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Top 5 BEST Ships in Starfield: Navigating the Cosmos in Style

Starfield, the space exploration game from Bethesda that gamers all over the world have been eagerly anticipating, has truly captured their imaginations. The immense and expansive universe, along with its captivating storyline and awe-inspiring celestial views, makes it no surprise that players are filled with excitement to embark on a journey.

What could be a more perfect means of doing so than piloting a high-quality spaceship? In this guide, we will cover the rated starships in Starfield. Moreover, we will teach you how to unlock the best ships. Additionally, we will offer some pointers on crafting your own ship utilizing the Ship Builder functionality.

Top Battleships in Starfield

If you’re an aggressive player who wants to decimate his enemies by attacking and capturing their ships, you will need a ship with destructive weaponry and good maneuverability. If you want your attack to be successful in Starfield, you should go for the battleships.

starfield best ships

The Battleships offer high-damaging weapons. They are faster and lighter than other ships. This Battleship feature aids in executing a swift and smooth attack. However, you get less cargo capacity and fuel efficiency with battleships. Some of the best battleships in Starfield are as follows:


starfield best ships razorleaf

Razorleaf is considered one of the best battleships in Starfield for any beginner. Most of the ships have some skill requirements to fly them. However, Razorleaf is a Class A ship that you can fly as soon as you jump into the game. It has a shielded and un-shielded cargo hold. The shield cargo has a capacity of 160kg, while the un-shielded cargo offers a capacity of 420kg.

While flying Razorleaf, you do not have to worry about the shipwrecking problem as its high hull protection keeps the ship safe. With a mass of only 584, you can land decisive strikes on your enemy ship and dodge any counterattack from your opponent. Utilizing the grav driveability, you can travel 30 light years per jump with Razorleaf.

Although Razorleaf is not an expensive battleship in Starfield, you cannot purchase it from the vendor. You can only get your hands on Razorleaf by completing one of the most exciting side quests in Starfield, the Mantis questline. Most beginners find Mantis’s questline a difficult side quest. But, if you grind through this mission, you get to fly the best battleship of the game.


starfield best ships aegis

As you complete some missions and destroy strong enemy ships, your piloting skill gradually increases in Starfield. When you reach level three of piloting skills, you can get your hands on Aegis. It is a Class B ship that offers more menacing weapons than Razorleaf. It presents an enhanced defensive mechanism with a hull protection of 721. As this battleship is bigger than Razorleaf, it has room to carry five crew members with you.

The only drawback players observed while flying Aegis is the small cargo hold. You cannot carry heavy loot or resources with you. While flying Aegis, you will realize that it is heavier than Razorleaf. With a mass of 1331, you cannot strike fast at your opponents. You can purchase Aegis from any vendor by paying 200,000 credits. Usually, the vendors that sell Aegis are Paradiso, Neon, and Red Mile.

Abyss Trekker

starfield best ships abyss trekker

Abyss Trekker is one of the most menacing battleships in Starfield. It is geared up with heavy weaponry and a sturdy hull. Although the shields and the presence of a gigantic hull enhance the defense, it makes Abyss Trekker slower than Aegis or Razorleaf. The game requires the players to reach piloting skill level four to fly Abyss Trekker.

It is a C-class battle ship equipped with Auto Alpha Beam, Missile Launcher, and Railgun Turret. Similarly, the use of the 102D Guardian Shield Generator increases the ship’s health.

The Best Cargo Ships in Starfield

Another aspect of Starfield that most players opt for is exploration. Most players play Starfield just to relax while exploring space and crafting tools. Cargo ships are the best option when you want to roam around in space without battling your enemies. Cargo ships offer more room for loot and resources than battleships. They have better fuel efficiency and durability. The following are the most preferred cargo ships in Starfield:


Players who want to search every inch of space in Starfield pick Narwhal. Narwal is a Class C cargo ship that features massive shielded cargo. You can store all your resources and extra ammunition in Narwhal when you set out on your journey to explore the space. Due to its large size, it moves slowly and cannot dodge enemy attacks.

starfield best ships narwhal

However, with low maneuverability, it offers great weapons to fight back. You can defend your ship with the threatening weapons stored in Narwhal’s cargo. As it’s a C-class cargo ship, you have to reach piloting level four to fly it. Narwhal is the best cargo ship for those who want to roam around in space without starting a fight.

Dragonfire II

If you have been playing Starfield for a long time, you must know the first version of Dragonfire cargo ship. Dragonfire II is the latest cargo ship available in Starfield. Many players prefer Dragonfire II over Dragonfire because of the double cargo capacity. You have to grind to a high level in Starfield to purchase Dragonfire II. Players can get their hands on this thrilling cargo ship by paying 259,847 credits.

starfield best ships dragonfire II

The Dragonfire II lies in the category of C-class ships. Therefore, you have to reach level four in your piloting skills to enjoy flying it. With the presence of a huge fuel tank, you don’t have to worry about fuel running short while enjoying your space journey.


At the end of the guide, we can say your gaming experience of space exploration depends on your ship pick. If you follow our guide and choose the right ship for the right purpose, you will surely dominate in Starfield. For more information on Starfield, stay tuned!

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