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BEST Final Fantasy X Blitzball Players Guide

If you’re playing Final Fantasy X (FFX), you’re probably going to want the best Blitzball players in order to make the strongest Final Fantasy X Blitzball team.

The thing about Final Fantasy X Blitzball is, for the most part, the best players for each position change as you level up, with a few exceptions. In this Final Fantasy X Blitzball Players guide, I’ll tell you the players you’re going to want to keep a lookout for in every position in order to make the best Final Fantasy X Blitzball team possible in FFX.

best final fantasy x blitzball players

Right/Left Forward – Best Final Fantasy X Blitzball Players

Forwards tend to be your shooters, so you want people with high SH and good shooting skills.


final fantasy x blitzball tidus

Tidus is a no-brainer here. He gets Jecht Shot 2, which basically scores every time. His stats are not the best, but they are top tier. That Jecht Shot 2, though. Whew. Super broken. The best Final Fantasy X Blitzball player for the majority of the game hands down, if not the whole game.


final fantasy x blitzball larbeight

As with all of the Kilika Beasts, he starts out weak and then by level 99, is the best of the best. Most likely though, you’re not going to be playing enough Blitzball to get to level 99. So… Larbeight it not your best bet. Also, because level 3 shot skills add +7 to SH, anything over 92 SH is wasted. Larbeight is one of the Kilika Beasts. You can pick him up when they let him go by recruiting him in Kilika at the docks.


final fantasy x blitzball vilucha

Vilucha is a better Final Fantasy X Blitzball player than Larbeight if you’re not planning to get to level 99. She’s a good shooter from start to finish. You can put her on your team as soon as she becomes available in Besaid Village and feel comfortable having a pretty good shooter who eventually evolves into a very good shooter.


final fantasy x blitzball shaami

Shaami starts off with low SH, but she starts getting in-line with other shooters by level 15 or so and then starts pulling ahead in terms of stats by around level 50. You might not want to pick her up until later, because she is one of the more late-game options. She’s in Luca Harbor.

Middle Forward – Best Final Fantasy X Blitzball Players

This is the person who gets the ball during the Blitzoff. Typically you want someone with high pass here. There are basically two options that are far better than everyone else.


final fantasy x blitzball linna

Linna is your late-game option. She has amazing PA (99) and SH (92), so most of the time she can just grab the ball, run forward a little bit, and either pass to Tidus for a totally broken Jecht Shot 2, or just take the shot herself if she’s not well defended. She is good from the very beginning, so you can use her all game. She starts with Nap Shot 3 which is the best shot by far. She’s found at Macalania Temple.


final fantasy x blitzball brother

Brother is your mid-game option. He has insane speed, but otherwise very mediocre stats. Typically what you do with him is run backwards a bit to lure the enemy forwards away, then pass to one of your shooters. He’s found on the airship bridge.


final fantasy x blitzball vuroja

Your other option here is Vuroja, which is the Kilika Beasts MF. Like all Kilika Beasts, she’s terrible until very very high levels, so it’s questionable how much use you’ll actually get out of her, and it’s also questionable whether she’s better than Linna even at high levels. She’s at the Kilika Port docks.


final fantasy x blitzball kiyuri

Kiyuri is one of the sailors on the S.S. Winno. She has solid PA and EN from beginning to end so tends to make a fairly reliable MF throughout the game. Worth mentioning.

Right/Left Defenders – Best Final Fantasy X Blitzball Players

These are your defenders. You want high AT on these players.


final fantasy x blitzball ropp

Ropp is definitely your go-to for one of these defender slots. He’s the best defender from beginning to end, by a wide margin. His AT is insane and he also has very high PA. You also get access to him pretty early at the Mi’hen Highroad Travel Agency.

final fantasy x blitzball nav guado

He doesn’t have the highest AT (it’s above average), but his BL is extremely high and as he levels he gets very high SP, meaning he’s great at intercepting. His stats have a bit of a weird growth pattern. He’s more of a midfielder until around level 40-50, when he starts morphing into more of a defender.


final fantasy x blitzball kulukan

Kulukan is the Kilika Beasts option. Unlike most of the other Beasts, his stats are usable throughout most of the game (not high, but usable). Like the other beasts, he excels at high levels. I prefer Nav Guado, though. Kulukan is found at the Kilika Port Tavern.

Goalie – Best Final Fantasy X Blitzball Players

The only stat that matters here is CA.


final fantasy x blitzball nimrook

There is only one goalie worth considering and it is Nimrook, the Al Bhed Psyches goalie. As soon as he becomes available, recruit him. You may even want to save scum to recruit him. He is the best, and there is no other option. The only goalies who even come close (Wedge & Nizarut) don’t even begin to catch up until near level 99.

That about does it for creating the ultimate Final Fantasy X Blitzball team with the best players in FFX. Be sure to check out the Games Section for more content like this.


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