopaths. There’s no putting the genie back in that bottle, but Erik from Internet Comment Etiquette seems to have noticed, like so many of us have, that the internet is a flaming dumpster fire that’s probably been scaring all the good aliens with the advanced medical technology away and summoning the butt probing ones.

On Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik, a guy named Erik teaches us all how to appropriately comment on the internet — or at the very least how to perfect the misspelled, ignorant, creepy, offensive ‘contributions’ to civilization that are so popular online. He’ll teach you how to be a creep, how to not drink bleach, and even how to avoid surveillance, all with an endearingly dislikable smarmy better-than-you elitism.

Internet Comment Etiquette is the show the internet deserves. In any other context, this show would make absolutely no sense, but it’s apparently our last line of defense (or our violent, dying convulsion) in response to the horrific trash heap humanity has turned out to be. Our hero, Erik, is our flawed, beleaguered defender against the purest and most potent human stupidity the internet has to offer, and his obvious descent into madness is what makes the show extra funny.

Human society may be the greatest disappointment and waste of potential in the history of the universe, but don’t worry kids, Erik is here to save us, or at least yell at us, as we circle the drain. I, for one, feel safer knowing that he’s out there, mocking us for how stupid and mean we all are.

The internet may not like Internet Comment Etiquette. But it needs Internet Comment Etiquette. Let’s elect him to be a Congressperson as a joke.

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