Top 5 Amazing BEST Outriders Weapon Mods

This top 5 best Outriders weapon mods guide will teach you which Outriders weapon mods you should take a look at when crafting your ultimate weapon.

If you’re playing Outriders, you know that in Outriders weapon mods can make or break your character and be the difference between a successful fight and ten deaths in a row. That’s why you’re going to want to know what the best Outriders weapon mods are. This guide will tell you just that.

I’ve put about 120 hours into Outriders and have beaten the game with every character. I’ve gotten my hands on most legendary weapons and have unlocked all of the weapon mods in the game. Still, there’s some amount of subjectivity to lists like this. These are, in my opinion, the best Outriders weapon mods, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful using other mods.

This is also a general best Outriders weapon mods list, which means these mods are useful on any class. They aren’t geared toward itemizing for any one specific build.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the best Outriders weapon mods list.

5. Perpetuum Mobile – Best Outriders Weapon Mods

best outriders weapon mods perpetuum mobile

Perpetuum Mobile is a tier 2 weapon mod, and it may not be a weapon mod you put on endgame weapons for most characters (although it’s practically a necessity for Trickster), but nevertheless, you’re going to get a lot of use out of this mod. With Perpetuum Mobile alone, you dramatically extend the uptime for ammo skills on any character that has them, and drastically reduce the amount of time Devastator spends running around picking up ammo.

There are a lot of skills that help you maintain a full clip, especially for Technomancer, but Perpetuum Mobile is a one-stop, fire and forget solution that almost completely solves any ammo problems for a single mod slot. It’s probably at its most useful as you’re going through the story, but you’re going to mod this skill onto a lot of your weapons because its benefits are dramatic.

4. Killing Spree – Best Outriders Weapon Mods

best outriders weapon mods killing spree

Killing Spree, which is available on the Amber Vault legendary double gun, provides an insane 75% DPS increase that has almost 100% uptime which is extremely powerful for any gun-centric builds on any character. It’s one of the biggest DPS increases you can get from an Outriders weapon mod.

The only problem with Killing Spree when it comes to Outriders weapon mods is that if all the trash monsters are dead and you’re staring down a tough elite or a lone boss, after 20 seconds go by it’s no longer providing any benefit whatsoever. That situation is somewhat rare because bosses typically spawn hordes of adds, but it happens from time to time nonetheless.

3. Ultimate Anomaly Surge – Best Outriders Weapon Mods

best outriders weapon mods ultimate anomaly surge

When it comes to the best Outriders weapon mods, Ultimate Anomaly Surge is an incredible one. It provides a proc for a huge amount of damage comparable to Ultimate Storm Whip and it hits in a small AoE to boot. The only downside of this mod is that it’s reliant on crits to activate.

Still, let’s be clear, it’s not difficult to score crits in Outriders. You just shoot enemies in the head. The only enemy that’s even a little bit difficult to score crits against is Brood Mother types, because their crit location seems to be somewhere around their heart or their armpit instead of their face like you’d expect.

Nevertheless, because of the crit requirement, you’re probably not going to get the full theoretical DPS that this mod provides, because you’re not going to perfectly time your crits for every second. The AoE radius is not huge, so unless enemies are really clumped up, it’s not doing anything. Because it’s a little more universally consistent, I tend to think Ultimate Storm Whip is a bit better.

Ultimate Anomaly Surge is available on the Icarus legendary automatic sniper rifle.

2. Winter Blast – Best Outriders Weapon Mods

best outriders weapon mods winter blast

Crowd control in Outriders is very, very useful, and in my opinion Winter Blast is #1 when it comes to the best Outriders weapon mods that provide crowd control. Every time you score a crit, it freezes all enemies in a decently sized radius and makes it even easier to score headshots so you can keep enemies chainstunned with freeze.

Winter Blast doesn’t share the problem that Ultimate Anomaly Surge has when it comes to the crit requirement, because you have until the end of the freeze duration to score another crit, which gives a lot of wiggle room to keep it up.

While there are other crowd control mods that affect enemies, Winter Blast’s AoE is what really sets it apart. Getting rushed down? One lucky crit against any enemy will freeze everything. Didn’t see that Captain in time? Lucky for you, it randomly got frozen in the chaos and now you have to time react.

Winter Blast adds a ton of survivability and consistent crowd control to any weapon and for that reason, I think it’s definitely one of the best Outriders weapon mods.

You get Winter Blast from the Iceberg legendary sniper rifle.

1. Ultimate Storm Whip – Best Outriders Weapon Mods

best outriders weapon mods ultimate storm whip

When it comes to the best Outriders weapon mods, Ultimate Storm Whip is just a highly reliable, consistent, large DPS increase. If you unlock this on an endgame character and throw it on a weapon for an alt, it’ll one-shot enemies for the vast majority of the game. For your endgame weapons, it’ll dramatically increase DPS and, unlike many of the other big DPS mods, it’s not situational at all and has no drawbacks or strings attached.

Ultimate Storm Whip always goes off every second, even if you’re spraying and praying or your accuracy is bad, unlike Ultimate Anomaly Surge. Ultimate Storm Whip works on bosses even if all the adds are dead, unlike Killing Spree. It doesn’t siphon your own health like some mods, it doesn’t require crits, it doesn’t have a long cooldown. It just adds straight, consistent, reliable DPS. Reliable is the key word here.

Because Ultimate Storm Whip is so universally reliable, unless you have a build that specifically benefits more from a different weapon mod, Ultimate Storm Whip tends to be the go-to damage mod for weapons. As such, you’re going to get a lot of use out of it. In my opinion it’s overall the best mod when it comes to the best Outriders weapon mods.

It’s also really easy to obtain because it’s on two legendaries. You can get it from the Daimyo submachine gun or the Thunderbird assault rifle.

That about covers it when it comes to the Top 5 Best Outriders Weapon Mods. If you want to check out my full 100+ hour review of Outriders on my new Youtube Channel, you can click here. Be sure to check out the Outriders section of this site for more gameplay guides for Outriders, including opinions on the best mods, skills, classes, etc.

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