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Why You SHOULD Give Hallie to the Wasteland 3 Slavers

If you’re wondering whether or not you should return Hallie to the Wasteland 3 slavers, this is the guide for you.

If you’re playing Wasteland 3, around the time you return from the Bizarre, you’ll encounter a slaver named La Perla who’s looking for an escaped slave named Hallie. La Perla gives you a quest titled “Slaver’s Bounty”.

This is an incredibly easy quest. Hallie is one area over in Downtown Colorado. All you need to do is zone over, walk a few feet south of the entrance to Downtown Colorado and tell Hallie to come back to your HQ.

What makes this quest difficult is that what you’re doing is clearly evil, and it’s unclear what the rewards will be.

This article will tell you why you should return Hallie to the slavers in Slaver’s Bounty.

Rewards – Wasteland 3 Slavers

Frankly, the rewards for this quest are insanely good. You get about 3 best-in-slot items, not to mention a bunch of great mid-game equipment that will assuredly be an upgrade for you at the time you do this quest.

Let’s talk about those best-in-slot items.

First, you get the Power Gauntlet. These are (arguably) the best Brawling weapon in the entire game. Extremely late game you get the Plasma Fist, which is kind of a side-grade overall. Aside from that, the Power Gauntlet has no rival, and you get them here, at around level 10, for almost zero effort.

wasteland 3 slavers power gauntlet

Next up, you get the Incinerator. This is the best Flamethrower available in the game. There is a “better” one, but it deals energy damage, which means it doesn’t get any benefit from all the bonus fire damage you’d have on a Flamethrower character.

wasteland 3 slavers incinerator

Finally, you get the Commandant’s Helmet, which is the best-in-slot helmet for any DPS character, with its +15% crit.

wasteland 3 slavers commandant's helmet

But wait, there’s more!

Not only do you get those 3 items, which you’ll use from the point you acquire them right through to the end of the game, you get a ton of mid-game upgrades to your current equipment, including:

  • The Guardian: a great mid-game pistol
  • Power Armor Legs & Helmet: Great mid-game armor options
  • Nuclear Knight’s Helmet: A fantastic tanking helmet for most of the game
  • A +7% Hit Chance weapon grip
  • A couple of powerful consumable laser turrets for any engineers you might have in your party

You also get the Hydraulic Hammer from this quest, which is the best blunt weapon in the game, but you don’t need to turn in Hallie to the Wasteland 3 slavers for that one. You get it from the secret, second room of the first cache that La Perla opens up for you as a sample.

(By the way, to open up that room, open up the first room, get up near the left-hand wall, and then send someone to the main console in Ranger HQ and select the new option that appears).

You might be wondering what you get if you let Hallie go and don’t return her to the Wasteland 3 slavers. Nothing. Big fat goose egg. A handful of Wasteland Refugees faction points.

Morality – Wasteland 3 Slavers

Here’s the thing. Turning in Hallie is definitely evil. There is no rational counterargument. The argument is that the stuff you get is so good that it’s worth selling an innocent woman into slavery.

On the other hand, Hallie is not a real person. She’s a character in a video game. You could torture her to death for hours if you wanted, there is no moral repercussion. She is a soulless prop. So sell her to the Wasteland 3 slavers all you like, your conscience is clean.

If you do sell her to the Wasteland 3 slavers and the morality does bother you, you may be comforted to know that, uh… well she gets tortured and brutally disfigured. But you can still free her later, toward the end of the game. So, it’s not all bad. She’s very vocal about how much she hates you, though.

Yeah, there’s no way to take the equipment from this quest and feel like you’re coming away clean. But again, the rewards are: a bunch of the best items in the game vs the feeling that you did the right thing with regards to a fictional collection of art and computer code.

That about covers it when it comes to Hallie and the Wasteland 3 Slavers. Be sure to check out the Main Page or the Game Guides section for more gaming content, or click here for more content related to Wasteland 3.


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