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Trials of Mana Angela Best Class TIER LIST

This Trials of Mana Angela Best Class Tier List will teach you about the strengths and weaknesses of each Trials of Mana Angela class and help you decide which class is best for you.

If you’re playing the Trials of Mana Remake and you’re thinking about using Angela in your party, you’re going to want to know the general consensus on which class is her best, which classes are just OK, and which are the worst.

Angela’s class rankings are a little contentious online, but one thing’s for sure: Angela rocks. I’ve just finished my 3rd playthrough of this game, and I’ve tried out all of Angela’s classes extensively, trying to figure out for myself which class really comes out on top. This is the Trials of Mana Remake Angela Best Class Tier List.

Trials of Mana Remake Best Class Tier Lists
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Keep in mind we’re talking about the four 3rd tier endgame class options, not the 2nd class or the 4th class. 2nd class you choose because you’re headed toward the 3rd class and 4th class is what you get based on what you chose for the 3rd class – it’s sort of just a bonus power upgrade.

S Tier

Grand Diviner

trials of mana angela best class grand diviner

This is pretty controversial, because a lot of people consider Magus to be the Trials of Mana Angela best class, but I’ve taken Angela through two whole playthroughs and I have to say, Grand Diviner is the way to go. Especially on a first playthrough, but even on a second playthrough, where MP is no longer a concern.

On a first playthrough, what you’ll notice immediately about Grand Diviner is it gets basically infinite MP. Its locked class ability automatically recovers 15% of your max MP at the end of every fight, and that’s in addition to MP Saver and Victory MP Boost, if you still feel those are necessary.

On a second playthrough, where you can equip the Black Rabite’s chain skill for infinite MP, Grand Diviner frees up that skill to be used on another party member.

Its power is also nothing to scoff at. Doppelganger, its ultimate ability, is easily weaker than Ancient Curse, which Magus gets. The problem with Ancient Curse and Doppelganger, though, is that both of those spells take forever to cast.

I timed it; you can launch off 3 Lucent Beam+ spells in the time it takes to cast Ancient Curse or Doppelganger once. Both those spells are stronger than Lucent Beam+ or Explosion+, etc., but are they 3x stronger? The answer is no. No they are not.

Ancient Curse out-damages chaincasting elemental spells on a handful of large bosses with multiple body parts that also have no elemental weaknesses, but there are roughly… 3, maybe 4 of those in the whole game. And it’s barely better. When it comes to chaincasting elemental spells, which is what Angela will be doing for 99.9% of the game, Grand Diviner wins hands down.

Magus has more raw power due to its Wound Magic and Wound Magic All abilities, but Grand Diviner has stronger spells with a wider AoE, gets 3 levels of Limit Break (+spell damage passive) and can get 65% spell crit, which puts these two classes at roughly even in terms of raw casting power, with the Grand Diviner coming out slightly ahead.

The tie breaker, though, is that Wound Magic causes Angela to damage herself, often more than monsters damage her, which means Magus either has to slot in an HP regeneration passive, or get frequent heals, whereas Grand Diviner takes care of herself pretty well.

Grand Diviner is the way to go on Angela. If you’re looking for the Trials of Mana Angela best class, Grand Diviner would be the one.

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trials of mana angela best class magus

That said, Magus is also an S-Tier class. Ancient Curse, which launches a barrage of meteors, is super powerful. It wrecks enemies and it has a huge AoE.

It has a long cast time, so Grand Diviner probably would have already killed the enemies by the time Ancient Curse comes out, especially if they’re unarmored, but once Ancient Curse launches, it wrecks.

Magus’s chain casting it no slouch either. Even though she only gets the basic version of the level 2 spells, they tend to hit like a truck due to her Wound Magic and Wound Magic All passives.

Like I said, this makes Magus require a little more healing than Grand Diviner, which is a little annoying, but, also, like I said, it’s more of a tie-breaker than anything else.

Magus one-shots enemies throughout the game and then maybe every 5-10 battles you throw her a chocolate or you equip Victory Heal on her so she tops herself off every fight.

Very simply, I went through the game with Magus and with Grand Diviner, and Grand Diviner went more smoothly. But Magus was no slouch, and it’s cool to watch big meteors rain down on your enemies. Magus is definitely a contender for Trials of Mana Angela Best Class.

Another thing I mentioned above is how well Ancient Curse performs against big bosses with multiple body parts and no elemental weaknesses, and how there are only a few of those. And yes, that’s true, but when you do encounter them, watching them just absolutely melt under a barrage of meteors is incredibly satisfying.

Additionally, while, yes, there are only a few, we’re talking bosses like the end boss of every path and the endgame bonus dungeon boss. So it’s nice to have someone in your party who can just easy-mode those encounters.

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A Tier


trials of mana angela best class archmage

When it comes to Trials of Mana Angela Best Class options, Archmage isn’t bad, either. It has some good MP regeneration options, though not nearly as good as the Grand Diviner, and it gets a stronger ultimate spell in the form of Glitter Dust.

Where Archmage kind of fails is that it, in many ways, splits the difference between Grand Diviner and Magus.

It gets a better ultimate spell than Grand Diviner, but Glitter Dust isn’t as good as Ancient Curse and in exchange for Glitter Dust, it loses out on Pinpoint II (+25% crit) and Limit Break II (+25% magic damage), making its general spellcasting an order of magnitude weaker than both Grand Diviner and Magus.

So its general spellcasting, which is what makes Grand Diviner so good, isn’t as good as Grand Diviner’s, and its ultimate ability, which is what makes Magus so good, isn’t as good as what Magus gets.

Of course, Angela wrecks this game in any class, so Archmage is very powerful. I’m not saying it’s not powerful. But Grand Diviner and Magus are both even more powerful. IF you looking for the Trials of Mana Angela best class, Archmage isn’t it, but it’s still pretty strong.

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B Tier

Rune Seer

rune seer

Rune Seer is probably Angela’s worst class, but it’s still Angela, so it’s still pretty good. In the original, this class was pretty good because its level 3 spells did comparable damage to Ancient and Rainbow (aka Glitter Dust) but were more mana efficient and could hit weaknesses.

Now, Ancient Curse is a multihit spell that vastly outdamages level 3 spells, and, unlike Grand Diviner, Rune Seer runs out of mana very, very quickly on a first playthrough.

Even on a second playthrough, where MP isn’t an issue, Rune Seer struggles to keep up in the damage department, making it hard to classify it as a Trials of Mana Angela best class.

Rune Seer’s level 3 spells cast slower than Grand Diviner’s level 2 spells and they seem to do less damage overall since Rune Seer lacks the spell crit and magic damage bonuses that Grand Diviner gets.

The main positive of Rune Seer is that its Stone Cloud spell can instantly kill any common monster not immune to Earth elemental damage with its status effect.

Unfortunately for Rune Seer, both Grand Diviner and Magus can already instantly kill pretty much any common monster in the game with just straight damage, except armored monsters which might require a couple of casts.

So Rune Seer’s niche is sort of… armored monsters who aren’t immune to Earth damage. Which is cool and all, but Ancient Curse also breaks armor with its last meteor, usually OHKOing armored monsters.

On a second playthrough, the 3rd tier spells are kind of fun due to the flavor and variety, but due to Rune Seer’s mana problems on a first playthrough, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Conclusion – Trials of Mana Angela Best Class

When it comes to the Trials of Mana Angela best class, Grand Diviner and Magus duke it out for the top spot. Both of these classes output tremendous damage.

That said, Angela is a top tier character in Trials of Mana generally speaking, so it’s hard to go wrong with her class choices. No matter what class you pick you’ll have a useful party member.

Welp, that about does it for the Trials of Mana Angela Best Class tier list. I hope this guide helped you decide which Trials of Mana Angela Best Class is right for you. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more Trials of Mana Remake content.


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