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Best Dragon Quest 11 Jade Build & Equipment

This Dragon Quest 11 Jade Build & Equipment Guide will teach you how to maximize Jade’s potential in Dragon Quest 11 so you can dominate the game.

If you’re playing Dragon Quest 11 you’re going to want to know what Jade’s best skills are and also where to find all her best equipment. This Dragon Quest 11 Jade Build & Equipment Guide will teach you just that. I’ll tell you what skills are best to invest in from beginning to end as well as how to get all of Jade’s best equipment.

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Skills – Dragon Quest 11 Jade

In Dragon Quest 11 Jade joins your party with 4 different skill trees: Spears, Claws, Fisticuffs, and Allure. Naturally, Spears focuses on spear attacks and Claws focuses on claw attacks. Fisticuffs grants Jade a variety of stat bonuses and martial arts skills, and Allure gives Jade magic spells based on Charm.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide whether you’re going to use Claws or Spears. Spears are much better, so I’d recommend that, but it’s up to you. I’m going to assume you pick spears, since they’re massively more powerful.

First, refund all the points Jade has automatically spent in Fisticuffs. Leg Sweep and Harvest Moon are not useful. Grab all the Spear skills except for Deliverance, which is not particularly good. The main Spear skills worth having are Multithrust and Lightning Stab (for killing Metal Slimes).

After that, head up into Fisticuffs via the Max HP node and grab all the stat buffs. That should take you through the end of Act 1.

In Act 2, when Jade’s skill grid expands, snag Multifeet, which is a modest upgrade over Multithrust if you’re using spears, or a gigantic upgrade over Hard Claw if you’re using claws (don’t use claws). Also snag the HP node and Miracle moon while you’re up there, which you need to unlock Pink Tornado (the locked node between Fisticuffs and Allure).

In Spears, finally grab Deliverance just to get access to the new attack power node, and grab that. If you want, you can spec out of Party Pooper, which is no longer useful once you get the new Allure skills.

Speaking of Allure, it’s finally time to invest points there. Head up along the righthand side straight to Pink Typhoon to unlock Pink Tornado and grab that. Pink Tornado is Jade’s best area of effect attack. Finally, grab the Charm +20 node that you skipped on the way to Pink Tornado.

That will give you all the skills you need for Jade in Dragon Quest 11. After that, just spend points wherever you want to unlock the rest of the nodes, but you won’t be using any of them.

Best Equipment – Dragon Quest 11 Jade

Equipment Setup – Dragon Quest 11 Jade

  • Weapon: Split Pot Poker +3
  • Helmet: Xenlon Hair Ring +3
  • Armor: Xenlon Gown +3
  • Accessory 1: Belle’s Bow +3
  • Accessory 2: Belle’s Bow +3

Alternative Equipment Options: If you’re using Claws, you can use either the Frostfire Fingers (highest crit) or the Xenlon Claws (highest damage). If you’re using Claws for Jade’s Dragon Quest 11 best equipment, use 2x Assassin accessories instead.

Locations – Dragon Quest 11 Jade

  • Split Pot Poker: Upgrade the evolutionary weapon Poker which is found in a chest in the Fortress of Fear
  • Frostfire Fingers: Drops rarely off of the Master Moosifer enemies in the Luminary’s Trial
  • Xenlon Claws: Upgrade the evolutionary weapon Beastmaster Claws which are the reward for beating the Third Wheel of Harma Trial in 20 moves
  • Xenlon Hair Ring: Crafted via Shine On, Xenlon which is the reward for beating the Fourth Wheel of Harma Trial in 20 moves
  • Xenlon Gown: Crafted via Shine On, Xenlon which is the reward for beating the Fourth Wheel of Harma Trial in 20 moves
  • Belle’s Bow: Reward for the Quest “A Memorable Mystery” in L’Académie. To get 2 you need to have it equipped at the end of Act 1 to receive a copy in Act 3.
  • Assassin: Reward for beating the horse race Silver Cup (difficult). To get 2 you need to have it equipped at the end of Act 1 to receive a copy in Act 3.

That about covers it for the Dragon Quest 11 Jade Build & Equipment Guide. Be sure to check out the Game Guides section for more content like this, and click here for more content related to Dragon Quest 11.


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