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#1 BEST Hatterene Moveset – Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re planning to use Hatterene in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll want to know the best Hatterene moveset and build.

Hatterene is a very interesting pokemon because it has fantastic special attack, a fantastic movepool, an incredible ability, but horrible speed and HP. So while Hatterene is an amazing pokemon, it takes a bit of strategy to use it effectively.

pokemon sword and shield best hatterene build moveset

Best Nature

Quiet (+Special Attack, -Speed) and Modest (+Special Attack, -Attack) are both roughly equal for Hatterene.

Quiet is slightly preferred due to the mechanics of Trick Room, but Hatterene’s speed is already pretty much triple-F tier, so tanking it further won’t have too much application in the real world.

Best Ability

Hatterene has 3 abilities, but Magic Bounce is by far the best of them. Magic Bounce reflects pretty much any non-damaging move back on its caster from stat reducers to entry hazard setups.

The other two abilities (Healer and Anticipation) are situationally useful at best. Given how great Magic Bounce is and how below average the other two are, this is an easy choice to make.

Best Held Item

The general consensus is to use Life Orb for a Hatterene moveset, which increases its damage at the expense of its already fragile health.

This makes sense because Hatterene is extremely frail and if it gets hit, it’s likely going to die anyway, so the downside to Life Orb is not that extreme.

However, Leftovers is another good option as most likely you’ll call in Hatterene against a pokemon that doesn’t threaten it, and Leftovers will give it an opportunity to set up Trick Room without much cost.

Hatterene Build Moveset

This Hatterene moveset shines because it allows her to threaten a ton of pokemon with her high Special Attack and extremely good coverage:

  • Trick Room
  • Dazzling Gleam
  • Psychic
  • Mystical Fire

This Hatterene moveset gives coverage over about half of the pokemon types, including many of the most common ones.

While these are all reliable medium-high power moves, Hatterene’s extremely high special attack stat make them more threatening than they would be on the average pokemon.

Additionally, her G-Max form takes her movepool to the next level, granting her a variety of options for OHKO potential as well as Psychic Field and a unique fairy move that inflicts confusion if it doesn’t outright kill its opponent.

Hatterene Moveset Conclusion

Hatterene is similar to a variety of other pokemon, especially Gardevoir, who’s another Psychic/Fairy type. She also has some functional similarity to Gengar, another major Special Attack sweeper.

Overall she’s a strong addition to any team if you’re able to figure out how to safely set up Trick Room in order to turn her low speed into an advantage. If you can do that, you’ll find that Hatterene is capable of decimating the opposition.

If you’re looking for a special sweeper who can take advantage of Trick Room, this Hatterene Moveset is going to have no difficulty finding a place in your team. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, there aren’t too many pokemon who can fill quite the same niche as Hatterene is able to.

Hatterene is a great pokemon and definitely worth a second look.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Hatterene build in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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