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BEST Breath of Fire 3 Characters – Tier List

If you want to make the best party in Breath of Fire 3 (BoF3), you’re going to want to know who the best Breath of Fire 3 characters are. There are 6 characters to choose from and some are definitely better than others. Here is a pretty non-controversial, definitive tier list for Breath of Fire 3 characters.

S Tier – Best Breath of Fire 3 Characters


best breath of fire 3 characters ryu

Ryu has incredible stats and gets access to dragon forms that make him an insane damage dealer. There are a few key forms to know. Myrmidon is a relatively cheap option in terms of AP that can use the focus and Aura skills to dish out thousands of damage.

True Kaiser is an expensive form in terms of AP that basically doubles or triples all of Ryu’s stats and can similarly pump out huge damage numbers with Shadowwalk. Tiamat combines all your characters together into one beastly dragon that deals great damage, has high defense, and is immune to status effects. On top of that, he’s also the best healer in the game. What can’t this guy do? Nothing, that’s what.


best breath of fire 3 characters peco

Peco is pretty stupid. He comes at level 1, so you can apprentice him to Fahl right away in order to maximize his health, defense, and attack. If you do this, he becomes an unstoppable killing machine.

He naturally regenerates health every round based on his max HP (which is naturally insanely high and improved even more by apprenticeship to Fahl), he barely takes any damage, and his counter-attack rate is off the charts. Put him in the front of Attack Formation and enemies will basically just kill themselves from counter-attacks by hitting him. Easily one of the best characters in Breath of Fire 3 (BoF3), if not the best.

A Tier – Best Breath of Fire 3 Characters


best breath of fire 3 characters rei

Rei is the only character capable of pumping out numbers comparable to Peco or Ryu, but he has to lose control in order to do it by using his Weretiger form. If he stays in this form more than a few rounds, you need to have a character use the Influence skill to direct him toward a target.

Outside of this form, Rei is still extremely good. Being the fastest character in the game, he almost always gets 2 turns per round. This makes him effectively invincible vs any character he can outspeed by using the Resist skill. It also makes him an incredible effective item user and buffer.

B Tier – Best Breath of Fire 3 Characters


best breath of fire 3 characters momo

Momo is… alright. If you give her Shadowwalk she can do pretty big damage, and then additionally can carry a lot of your support spells like War Shout. She’s a good healer to use so that Ryu can focus on dealing damage.

Basically, she’s a weaker backup Ryu. Beyond that, there’s not much to her. There’s nothing Momo, Garr or Nina can do that Ryu, Rei and Peco can’t do better.

C Tier – Best Breath of Fire 3 Characters


best breath of fire 3 characters nina

I realize I’ve said in multiple posts that Nina is garbage tier, but she does have one thing going for her: her speed. If you apprentice her to Merryleep, you can get her to Rei-like levels of speed where she can abuse the Resist skill to have a ton of survivability. Then you can just use her for support skills and items.

Her natural skillset is extremely bad, because magic in this game scales so poorly, but in terms of casting spells like War Shout, Cure, Shield, etc., and tossing out items, she’s pretty competent.

D Tier – Best Breath of Fire 3 Characters


best breath of fire 3 characters garr

Garr suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. If they’d given him the higher reprisal rate instead of Peco, and gimped his AP and speed less, maybe there’d be more of a competition between these two characters. As it stands now, there is absolutely zero gameplay rationale for using Garr in your party instead of Peco. They’re both incredibly slow tanks.

However, Garr’s HP is worse, his defense is worse, his attack eventually becomes worse, his AP is worse, his counter attack rate is worse. Everything about him is worse. He is the worst. It’s a shame because he looks super cool.

That about covers it when it comes to making the best party with the best Breath of Fire 3 characters. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this, and click here for more game guides for Breath of Fire 3.


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