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How to Recruit All 3 Rise Eterna Hidden Characters

This Rise Eterna Hidden Characters Guides will teach you how to recruit all 3 Rise Eterna hidden characters.

If you’re playing Rise Eterna, you might have noticed 3 spots on your hero roster on the righthand side that you don’t recruit throughout the normal course of the game’s story. These 3 spots belong to Sachel, Zephiriel and Jachim, who are the Rise Eterna hidden characters.

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rise eterna hidden characters

Each of the Rise Eterna hidden characters is available by playing through certain replay maps, but their recruitment conditions can be difficult to decipher and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to find them on your own. This Rise Eterna hidden character guide will tell you exactly how to get each of the 3 Rise Eterna hidden characters, however.

Without further ado, let’s get into the Rise Eterna Hidden Characters guide.

Sachel – Rise Eterna Hidden Characters

rise eterna hidden characters sachel

In order to recruit Sachel, who is, in my opinion, one of the top 3 most broken characters in the game, all you need to do is head to the replay map for Mission 3, which is the spot directly north of Gaiacus. You can do this any time after reaching Gaiacus.

Once the map begins, you should see a scene with Sachel. You’ll have to fight your way through the replay map. After that, Sachel will explain that she’s looking for her friends and show up in your hero roster.

Sachel is a powerful character who’s capable of dealing damage to all enemies in an area of effect around her initial target, meaning she can entire groups of enemies in one hit. She’s the only character capable of doing significant AoE damage, so you’re likely going to want to have her in your party at all times, which is ironically what makes finding the other 2 characters difficult.

Zephiriel – Rise Eterna Hidden Characters

rise eterna hidden characters zephiriel

In Rise Eterna Zephiriel is hidden in map 15. This is the map directly west of Divinis. In order to recruit Zephiriel, you have to play on map 15 as a replay map after beating the stage and you must have recruited Sachel. However, you cannot have Sachel in your active party. So, you have to play on map 15 with Sachel recruited by not in your party.

Once you fulfill those conditions, a dialog should start when the map begins introducing you to Zephiriel. From there, simply complete the replay map and Zephiriel will be added permanently to your hero roster.

Zephiriel is an archer unit that’s also capable of healing allies. He also gets access to an aura of your choice that will either damage all units around him or heal all units around him at the end of his turn.

Jachim – Rise Eterna Hidden Characters

rise eterna hidden characters jachim

In Rise Eterna Jachim is hidden on map 21, which is the map directly north of Fortes. You have to have Sachel recruited (Zephiriel is not necessary), but you can’t have either Zephiriel or Sachel in your active party. Once you complete that condition, you’ll get a dialog when you enter the map introducing you to Jachim.

As with the other hidden characters, simply complete the replay map once you’ve triggered the recruitment scene and you’ll have Jachim available in your active party. Since Jachim is likely the last of the Rise Eterna hidden characters that you recruit, you’ll see another scene where they all meet up and interact.

Jachim is Rise Eterna’s resident thief unit and he’s capable of stealing (and later mugging) enemy units.

That about covers it when it comes to recruiting the 3 Rise Eterna hidden characters. For more Rise Eterna guides be sure to click here. To see more RPG game guides available on this site, head to the main page. If you want to check out my full Rise Eterna review on YouTube, click here.


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