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Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

This Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats Guide will answer the age old question: which is better, Mushrooms or Bats?

If you’re playing Stardew Valley, you may have encountered an event where you’re offered to fill the cave near your farm with either Bats that produce Fruit periodically, or Mushrooms. You can’t change this decision once you make it, so which is better? Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats?

Lucky for you, this is not a decision that’s exactly even. Mushrooms are a vastly better choice than Bats.


The Greenhouse – Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

Well, for one thing, once you get the Greenhouse, which you should be able to accomplish by the middle of your first Fall, you can put all the Fruit Trees in the game there to create your own private orchard, which is a much, much more reliable source of fresh fruit than the bats will ever be.

The Greenhouse can easily accommodate 3 of each of the 6 different types of fruit trees: Pomegranate, Cherry, Apricot, Apple, Orange and Peach. This setup produces more than enough fruit. It produces more fresh fruit than you could ever realistically want or need.

stardew valley mushrooms or bats greenhouse

Finding Mushrooms – Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

However, there is no similarly reliable alternative to producing mushrooms. The cave mushroom den is the most reliable source of mushrooms in the game, so you’re going to want it. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of RNG to find mushrooms in the mines/skull cavern or for a mushroom tree to appear on your property.

stardew valley mushrooms or bats mushroom tree

Very rarely when you traverse the combat areas of Stardew Valley, you’ll encounter Red and Purple mushrooms. You can also find these types of mushrooms in the Secret Woods. However, the main use of mushrooms is creating a life elixir, which takes all four different kinds of mushrooms. Outside of the Mushroom cave, there is no regular source for all the different mushroom types.

Likewise, the Mushroom Tree only randomly appears during the fall, so don’t count on ever getting one. Even if you do get one, it only produces red mushrooms, purple mushrooms and common mushrooms. No morels.

The Secret Woods can produce Morels, but only very rarely and only during Spring. Without Morels, all the rest of the mushrooms basically have no use whatsoever.

stardew valley mushrooms or bats cave

Finding certain mushrooms, like Morels, is very, very difficult without the mushroom cave and, since rare mushrooms help with the Exotic Foraging Bundle and the Field Research Bundle, it’s nice to have a consistent source of mushrooms available.

Conclusion – Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats

Fortunately, if you made the wrong decision here, it’s not the end of the world. Neither Fruit nor Mushrooms are particularly worthwhile as income-producing produce.

Fruit is most useful as universally “liked” gifts for townspeople and middle-income wines. Gus loves Oranges and Elliott loves Pomegranates. Every other townsperson has a positive response to being gifted fruit. Fruit can also be made into wine, but its sale price pales in comparison to Ancient Fruit Wine and Starfruit Wine by a measure of thousands of gold.

Mushrooms are mostly used for creating the best potion, but there’s nothing preventing you from just eating 2 salads instead of chugging 1 life elixir. The real utility of the mushroom cave is just to help you finish the Bundles more quickly by giving you consistent access to mushrooms. Other than that, mushrooms are not really a valuable commodity.

But, yeah, go with Mushrooms. No contest.

That about covers it when it comes to Stardew Valley Mushrooms or Bats. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more game guides, and click here for more content related to Stardew Valley.


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