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#1 BEST Hydreigon Moveset – Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re planning to use Hydreigon in Pokemon Sword & Shield you’ll want to know the best Hydreigon moveset.

Hydreigon is a powerful special attack sweeper who can mow down enemy teams, so it’s well worth considering for a spot in your squad.

This guide will tell you all about the best Hydreigon moveset you can make for general play so your Hydreigon can be as competitive as possible.

pokemon sword and shield best hydreigon build moveset

Best Nature

You have two options when it comes to a best nature for a Hydreigon moveset, depending on your preference.

You can go with Timid (+Speed, -Attack) or Modest (+Special Attack, -Attack).

Hydreigon has mid-tier speed so a Timid nature will help it outspeed some pokemon it would otherwise be slower than, but modest would allow it to OHKO some pokemon it might otherwise take two turns to defeat. Up to you.

Best Ability

Hydreigon’s only available ability is Levitate, which makes it immune to Earthquake and Spikes. As far as abilities go, it’s not bad, but also nothing to write home about.

Being able to ignore the damage of spikes is certainly a nice bonus, as spikes are a popular hazard not only in competitive play but also during the later parts of the game.

Best Held Item

Because you’ll most likely be using Substitute, Leftovers is the way to go for a held item.

This allows you to use Substitute a few more times over the course of a match and also pairs well with Hydreigon’s decent bulk.

However, because Hydreigon relies heavily on a single move (Dark Pulse), Choice Specs are another good option for a held item.

Hydreigon Build Moveset

Hydreigon has only one role: special attack sweeper. You should be specializing your Hydreigon moveset for that job as much as possible. This is the recommended set:

  • Nasty Plot
  • Substitute
  • Dark Pulse
  • Flash Cannon

Substitute mostly exists so that Hydreigon can use Nasty Plot as many times as possible to raise its special attack. From there, Dark Pulse is your go-to move. Flash Cannon mostly exists to handle any Fairy types that opponents bring in to try to counter your Hydreigon.

Unlike other special attack sweepers, the Hydreigon doesn’t have a lot of coverage. However, what it lacks in coverage, it makes up in sheer power with its Nasty Plot-boosted STAB Dark Pulse.

Hydreigon Moveset Conclusion

If you’re looking for a powerful special attack sweeper, Hydreigon is a very good option. It will dominate in the normal game and continue to be useful throughout the tournament post-game and in the competitive meta. Definitely worthwhile to consider giving a spot to, despite the fact that it had weird heads for hands.

As with most dragon type pokemon, Hydreigon takes a while to get going and level up enough that it becomes a real asset to your team that reaches its full potential.

However, once you get your Hydreigon moveset fully finished and see it in action, you’ll thank yourself for taking the time to put in enough effort to see your fully trained dragon pokemon plow through opponent after opponent with ease.

Hydreigon is a great pokemon and this Hydreigon moveset will serve you well if you give it a try.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Hydreigon moveset in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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