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ALL Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences EXPLAINED

This Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences guide will help you figure out whether you want to play Yuito or Kasane’s path first in Scarlet Nexus.

If you’re playing Scarlet Nexus, the first decision you face when you start up the game is whether you want to play as Yuito or Kasane. In Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane have different story paths. While the Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane story paths ultimately converge towards the end of the game, there are a lot of differences between the two paths, especially during the beginning and mid-game.

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scarlet nexus yuito and kasane differences

Gameplay – Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences

The first concern you’re probably going to have when it comes to Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences is gameplay. While the two characters have more similarities than differences when it comes to gameplay, they still have significant differences, both in terms of how each characters plays and the party members that each character has access to.

Different Playstyles

In Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane have different playstyles. Yuito wields a sword and focuses on up-close melee damage, whereas Kasane wields flying daggers and is more focused on midrange and AoE damage.

Their Brain Maps, which are Scarlet Nexus’s version of skill trees, also focus on different things. Where Yuito is able to expand his ground combo from 3 hits to a 5-hit long devastating ground combo including a powerful finisher, Kasane can only expand her ground combo to 4 hits.

scarlet nexus yuito and kasane differences

Meanwhile, Kasane is able to upgrade her air combo more than Yuito is.

When it comes to individual gameplay, I’d say they’re about even, having fully completed both campaigns. I slightly prefer Kasane, due to her range and the larger AoE of her skills, but Yuito has his advantages as well.

Kasane’s attacks are safer to use since they can be used at longer range and her last two combo attacks hit in an AoE around her. I found Kasane’s focus on aerial attacks to be somewhat useless, but overall I found her to be more fun to control and fight with.

On the other hand, Yuito gets stronger single target damage, especially once you get Pyrokinesis to level 6. For Yuito, level 6 Pyrokinesis replaces his combo finisher with a powerful flamethrower attack (Kasane just gets a bonus explosion during her largely useless aerial combo). This means his damage potential is a lot higher.

scarlet nexus yuito and kasane differences

However, fighting as Yuito requires you to rely a lot more on Sclerokinesis and Teleportation to stick to enemies without getting knocked away where Kasane tends to be able to just mash buttons on everything without being in much danger.

Still, in terms of gameplay Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences are pretty marginal. I’d say pick whichever character you like the look of more, because you’re going to be staring at them the entire game. Gameplay-wise, keep in mind Yuito is more focused on close range melee combat and Kasane is more mid-range and her playstyle mixes with her Psychokinesis a little more seamlessly.

Party Members

Party members are probably a much bigger concern when it comes to the Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences, because for the majority of the game (about 70%), each character has access to completely different party members and, more importantly, SAS skills.

Yuito gets Hanabi, Tsugumi, Gemma, and Luka and, as a result, Pyrokinesis, Clairvoyance, Sclerokinesis and Teleportation.

scarlet nexus yuito and kasane differences

Kasane gets Shinen, Arashi, Kyoka, Kagero and, as a result, Electrokinesis, Hypervelocity, Duplication and Invisibility.

scarlet nexus yuito and kasane differences

Overall I feel like Kasane gets the much better party, not just in terms of gameplay, but also in terms of story.

Yuito gets Pyrokinesis, which is probably the best SAS skill, but Kasane’s Electrokinesis is not bad and she gets a special attack with it that Yuito doesn’t have access to. Aside from that, Hypervelocity and Duplication are way better than the rest of the skills available to Yuito, not to mention being more fun. Teleportation, which Yuito gets, is pretty good, but I still feel like Kasane is the winner when it comes to party members.

Story-wise, Yuito’s companions are mostly milquetoast stick in the mud types who talk very slowly and don’t have much personality at all, whereas Kasane gets all the fun party members. Except Shinen. Shinen is the worst, regardless of which path you choose.

Eventually both characters get access to all the different party members and SAS skills, so I wouldn’t base your decision entirely off the party members, but for a large chunk of the game you’re stuck with whoever follows them according to the way the story unfolds.

Story – Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences

While, once again, the two paths converge towards the end of the game, the middle of the story for each character is significantly different. I’ll try to spoil as little as possible here while still giving you some sense of what each story focuses on in terms of Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences.

Yuito’s story is somewhat more focused on the history and the big picture lore of the world. Additionally it focuses more on the social concerns of so-called “Duds,” or people without powers. It also has a great deal more focus on “personality rehabilitation” and other sort of governmental abuses of power. Finally, it has a greater focus on the Sumuragi family and its influence in politics.

Kasane’s story is more focused on the mystery surrounding the “Others”, which are the monsters that inhabit the world of Scarlet Nexus. It has a greater focus on government experiments with these monsters, as well as shady dealings with other factions. It has more insight with regard to Yuito and Kasane’s powers in terms of their origins and capabilities.

In terms of Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences, the broad strokes are the same for both stories. Two factions collide, each one picks a side, etc. At about 70% of the way through the game the storylines converge to become largely identical. Both of them face a recurring boss throughout their midgame portion, Yuito’s is probably more interesting story-wise, although Kasane’s has a cooler design and is a more interesting boss fight.

When it comes to story, again, I think I personally would prefer Kasane in terms of Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane differences because she has access to some additional scenes that are in my personal opinion, more interesting than what Yuito sees. Her story also fills in the gaps in some of Yuito’s story where Kasane’s actions are viewed as somewhat of a mystery (i.e. “Play the Kasane campaign to find out what happened!”) and the reverse is not true of Kasane’s campaign (Yuito is largely irrelevant to it).

Also I think I somewhat prefer Kasane’s path because Yuito is such a vanilla ice cream, flavorless no personality boy scout of a character trope. Kasane is also a pretty classic stoic cool person trope, but it’s still better.

That about covers it when it comes to the Scarlet Nexus Yuito and Kasane Differences Guide. Be sure to check out the main page for more RPG game guides. Check out the Scarlet Nexus section for more guides for this game. Click here for my full review of Scarlet Nexus on my YouTube channel.


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