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Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class TIER LIST

This Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class tier list will teach you all about the various Trials of Mana Kevin classes so you can decide which one’s right for you.

If you’re playing the Trials of Mana Remake and you’re thinking about using Kevin in your party, you’re going to want to know the general consensus on which class is his best, which classes are just OK, and which are the worst. Kevin is the game’s premier powerhouse physical attacker and there is a little bit of distinctive flair in each of his classes to separate them from one another. This is the Trials of Mana Remake Kevin Best Class Tier List.

Trials of Mana Remake Best Class Tier Lists
Duran Angela Riesz Hawkeye Kevin Charlotte

Keep in mind we’re talking about the four 3rd tier endgame class options, not the 2nd class or the 4th class. 2nd class you choose because you’re headed toward the 3rd class and 4th class is what you get based on what you chose for the 3rd class – it’s sort of just a bonus power upgrade.

S Tier – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

Kevin is sort of capable of being S-Tier, but it has less to do with the class you pick for him and more to do with the party members he’s paired with. By himself, he’s really strong, but if he gets buffed up, he can really tear through enemies like paper.

A Tier – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

Fatal Fist – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

trials of mana remake kevin best class fatal fist

Fatal Fist doesn’t really get any good passive abilities or chain skills. It does get Broken Lines 1-3 by the time it’s in the 4th class, which is pretty good, but every Kevin class gets that. It only gets one spell, Moon Energy, and it’s pretty much garbage. So why is Fatal Fist A Tier?

It just hits really hard. That’s the only reason. Especially at night. Whew, boy, does it hit hard at night. Just like in the original game, Kevin’s all about straight physical damage, and Fatal Fist gives him the highest physical damage out of all of his classes. That’s all there is to it. You could pair him with Duran and Reisz and have them buff him and he’ll just absolutely shred through bosses. Give it a try.

Why not an S-Tier for Kevin? Well, first, as I mentioned, he can’t do anything but punch enemies; second, he sort of needs a party built to support him (i.e. Duran/Reisz); and, finally, spamming magic in this game tends to be better than punching enemies. Although he does punch enemies reallll good.

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B Tier – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

Divine Fist – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

trials of mana remake kevin best class divine fist

Divine Fist might not quite match Fatal Fist’s attack power, but it does get some much needed utility and it’s capable of matching Fatal Fist’s damage through its focus on CS gauge generation.

It gets a single-target heal, which is… just ok. More importantly, between its class ability and the Meditation passive he learns, he generates 11% CS every 5 seconds in battle. This becomes moot in later playthroughs if you collect all the Li’l Cactus sightings and get the Li’l Cactus chain skill, but until then it’s a relatively decent shtick and it remains fairly effective in boss encounters.

He’s a little weaker than Dark Side Kevin, but he can heal and he can use his class strikes much more often.

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Warrior Monk – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

trials of mana remake kevin best class warrior monk

If you want a healer, but you also want to punch things in the face, Warrior Monk would be your guy. His attack power is lower than other Kevin classes, but he’s still Kevin, so it’s fairly high, and in exchange for that attack power loss, he gets a full party Healing Light, Leaf Saber and Attack Saber II.

Leaf Saber lets you absorb MP which was… marginally useful in the original and almost completely useless in the remake. BUT, because he also gets Attack Saber II, it’s a nice 25% damage increase, assuming you don’t have Duran and assuming you’re not fighting enemies that absorb wood.

Full party Healing Light is also of questionable utility, since you can just stock up on Poto Oils and turn any character with decent Spirit into your team healer. That said, it is convenient.

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C Tier – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

Enlightened – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class


Enlightened is an odd duck. You lose a little power compared to Fatal Fist in exchange for Moon Saber and a better (but still not very good) class ability — invincibility for 10 seconds at the start of battle.

Now, you could sort of make the argument that ultimately, Kevin ends up in the Annihilator class, so Fatal Fist’s better stats don’t really make that big of a difference, so might as well take Moon Saber and the better class ability. The only problem with that is that you use the 3rd class for the majority of the game, Moon Saber without Attack Saber or Attack Saber II is barely even worth casting, and invincibility for 10 seconds at the start of battle is not that good.

It’s really hard for Enlightened to find a niche. But, it’s still Kevin, and it still punches things really hard, so it’s at least a B Tier.

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D Tier – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

Nothing you pick for Kevin is going to make him weak. He’s still going to hit things hard. The question you have to ask yourself is, are the little perks Kevin picks up in his classes outside Fatal Fist worth sacrificing attack power for? In some cases, arguably yes. In some cases, almost certainly not.

F Tier – Trials of Mana Kevin Best Class

Nothing you do is going to make Kevin F Tier. He’s idiot proof. Just pick a class and mash the attack button and he’ll, at the very least, be pretty good.

Welp, that about does it for the best Kevin class tier list for Trials of Mana Remake. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more Trials of Mana Remake content.


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