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#1 BEST Toxtricity Moveset – Pokemon Sword & Shield

If you’re planning to use Toxtricity in Pokemon Sword & Shield, you’ll want to know the best possible Toxtricity moveset and build to aim for.

Toxtricity is a new pokemon in Sword & Shield with a totally unique typing: Electricity/Poison.

It also features the unique ability, Punk Rock, which increases the power of sound moves. Overall it’s a powerful special attacker and one that you may very well want to keep on your team.

pokemon sword and shield toxtricity moveset build


The Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity moveset is a special case because its nature determines the form it takes when it evolves.

With certain natures (mostly Attack-preferred natures), it gains the Amped Up form, and with other natures (mostly Special Attack-preferred natures) it gains the Low-Key form.

Because special attack is better for Toxtricity, you’ll want a nature like Modest or Timid. However, Amped Up form has Venoshock and Gear Shift as exclusive moves, which are much better than the exclusive moves Low-Key form gets. It also looks cooler.

What many people recommend, if you want the Amped Up form, but with a Special Attack boosting nature, is to evolve it using one of the Amped Up-producing natures, and then use a mint to change its nature to Modest or Timid.


Toxtricity has a number of available abilities, but there’s really only one choice here: Punk Rock. This ability is unique to Toxtricity and increases the damage of any sound-based moves that it uses significantly.

Since Toxtricity is an offense-oriented pokemon and it gains a number of sound-based moves that work with Punk Rock, there’s really no reason to entertain the idea of using a different ability.

Held Item

Choice Specs tend to be the way to go with this Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity moveset. If you need to switch your move, you can Dynamax.

However, most fights, honestly, Toxtricity will just one of its two major sound-based moves on everything that it encounters, unless it has a specific reason to use one of its coverage moves.


The Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity moveset has a few options, but the best build is generally agreed to be this:

  • Boomburst
  • Overdrive
  • Volt Switch
  • Sludge Wave

Boomburst and Overdive both make use of the Punk Rock ability. Overdrive is weaker, but is a STAB move and can be better on certain targets. Boomburst is your go-to move, boasting an immense 140 power, which is further boosted by Punk Rock.

Sludge Wave mostly exists for type coverage, although it is another powerful STAB option. Volt Switch is there to help Toxtricity escape a sticky situation if need be.

If you’re running Amped Up Toxtricity, you could make the argument for Gear Shift in place of either Volt Switch or Sludge Wave in order to give Toxtricity a speed-boosting option.

Conclusion – Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity Moveset

Toxtricity is a very strong pokemon that will surely get you through the base game with no problem. It’s very popular due to how cool it looks, how unique it is, and the strength of its moveset.

When it comes to tournaments and competitive play, it remains very strong, especially when it comes to breaking down defensive pokemon, but it may find itself occasionally outclassed by pokemon with naturally higher offensive stats like Gengar and Gyarados.

That about covers it when it comes to the best Pokemon Sword & Shield Toxtricity Moveset. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more articles like this and click here for more game guides for Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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