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Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruit Minthara Without Losing Anyone

This Baldur’s Gate 3 Minthara and Halsin guide will teach players how to get Minthara in the same party as Halsin, Karlach, Wyll and Gale.

If you’re playing Baldur’s Gate 3, you might want to recruit the Drow Paladin, Minthara, into your group. In Baldur’s Gate 3 Minthara is an evil character and taking her normally requires you to attack the Druid Grove, which makes several of your party members leave and locks off recruiting Halsin.

However, there is a way to navigate the plot of the game in order to Baldur’s Gate 3 recruit Minthara onto your team without alienating the rest of the group.

baldur's gate 3 recruit minthara

Without further ado, let’s get into the Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruit Minthara guide.

Explanation – Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruit Minthara

The normal Baldur’s Gate 3 recruit Minthara method is to find her in the Goblin camp, side with her to wipe out the Druid Grove, get the goblin party and then follow the evil path to Moonrise Tower in Act 2 where you get the opportunity to get Minthara on your team.

This is unattractive for a lot of players because in order to Baldur’s Gate 3 recruit Minthara you need to give up Karlach, Gale, Wyll and Halsin, as well as all the Tieflings, which includes the blacksmith Dammon who gives a lot of good gear. Plus, you have to commit a morally reprehensible act.

However, the reason all these characters leave your party is because you attack the Druid Grove, not because you Baldur’s Gate 3 recruit Minthara. All you need to do is sidestep that quest and leave Minthara’s recruitment until later.

If you do that, you can recruit Minthara as you normally would and you don’t face any of the negative consequences except the death of the Tieflings and the loss of Dammon, which is significant.

Getting Minthara with Halsin and Others – Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruit Minthara

In order to Baldur’s Gate 3 recruit Minthara, play through the game normally until you get to the Druid Grove.

At the Druid Grove, expose Kagha as a Shadow Druid. You do this by opening a chest hidden in the Service Quarters near Kagha and reading a secret note. Then, go to the bog near Auntie Ethel’s house and encounter the mud mephits. There you’ll find evidence, which you can bring to Kagha to expose her.

Next, play as normal until you get to the Goblin Camp. Save Halsin from the prison and tell him to wait while you eliminate the goblin leaders. Then, leave and never come back without talking to Minthara or ever completing this quest. You can do whatever you want to Priestess Gut or any of the other goblins — just make sure to free Halsin and not talk to Minthara.

Proceed any way you like until you reach the Shadow Cursed Lands in Act 2. There, make a beeline to Moonrise Tower — I assume you know where it is, this is a second playthrough kind of thing to be doing, I wouldn’t recommend it on a first playthrough. You might want to fight the spider guy on the road for the Moonlantern before you go.

At Moonrise Tower, head into the main room and you’ll see Minthara getting yelled at. You have to pass a dialog check in order for her to get sent to prison. Find her down there, complete a few more scenes, and she’ll join your party.

If you Baldur’s Gate 3 recruit Minthara this way, no one in your party will care and you can still recruit Halsin, although that is a little glitchy. The Tieflings also die, which is why I recommend not doing this on a first playthrough. Minthara is interesting, but you don’t get anything by using her that you couldn’t get from respeccing another character as a Paladin. Meanwhile, you miss out on everything Dammon and the Tiefling kids have to offer.

How to Recruit Halsin After Getting Minthara – Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruit Minthara

If you recruit Minthara the way it’s outlined here, you can still get Halsin, but it’s a little glitchy because he never technically joined your camp.

After recruiting Minthara, head to Last Light Inn and find the guy in the bed on the first floor. He’ll start you on a quest that takes you to the House of Healing in the town just north of Moonrise. Go there, encounter the boss, and collect the instrument he drops.

Come back to the guy in the bed and he’ll ask for Halsin. At this point, you go back to the Goblin Camp and find Halsin there, where he should still be hanging around. You can tell him about Last Light Inn.

Return to Last Light Inn and Halsin will show up and you can complete this quest as normal. Once this is over, he’ll ‘return’ to your camp, as the game thinks he was already there. Then you can go to the abandoned house and do the Hide and Seek quest to finish Halsin’s Shadow Curse quest.

Normally Halsin is recruitable at this point, but for me the dialog option didn’t appear on this save until the beginning of Act 3 when the Shadow Curse quest officially completes.

That about covers it when it comes to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Recruit Minthara Without Losing Anyone Guide. Be sure to check the Baldur’s Gate 3 section for more content like this and check out the main page for a full list of RPGs we’ve covered on our site.

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