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BEST Octopath Traveler Characters – Definitive Tier List

This Best Octopath Traveler Characters Tier List will teach players which Octopath Traveler characters are the best and why.

If you’re playing Octopath Traveler, it’s going to become apparent that some Octopath Traveler characters are the best and others have to get left behind.

There are no terrible characters in Octopath Traveler and because each character is capable of equipping a subclass, most party members can be made useful by equipping a better class. That said, some Octopath Traveler characters are definitely better than others.

As with all tier lists, there’s some amount of subjectivity to this. In the end, this is just my opinion as someone who plays tons of RPGs and has played through Octopath Traveler dozens of times.

S Tier – Best Octopath Traveler Characters


best octopath traveler characters tressa

Tressa as a Runelord is far and away the most powerful thing in the game. It’s not broken in the sense that it’s a one man army, but full party follow-ups provide tons of party utility.

Tressa’s unique ability to provide full party Sidesteps is probably the best defensive option in the game, and with Tressa’s ability to double boost Wind element (in addition to single boosting other elements with her remaining slots), she’s able to pump out insane amounts of damage as soon as your unlock the Runelord class.

Because of the Runeload Tressa build, Tressa is (unexpectedly) easily one of the best characters in Octopath Traveler.


octopath traveler best characters therion

I really should just say Sorcerer here. Whoever is your sorcerer is S-tier, right under Tressa, and the only reason I’m saying Therion is because I think Therion is the best Sorcerer due to his ability to double-boost fire along with his naturally high speed.

With Augmented Elements, BP Eater, Surpassing Power and Elemental Edge, Sorcerer Therion can end every non-boss fight on the first turn before anyone else acts. He is a farming machine.

On bosses, his Sorcerer spells provide fantastic breaks and, after breaking, he can use Steal SP with Tressa’s Runelord follow-ups to refill his SP while also hitting for obscene amounts of damage.

A Tier – Best Octopath Traveler Characters


h'aanit best octopath traveler characters

H’aanit makes a great Warmaster and, with her accuracy, she’s able to connect fairly reliably with each of her multi-hit break skills (Guardian Liondog, Arrowstorm).

Being the best candidate for Warmaster already makes her A-tier, but what gives her an extra edge is her ability to summon captured Caits, Devourer of Dreams and Dreadwolves. Caits give ridiculous party-wide buffs, and the two captured minibosses nuke for massive damage. No one else is able to do that.

Unfortunately, farming those captures is time consuming and is a huge pain for how few uses of each you get. If a captured monsters became a permanent spell instead of a consumable, she’d be S Tier for sure. Alas, they are consumables, so A Tier it is.


octopath traveler best characters alfyn

Alfyn provides a ridiculous amount of utility with his concoctions. By memorizing just a few easy recipe combos and spending a few minutes getting a surplus of the necessary ingredients, he outheals Priests easily for no MP and doles out free BP to the party with no downside. Pair him with another support class like Starseer and yikes, he is beastly.

B Tier – Best Octopath Traveler Characters


octopath traveler best characters ophilia

Dancer Ophilia and Starseer Ophilia are both excellent additions to any party. If it weren’t for the fact that Alfyn exists, Ophilia would be A Tier. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot that Ophilia can do that Alfyn can’t do better, except for ease-of-use. However, if you don’t want to deal with ingredients or having to open a few extra menus to be effective, Ophilia is more than potent enough to fulfill that support role.

C Tier – Best Octopath Traveler Characters


octopath traveler best characters olberic

Just, eh. Olberic is like like H’aanit, but worse. He’s alright. Thousand Spears misses a lot. He can’t really reach extreme damage potential without the Warmaster class which you’re almost surely going to give to H’aanit over Olberic, so beyond that he’s just a second string physical attacker.



Same reasoning as Olberic. If Therion wasn’t in the game, outclassing Primrose as the top tier contender for the Sorcerer subclass, Primrose would be much better.

Unfortunately, Dancer is not a great class, especially endgame where most characters have access to Physical Prowess and Elemental Edge (permanent dancer buff), which means Primrose’s utility only exists insofar as her ability to equip the fire boosting dagger combined with her natural elemental attack and speed.

Primrose makes a good Scholar/Sorcerer, but not as good as Therion.

D Tier – Best Octopath Traveler Characters


octopath traveler cyrus

Poor, poor Cyrus. What’s sad is that Cyrus is the best character in the game until the Sorcerer class unlocks, and then he instantly becomes the worst character in the game for the exact same reasons he was so good up to that point.

Sorcerer outclasses Cyrus’s Scholar class in every conceivable way and because it’s almost exactly the same but better, Cyrus enjoys no synergy from using the subclass. Therion and Primrose are way better Sorcerers than Cyrus could ever hope to be. So, it’s a real shame.

That about does it for the Best Octopath Traveler Characters Tier List. Be sure to visit the Games Section for more content like this. Click here for more game guides for Octopath Traveler.


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