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Chrono Trigger Marle Best Equipment & Techs

This Chrono Trigger Marle Guide will teach you all about Marle’s best equipment and her available techs in Chrono Trigger.

If you’re playing Chrono Trigger, there’s a good chance you’re going to try using Marle in your party. If you do, you’re absolutely going to want to maximize Marle’s potential by collecting all of her best weapons and armor throughout the game. This Chrono Trigger Marle Best Equipment Guide will help you do just that.

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Overview – Chrono Trigger Marle

chrono trigger marle

So, here’s the thing about Marle. In Chrono Trigger Marle is horrible. She’s not a good healer. Robo and Frog are both much better than her when it comes to healing, since they can heal the whole party. Frog and Ayla even get a Double Tech called Slurp Kiss that fully heals the whole party for 1 MP a piece. Marle can’t compete at all.

In terms of physical damage, she’s the absolute bottom of the barrel. In terms of magic damage, she’s average at best. Marle just has absolutely nothing going for her except for the fact that at least she can heal, and she gets access to the Haste spell, which is moderately useful before you get access to Haste Helms.

Best Equipment – Chrono Trigger Marle

Unlike the best male equipment, which you get enough copies of to outfit almost your entire squad without having to swap equipment around, the best female equipment is all limited to one copy per playthrough. Would you rather give it to Ayla or Marle? No competition. Ayla, hands down.

Anyway, maybe you do want to use Marle, so here’s her best equipment.

Like with most other characters, when it comes to the best equipment, you’re looking for 4 things:

  • The best weapon
  • Innate status immunity
  • Auto-Haste
  • Damage bonus

Knowing that, the best equipment you’re going to find for Marle will be this:

chrono trigger marle best equipment
  • Best Weapon: Venus Bow
  • Best Helmet: Angel’s Tiara
  • Best Armor: Regal Crown
  • Best Accessory: Prism Spectacles

The Venus Bow, Marle’s best weapon, deals 777 every attack. This is moderately useful in certain situations where enemies have incredibly high defense as a mechanic, because the Venus Bow cuts right through that defense. In every other circumstance, though, it’s horrible. Marle’s attack is so bad that 777 damage every shot is an improvement.

Let me give you a frame of reference here. Late game Crono with his best weapon, whether that’s Rainbow or Dreamseeker, will be whacking your average monster for between 900 and 1600 damage. Ayla, before she gets the Bronze Fist, will put out similar damage. Frog will be hitting for 700-1300 or so. Meanwhile, Marle is just massively struggling to break 300 damage or so until she gets the Venus Bow.

Best Equipment Locations – Chrono Trigger Marle

Venus Bow – Chrono Trigger Marle Best Weapon

The Venus Bow is fairly straightforward to pick up. Like most post-game weapons, it’s found in a Dimensional Vortex. In this case, you want to visit the Antiquity Dimensional Vortex.

In the snowy area, you’ll come across a screen where you slide down toward the bottom. All you need to do it take the eastern-most cave in that room, then head west once you’re in the new room to reach the interior of a cave.

Inside the cave, the Venus Bow is in a chest toward the southeastern part of the room. You have to walk through an invisible wall to reach it.

Angel’s Tiara – Chrono Trigger Marle Best Helmet

Angel’s Tiara, which provides Auto-Haste and Status Immunity, is found in the Dimensional Vortex in Antiquity. It’s inside one of the random rooms during the first portion of the dungeon, so you might have to run through the vortex multiple times before you see it. It’s located in the random room that’s modeled after the Lost Sanctum, which is a Prehistoric theme with a bunch of pink and blue imps.

Regal Gown – Chrono Trigger Marle Best Armor

Regal Gown is also found in a chest in the Antiquity Dimensional Vortex, although it’s much easier to find since it’s guaranteed to be there. Once you’ve completed the first portion and you’re in the ice area, it’s in a chest in the large room full of blue Heckrans.

Prism Specs – Chrono Trigger Marle Best Accessory

There are normally two places to find Prism Specs. The first is obtained at the same time you get the Rainbow after completing both the Rainbow Shell and Sun Stone quests.

The second is Charmed from the Steel Shade in the 1000 AD Vortex.

However, in the DS version of the game, you can get an infinite amount because it’s a random prize in the 6th Tier battles in the Arena of Ages.

Single Techs – Chrono Trigger Marle

Aura110Restore a small amount of HP to an ally.
Allure150Confuse an enemy.
Ice2N/AAttack an enemy with ice. (Ice)
Cure2150Restore moderate HP to an ally.
Haste6250Half time between turns for an ally.
Ice II8400Attack all enemies with ice. (Ice)
Cure II5600Restore a large amount of HP to an ally.
Arise15900Revive and fully heal an ally.

Double Techs – Chrono Trigger Marle

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Aura WhirlCrono/MarleCyclone (2), Aura (1)
Ice SwordCrono/MarleCleave (4), Ice (2)
Ice Sword IICrono/MarleFrenzy (12), Ice II (8)
Antipode BombMarle/LuccaIce (2), Fire (2)
Antipode Bomb IIMarle/LuccaIce II (8), Fire II (8)
Antipode Bomb IIIMarle/LuccaIce II (8), Flare (20)
Aura BeamMarle/RoboAura (1), Cure Beam (2)
Ice TackleMarle/RoboIce (4), Robo Tackle (2)
Cure WindMarle/RoboCure II (5), Heal Beam (3)
Ice WaterMarle/FrogIce (2), Water (2)
Glacial FreezeMarle/FrogIce II (8), Water II (8)
Double CureMarle/FrogCure II (5), Cure II (5)
Twin CharmMarle/AylaAllure (1), Charm (4)
Ice TossMarle/AylaIce (2), Boulder Toss (4)
Iceberg TossMarle/AylaIce II (8), Boulder Toss (4)

Triple Techs – Chrono Trigger Marle

TechCharactersTechs (MP Cost)
Final KickCrono
Lightning II (8), Ice II (8), Triple Kick (20)
Delta ForceCrono
Lightning II (8), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)
Frost ArcCrono
Cleave (4), Ice II (8), Aerial Strike (4)
Cyclone (2), Arise (15), Laser Spin (3)
Eternal DarknessMagus
Dark Matter (20), Ice II (8), Fire II (8)
Poyozo DanceAyla
Allure (1), Hypnowave (1), Triple Kick (20)

That about covers it when it comes to the Chrono Trigger Marle Best Equipment & Techs Guide. Be sure to check out the Games Section or the Main Page for more game guides like this, and click here for more content related to Chrono Trigger.


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