indiejrpg 6 Indie Games I Really Want to Finally Come Out

6 Indie Games I Really Want to Finally Come Out

Indie games are where it’s at, especially the ones they call ‘Triple-I’, like what Supergiant Games and Lab Zero produced. Triple-I is a pretty stupid term, but I don’t have a better one. It’s like AAA, but indie but… better. Get it? Eh?


I’m so excited about this game. Billed as a Cowboy Bebop/Firefly style space RPG, it started out on Kickstarter as a Square Enix Collective game. Red Cloak studios is making it, but the main dude working on it got sick, emailed a pretty cryptic message to supporters, and the whole project’s gone silent since then.

Fae Tactics

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The second game from the studio that made Valdis Story, which was amazing. This was set to be a strategy RPG ala Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre, and the art looked great. But, then the main programmer’s mom died and also the couple making the game very selfishly chose to have a baby, distracting them from my enjoyment. Jerks.


There’s nothing holding this game up, exactly. It’s just been in development for a really long time. To not be a fucking jokester for a second, a lot of people don’t realize the amount of effort and talent required to make a game, especially when there are just a handful of devs. It’s like trying to build a mansion by yourself. Anyway, Gravastar looks incredible, and it’s got a lot of influence from the Breath of Fire series.

Arcadian Atlas

Again, development is proceeding at a pretty good clip. I’m just impatient, because the art style is heavily influenced by Ogre Battle, which you didn’t play because you have terrible taste and don’t know what’s good, you philistine. Or you’re one of those Gen Z kids, in which case… learn from me, padawan. Developed by two twins in Texas at Twin Otter Games, featuring the cutest studio logo ever designed, it can’t get here fast enough.


Griftlands is a tongue-in-cheek jRPG style game by Klei Games with an early 90s cartoon art style. It was announced in 2017 and then… dead silence. Will it ever come out? Will we ever see gameplay? Who knows.


Indivisible is an exciting project from Lab Zero Games, the makers of Skullgirls. It takes a lot of influence from the Valkyrie Profile battle system and the demo was really pretty enjoyable. But, that demo came out over a year ago. The art and animation, just like Skullgirls, is incredible. Hopefully it’ll be in our hands soon.


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